Sunday, September 30, 2012

30 September 2012

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30 September 2012

Brrr jumped into bed, forgetting that we changed to summer, cotton sheets..

Day was mostly boring, an incident with a train and a shunter made me do a heap of research of who owns what, and the difficulty of this job has now been referred to safety ppl. It's just too hard to contact anyone in charge with all the bloody takeovers and name changes.

The afternoon plan was vodka & cranberry red bull which was late as I changed my mind from family guy to American dad. As I don't own any American Dad, I had to drag poor David to Tahmoor to rent a season.

Saturday night was fireworks In Picton, which I thought would be crap. I was wrong. For a little town fireworks display.. It was darned good. Clinton was there but I didn't see him. :-/

Friday, September 28, 2012

28 September 2012

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28 September 2012

Day work. Came in on the train with Henry and another TC (yes, that hopeless with names. 
The day itself was mostly dull. Almost no trains and the TOA didn't happen. Sigh

went shopping for fat girl's clothes which is confusing and depressing as Country Target (The only store Picton has) has inconsistent sizing. A dress I adored didn't sit (No surprise) but some more dowdy things did. I am miserable dressing like a matron but I have almost no alternative. **Sigh**
Still nice pillows for the red sofa and David got some new clothes which he needs.. We just need to stop hoarding the stuff we have (In case you know)

$500 later, there goes all the money for the fortnight. 

Finished my first solo week

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Finished my first solo week

was luckily with my first solo week, but never got to do a possession. Whilst you all think, isn't that lucky? I have not done one possession in my training. I have no spiel and have a high chance of mucking it all up. Hmm Friday night had a huge shut down and it rang late due to the prep work that I had done, and chased up, not being fixed. SIGH. I requested a fix for incorrect boundaries but no one reprinted the STN. GRR the guy on night shift was hammered. 

I have otherwise been struggling with my dark cloud of doom, but again this is a matter of time. I will eventually get over it. I had stopped my bit D pills and this may have contributed to me not coping as well as I usually do. 

The iPhone 5 was released and I didn't rush out to buy one. I did get D one for his birthday, he knows this anyway, so ppl out there you can buy him some accessories. :-) if you want. I did have the idea of a hotel room in a lovely place but this is prohibitive with the cost of the phone having to be paid.I see int e future, maybe a few phones away that I will have to move to android. THis does not make me happy but if apple wants to play stupid with google then I am sorry but goggle is a superior product in many things and I have a love affair with my google calendar. Google maps are the best out there so Apple, pull your socks up.!!!! 

I have re-installed shiftlife, it seems to be much better than last time I played with it, maybe I wasn't able to dedicate the time to setting it up properly before, but it suits me now. especially with the line rotation feature. Np more individual shift entering. I have only to select the line I am on the the start date and VOILA all my shifts are entered. 

I found an interesting article on the railway closures of the 1960s in the UK. THey resonate with me in the slaughtering of my railway. As our management comes from the UK I suppose this is the him book that they brought over with them? ANYWAY its fascinating reading. 

The re-shaping of the british railway. (Check link works) 

THis quote is true around the world and politicians forget this as they all travel via car from the wiki article. "The closures failed in their main purpose of restoring the railways to profitability, with the promised savings failing to materialise. By closing almost a third of the rail network, Beeching achieved a saving of just £30 million, whilst overall losses were running in excess of £100 million per year. The shortfall arose mainly because the branch lines acted as feeders to the main lines and that feeder traffic was lost when the branches closed. This in turn meant less traffic and less income for the increasingly vulnerable main lines.

The assumption at the time was that car owners would drive to the nearest railhead (which was usually the junction where the closed branch line would otherwise have taken them) and continue their journey onwards by train. In practice, having left home in their cars, people used them for the whole journey. Similarly for freight: without branch lines, the railways' ability to transport goods "door to door" was dramatically reduced. As in the passenger model, it was assumed that lorries would pick up goods and transport them to the nearest railhead, where they would be taken across the country by train, unloaded onto another lorry and taken to their destination. The development of the motorway network, the advent of containerisation, improvements in road haulage vehicles, and the economic costs of having two break-of-bulk points all combined to make long-distance road transport a more viable alternative." 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So i have lost my diary

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So i have lost my diary

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I have lost my diary, last seen in the kitchen. My last hope of getting my scuba fitted in  is gone with it. I am really upset as I have set many alarms and reminders and still have not managed to get any time to do it. Now the chance is lost. I am even dreaming about the lost chanceits constantly on my mind.

This plus the loss of someone close to me has left my general mood in a funk.. I am teary and testy, and it was this mood of doom that I went to my final exam. ( blogged about earlier) 

Since then, my belove husband, ever supportive, took me on a overnight trip to Jenolan caves.  I had never been there, My schools never did excursions to such places.  The drive was lovely, but the lower blue mountains was seriously depressing.  ( lots of reasons but don't wanna dwell on this) once we were over the other side, on the Mt Vic side, I was happier. I really am it a city girl. I find happiness in large spaces and no people. 

The little Jenolan village was very cute, the restaurant staff are lovely and David and I happily giggled at the stupidity of this blonde girl at the table next to us. She wasn't happy about anything. She ordered a salad but didn't want onion, or tomato or lots of other stuff. From what I can tell, she wanted lettuce on a plate. Just as well she was pretty or her partner would have thrown her out the window. 

The pillows in the rooms are divine!! I even made a pillow nest, and wanted to stay there for the day but David insisted that we get up and get on a tour. The kookaburras laughed at his idea.. It was after all 5am....

Yummy breakfast!! Will hope to return to this hotel again.

We took the orient cave tour, the tour guy was a local who toured these caves as a boy in the 1950s and we enjoyed his comparison of then and now. He engaged the children and made sure that everyone could see the different structures even the little pineapples. My main thought was though, is that the cave tours are too large for the space available. 

We saw the Nettle cave as it was included in our package, but after the Orient, it was less interesting. If we has started with this cave, I would have been much more impressed. The view from the top was fabulous though.

We dashed back to the restaurant for lunch, roast and desert for $15, well worth the effort then headed off for the River Cave tour. Here, I was irritated by the tour guide. Firstly, she arrived late, hurrying us up the myriad of stairs.. She shuffled us into the first cave and all seems to settle down, when she yells at David for taking a photo of me.. Ok.. Hunky, I know this guy. It's ok... She then started to lag behind in time and this made her hustle ppl even faster.  Still, the cave and it's many caverns was lovely but it went on and on.. I was exhausted by the time I got out.  Again my impression was that the group was far too large for the spaces in the caverns. There were many places where I missed her talk or couldn't see what she was talking about! Grump. 

David and I headed home at the point the short stay away reviving us both. A most pleasant drive to Penrith where we stopped for dinner.  We asked about our favourite soup, onion, and hurray!! Some was left over from lunch.  Pays to ask. 

Home and slept for a very long time, almost 12hrs. 

Sunday saw us doing a mega shop when really, we had gone there for 4 onions. Ummm... I set about making my version of onion soup, only to have it explode on me. Scolding hot liquid across my face, neck and chest. It was first aid time. Now I have blisters and scars even with David's careful first aid.  He completed the soup, which was yummy, but the kitchen looked like a monster had vomited in it. Light brown soup spattered everywhere. I think even the lizard copped some. 

Sunday was also my take up shift. I was terrified, as I now was the go to person for issues. Eep. Still It went very well. 

My think geek box arrived. Just as well, as David used the Domo blanket for soothing purposes when I was injured.   If you can buy a Domo blanket, you should get one. Well worth the money. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Well that is that

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I FINALLY did the very last assessment for my promotion. They have changed the policy recently to only one attempt or you have to find a new job. At this stage, you can't return to your old job and you get go on to another board, you get stuck in limbo. Needless to say,this makes a simple assessment terrifying. You can't spend a week more on the board to up-skill, you need to PASS!! Eep.

So I volunteered to go to an early am assessment instead of the later busy time. Why no give yourself the best chance???

I did on on the board, but the assessment, written the day before, was tough. The questions asked were not found in any documents and one in particular, I would have had no idea except that I remembered it from guard's training. ( yes over 10years ago) thank goodness!!!
I made two stupid mistakes but that as still enough to pass. Yay!! So now, after applying in January, getting the position in June, been appealed against, and done numerous tests I can FINALLY say I am the freight train controller. I care not for your electric trains.. Hahaha
This is my new rut and I will try to stick in my little cubicle. They are already talking about moving me to a new board. NOO mind you, the goods board is a grade above my grade so I am in no hurry to get less pay.