Tuesday, March 29, 2011

So I am alive

According to my work doctor. :-) Least for 5 years.

Marrickville Street photography

Monday I had the dreaded 2am wakeup, at this time of day, my body gets through the get up , shower and dressing without my brain and usually with my coffee in hand, but brain catches up somewhere on the train.
This monday, I was groggier than usual, dropping things, at my brain didn't engage. I was tripping on things, dropping things at work and even Catherine asked what was wrong as I was really out of it. Megan asked me to stay back 2 hours to study some stuff on the New freight line. OK.. unhappy but OK.. Trouble is a few dozen of Managers came at 1pm and took her time. SO it was after 2pm when she got to us. There were only 4 of us who hung around by this time. There was no WAY I was staying back after night shift.. so I stuck with it.
Glad I did. Not sure about the changes but as you know I just have to suck it up and work it as safely as possible.

ARTC are simply nuts.
I managed to escape to miss the connection to the 1530, so headed into town for the 1549 direct service. Horrible as an excursion of school children were controlled but loud. Damn loud talking did no one teach inside voices??

Had a quiet afternoon. A quiet beer and watched TV with David. I crashed early but David had dinner ready so I got up to have that . It was yummy but I was too sleepy to stay up. 

Tuesday Medical Day
Had to haul my arse to into town for my yearly work medical. I was hoping to catch up with Jane but as she was stuck in meetings I had to sit alone at Michael's Not so bad, the barista there is good. One of the few places that make a decent coffee


After a relaxing coffee I headed off to the medical centre my boss has contracted this year. I have been to so many different places over the years. I know Tim was at this place for his medical but David had to go somewhere else. Huh.

The wait was reasonable, the nurse I got was wonderful. She was friendly, chatty and made a valid point... as you all know I am not a skinny minnie, she said have you ever been??? Have you ever in your life been thin with a flat stomach? The answer is no. So her response was, then why worry about it. Keep up your exercise and just accept that you are cuddly and always will be. Stop stressing. 

Wow how different is this lady to the nurse at the medical 5 years ago who stared at me in horror the exclaimed my god you are obese!!

I have said it before and I'll say it again. Customers (patients) respond to people who seem to really care if you live or die. This lady went on the say her twin (Yes how cool is that!) was 6'5" and she will never be that tall why let it worry her. Her sister is like me and will never be 'thin" but like a lot of people in my weight category, are fitter than the rake thin people. 

I know all this but to hear it from a pretty blond  and slightly older woman it sounded new and different. Can I bottle this lady?

The Doctor was the hold up. I needed his signature to certify that I will not die int he next 5 years unless I get hit by a car or bus on the way out.
He was friendly, made sure I was happy for a male doctor to touch me (Shrug a handsome 20 years old? Sure no problem) and I was asked for my work ID. I handed the wrong one, realised and say "Oh! That is not the droid you are looking for" to which he cracked up. I just stared at him.  A Gen Y doctor who gets Gen X pop culture... OK... Hope for them yet, he asked how I was and about my teeth surgery how I was healing about drugs and at the end I wanted to see just hoe much Gen X pop culture he knew so said "I spend the last year dead for tax reasons" He looked up. Thought about it and said , where is that from. Aw he didn't know Douglas Addams.
Douglas Addams, the restaurant at the end of the universe it s was book 3. Oh he said I'll look that up. 

Some testing on my ageing joints and my knees for once did not crack!! or bubble.. All my joints were behaving.. :-)
I was hoping I could catch up with Jane after the Medical, but I saw a connection in 7 minutes. So It will have to be another time :-( 

Train home and I got the car, seeing Jane had left me a note on my windscreen. LOL 
Quiet arvo and then after it got late David reminded me that I have a 12 hr shift tomorrow :-( 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day work number 1

Asleep early-ish for me, but not early enough. I hauled myself out of bed and found my phone was saying NO SIM
Hmm so I took the sim out and re-inserted it, then again and again.. No luck.
I synced the phone, restored it all to no avail. I out the sim into the iPad and still no sim. So it is the sim card. :-(
I had run out of time and had to go to work. With no phone.

In my break I popped up to telstra, and waited for them to open. It was supposed to open at 9am. At 9.08am the first employee turned up, unlocked and sauntered in. Hmm at 9.10 another employee. So much for 9am opening.

I was served quickly but this telstra Shop had no way of opening my phone. :-( a phone shop can't open a phone. But we got there when she found a paper clip.
She gave me a new sim, saying as it was no charge this time. Umm you were going to charge me? I don't think so

Marrickville telstra is a very odd casual store.

Well back on the network.

Home time and I decided to do some baking
Cooking muffins
Which were devoured when David saw them.
It was election night and I am usually one to sit up at watch the election. I was really enjoying the channel 7 broadcast, funny and had me laughing quiet often with the witty banter, but I had morning shift for Sunday and hence and to go to bed. Well within the first hour my seat was declared so no hanging for a result there.

No surprises and I hope Barry O'farrell takes the baton the people of NSW have given him and does something useful for the people with it.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ok David Is full of surprises

Friday as you know was the day the ipad2 was released. I spend the day putting shit on the fanboys who had spend a mosquito ridden night on the cement in front of the temple of apple. I was amused greatly at the young people freezing themselves and some going hungry just for something I will get on interest free the next day. Stupid people.

I watched queues form and the twitter stream go nuts over the community that had formed in the queues.

David returned home around 1400hrs. He wandered in and out taking my voda with him. After a while I caught on to what he was doing.. Ringing local stores for stock levels. I shrugged and kept typing.

Finally around 1730hrs he said, "let's go"

Um ok , where?
Dick Smith, there are 7 iPads 2 in white.

So we went to Campbelltown. Arrived at 1747hrs, downstairs and into the store, the guy closing the doors pointed to the desk and at 1751 I had an iPad. No waiting time at all. Not mosquitos, not getting a chill sitting on the footpaths.

Fanboys are stupid.

My friend Drue, went to penrith. Had an afternoon snack and just before 1700 strolled across to JB hi-fi and bought his iPad. No waiting time. No queues.

Fanboys are stupid.

I think the same story was repeated with Troy. He had his iPad with no stress.

Ipad2 unboxing

Ipad2 unboxing

I value myself and my time too highly to queue for days for an electronic deviice that although I adore, I can wait a day or two. My life will not end if I don't get the first one.

I had my synced and was in bed before the fanboys had theirs done.

Squeak Blogged about his very first iPad the iPad2..here it has nice pictures and everything

We celebrated at five-o's. This pub is funny. It has $5 meals but that only includes mash. Chips $4.50 extra. Vegetables $4.50 extra. Meh I don't care. My squid $5 was good as was my bottomless cup of drink. I did get a free salad but it was struggling to get to average.

Onwards to the hero committee meeting. Having David there was helpful and it looks like there is a chance we will get stuff up and running. David is assisting and Ryan is doing the behind the scenes stuff. :-)

The only other thing of mild interest is that I finally got around to fixing the colorsplash flash from Lomo. It got a filter caught inside the moving part so all photos had purple.

Fixing the colorsplash

So now it is all fixed. No stressing about couriers and postage etc. Just 5minutes of fiddling and violà.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

A quiet day at home

Plans for coffee fell through and so I moped about the house. I did manage to .. um.. well do nothing. I didn't get on with my magazine on reptiles. I didn't get on with my Autumn magazine I did not a thing but sink into a mood. :-(

Earth Hour is soon. I am like Evan and don't believe these stunts help when most people don't care about the day to day things. His post is at this link Like him I do as much as I can on a daily basis and hence think this is all a wank.

iPad was released today and for once it is a big yawn. I suppose cause all my chicken are on GE and that limits me to Harvey Norman.

Oh well.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

missed a day

as I was on night shift and go on to day work my thursday is a none day. It gets cancelled as wednesday has to be two days long for my body clock to reset to am shift.  I can see, all my shift working friends are nodding in agreement and all my office drone friends are going HUH??? You are awake for 30 plus hours?? LOL
This proves us shift workers are a different species entirely.

Congratulations to the Amazon (She knows who she is) on her admission to the sheltered workshop. Remember hunny a shit day on the railway is better than a good day in retail.

SOO after work, I hung around the box. I wanted to get the film I had dropped off almost a month ago and put in the slide films I had been collecting.
I chatted to a random man on the street, also waiting for his film pickup and we had such a good talk we din't notice the shop had opened. lol great to meet such an interesting person.
Teddy was still in his alcove. I should bring him a friend if he is there next time. He looks so sad. I did a series on his this time. I have a pink abandoned teddy who could keep him company
PoorTeddy Series

I grabbed my film, dealt with the condescending salesman. He hates me but the quality of work done by this lab is so awesome I suck it up and headed home. I was tired but no sleep allowed.
Traffic was light for 8am, it was slow but it kept moving. I I relaxed and cruised. Awesome.

Home and as I was in my night shift clothes, I mowed the front lawn. The back needs attention, but I just couldn't face it.

On to PS3 this kept me awake until D came home.

I am crashing - 2130hrs. I had gone around the clock. Day shift on  sat

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I did nothing. NOTHING!!

the way home was uneventful, we actually had transits on our train. Surprising. I was chatting to a friendly one but he clammed up when his two colleagues joined us. Oh well. I read instead.

Home and sleep.

A quick walk with David to the shops as the cars were at Campbelltown.

Bored huh?? I refused a shift for tomorrow.

Train to Campbelltown where I picked up the missing film. Alas they wanted $5 for it. GRR and only three photos worked out on it. **Sigh** I should have left it there.

Off to Vision Image tomorrow morning before going home. I will have to leave the films for a week or so before I can pick them up as I no longer have the money. **Sugh** I would have liked to get the postal service and save the driving. Oh well.

So that is it a dull day and a dull night ahead.

A friend made me sad just then so bah to today.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Routine blessed routine

Foggy In Maldon
A fogy start to the Morning

I woke up later than usual, David was already home. He fell asleep quickly though as Day work is terribly fatiguing. I had no car and so braved the elements and walked down to the post office. If it had not been so muggy, I would have enjoyed the day but it was like walking through a greenhouse.

Humid Autumn Day
Looks calm but  its so humid you can see mould growing

Posted one item,it worked out cheaper to express post it. Weird. The other I got the satchel as I know what the buyer wants to do.. Saves doing it tomorrow. Hiked back up the hill and straight into the shower for relief from this weather. Ensconced under a fan, I didn't want to move, but David had woken up. He actually wanted to risk my cooking so I made my usual. Unfortunate that it gets stuck in my gum.. :-( more salt water to try to clean my mouth. Oh well one day at a time.
The weather was now odd, blue sky but raining. And quite heavily too. This meant sundry was amazing. The sky lit up,but soon after arriving at the station to go to work someone flicked a switch and the colour all vanished. It was that sudden.
Work was dull so enjoy the photos I did of the sunset clouds.

Sunset series. Picton
Across from my house

Sunset series. Picton
Three doors down

Sunset series. Picton
Picton Railway station Carpark

Sunset series. Picton
My old signalbox looks over the fiery sky

Sunset series. Picton
Different view from the platform

David found out the issue with my camera so the Chayka needed taping. He discovered a light leak on the wind on spool grump.

Repairs to chayka

Repairs to chayka

Aw made myself sad I betrayed a friend being well meaning

To my great shame I upset a good friend. He was hurting and I was shocked at the suddenness of it so I told a nurse as I was concerned for friend 1. Of course I sent the message for nurse 2 to friend 1 and I can see he would feel betrayed or hurt. I didn't mean it that was really, I was shocked at his news and thought a professional would empathize as well. I am not in the habit of passing people's personal news on and this is a big stray away from my policy
To my dear friend 1. I am truly sorry. I am not religious so no empty fake prayers but I sincerely wish for your family member get better and stay well. Nurse 2 hopes the same. He is trust worthy. Talk to him if you need to. You have a lot you can talk about.

Forgive me. Please

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today was an epic fail

But that doesn't mean It was a total loss.
I had the day mapped out. Go home for 2-3 hours sleep, get David from work ( he is on AM shift) then head to penrith to see a herp show. I checked the info I had, an ad and a forum link. Cool. 20th March yup.

All askew when I woke in a panic thinking I was late for David but he assured me that I had an extra hour. Zzzzz

Ok one hour later, running around trying to find my demo shirt to wear as I have failed to get my shirts to the expos due to poor time management. Couldn't find it so had to use a for sale one. Rats there is $25 Gone in sale there.. :-(

Left home a little late but I got to Holsworthy on time. Musta driven right past David, but it was pouring with rain and the drainage at this station is atrocious, huge waterfalls fall and you can barely see anything.

Ok David collected, we headed west via Elizabeth drive. Had not driven this way in years.
Turning in to Mamre rd we passed a big chook. Yes Sydney has a big thing, who would have thought? Goulburn has the big sheep, Victoria has the big strawberry and the big olive but we have a big chook. Behold it's glory!! I was impressed and yes, you can buy eggs from here. As David said to me, it was good of the sheep to give a scale of the chicken.

The Big Chook

Arriving in Penrith, after a wrong turn or two, um wrong suburb.. We found the address. It's was cranebrook/ werrington not Penrith. The Rain hit heavier. We headed inside and found.. Um nothing. Uh? Checked the data right day right address WTF?

After some more digging, I discovered that it will be in May!!! Aaargghhh all my ads said March I wonder when this was changed? May is a very Kate time to hold a reptile show. Most Herps are cooling down for the winter.

Tim agreed to have us over and we happily headed out of the rain.
I had the stuff from the airshow to hand to him. I also had to raid his supplies of bedding, my little Ink needs a new cage but she certainly needs a less smelly cage. Tim had Aspen bedding yay!! And I snaffled all I could.

Spend a happy time handling Annie who got handed around and Robin had her sitting happily on her hand. The new system of holding the lizards that I was taught in Alice certainly works. Annie calmed right down.


As much as I love visiting the Pruyns' place David had faded and I was tired too. We left Tim to his brood and I gave him a child's snake shirt so I coukd get free advertising... Heeheehee I hope Robin doesn't mind too much.

The drive home was pleasant, cool and wet, only a few mutters trying to attack me. David slept. That is unusual.

Home finally and we both crashed. I slept 3 hrs and D for a little longer.

Work for me, no trains so am driving :-(
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Friday, March 18, 2011

Had a check up

So I had a check up.
Prior, to this mother turned up at my place, alas I was running to the station to give David his phone. She ran into me (not literally) as I returned and told me I had her cat in my lounge room. He had been fighting and needed to see the vet (Who was closed) When I got home, there he was. Meowing. **Sigh** The noise he made was so annoying that I let him out of the cage. Well, then he wandered the house. I heard a thump from the rear of the house and as I walked up, the cat came running out.
One pissed snake and scardy cat told me the cat had sat on Jane's cage and Jane thought I was giving her a fresh (If large ) meal. She had had a red hot go. lol Well the cat learnt fast.
Cat dropped in at my house
Anyway I had to leave for the appointment.
Walked to the Hospital which was actually quite pleasant. I asked at the 3rd floor for Dr Khan. He was busy but after 15minutes, he appeared and took my into the recovery ward. He had a look at my healing wounds, checked my general health and declared that I was healing well. He then sent me on my way. This surgeon had taken time out of his day to see me for free. :-)

I popped into JB hi-fi and asked about re-charging my iPad. I usually have no problems but as I had not been able to afford it before it expired, now I couldn't get it to work. Alicia, showed me a new URL and then told me I could re-charge at JB on my gift cerificate. YAY! She then showed the register guy the codes to type in and then put the code into my iPad. I felt old but damn it I don't care. Wasn't my fault the telstra web-site wasn't working.

Ipad issues solved I had 4 minutes to get the train and therefore cancelled my Campbelltown trip and go home.

I go back to work tomorrow, THEN off to the Hawkesbury herp show. I must rememeber to get money! (Entry fee) I hope D meets me there. :-)

I have been playing with some Apps and I am going to work on my Redbubble and zazzle stores. Drue has given me permission to use the photos I did of his dogs last night.
Koopa with effects added

A change of pace PIZZA party

Just when I start to get cabon fever,my husband takes me to vote. To normal people this sound mundaine, but to someone locked in the house, its a change of scenery. I got 10 rolls of 120mm film in the mail from the US for $30 a big saving from the $90 for 5 rolls in Alice Springs.

So voting, they didn't need id.. it is the country after all. The labor guy and the liberal guy were looking after each other's paperwork. A big different from the  city areas where I have see animosity.
Two forms as always and of course the upper house is longer than the damned voting booth.
I found great amusement with this part of the Upper house paper
Too funny
After voting, We had a muffin at Quintessential They seem to have found their mojo again. YAY The coffee was ok but not as good at Kim's one. :-( Still better than Joel's
Morning tea
it certainly made a good photo subject. :-)

We sat at home again, the parcel for the Courier was still on the door step. Three days, this was getting rediculous. I send a strongly worded email to DHL and got a response. The lady I was liasing with was trying her best.
The courier arrived just before 1700hrs....He complained that he was booked late, but he was booked three days before! Idiot. Someone is lying but the lady send me booking forms showing that he was booked for wednesday. Hmm Dodgy. BUT the damned box is on its way.

Druey threw a Pizza Party. As you all know I am not a social creature, but its good to get out and I had not seen Ben for ages.

We turned up and spent a very pleasant afternoon, I tried to take photos of the dogs as practice. I was using my Half frame cameras. But I had the Diana on standby. :-)
Me & one of my Dianas

The pizza came and I discovered a new pizza flavour. "Butcher's Block
The ultimate meat lovers experience. Premium offerings from the butcher combine to make this every meat lovers delight! Ingredients: BBQ sauce, chorizo, Scotch fillet strips, short cut bacon, ham, double pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, Hollandaise Sauce and chives."
Its was orgasmic!

David & Chrissie
Staying classy on st Patricks day

David and I were exhausted and we both had appointments the next day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tearing my hair out

Two days of incredible frustration.
I feel ants are crawling under my skin, such is the need to so something. I have been housebound for the courier to come. I managed to get out of the house after a phone call yesterday to tell me that the courier will arrive tomorrow (Wednesday) SO I went to the Bank as requested by virgin. They will not send me a cheque but want my bank to reverse payments. Just send me a damned cheque!!! So the poor teller and the local bank manager trawled through the payment going back 11 fortnights. 11!!!

It looks like I will be refunded the money but I do not know when. It depend on the bank and how fast they wish to action this stupid request. SEND ME A CHEQUE!! AARGHH

SO After a long time at the bank we managed to get home. 

The credit card companies want money of course and I am more than happy to pay them if I had money but I have been off work for 6weeks.  I have been good and bought nothing off ebay and the items filtering through were purchased prior to going off and its just taken a long time to get to me. (Understandable really as the Ukriane and Russia have shit postal services. ) 
I was hoping for the reversal to come through to pay either vodafone who threatened to cut off my mobile (Big deal I don't use it anyway)  or pay one of my credit card debitors.

I am selling my spare items on ebay but that costs money to sell I did sell a Holga today. It was almost  totally new and I didn't like playing with it. I never bonded with it. 

My Chayka I Adore and you will pry it out of my cold dead hands... BUT the others in my collection, If its may of plastic and lomo then I will probably sell it. I am keeping the diana F and the DIana F+ but the mini I am considering selling (New in box and sealed) the Sprite 35 ( As new in a ratty box) I have already listed my fuji 3D camera and my little lappy will be next. I need to get my small tablet off mother and will sell that.  I am running outta electronics.. I have two other laptops, an EEEpc (which I used a lot its a good handbag machine) and a Asus. 

Any other ideas?

A kidney? can't get money for body parts  in OZ that that is out.

Was annoyed when told something about a pot calling a kettle black but not I just don't care. I don;t remember a time that I have been this badly off. I've always had an out but this time no out. I needed to go back to work last weekend.  Damned teeth. 

And to top it off I can't drink as the drug I an taking don't mix. But getting to the end of my tether and may have to risk it. One more bank phone call and I am getting out the vodka.


right now to write a lizard article maybe some one will buy that.. I could make more postcards.. at 1c profit each i need 1000 postcards sold. Anyone???

Monday, March 14, 2011

Interesting, easy day.

Today was going to be the tunnel tour of Fort Scratchley then off to Norah Head lighthouse.
We arrived at Fort Scratchley just after 1015, in time for the tour at 1030.
The 4 star hotel, although, relaxing, was defiantly due for a review. It was old and tired, and no longer 4 star. The breakfast was basic, even with my restrictions. At least the staff were friendly. Could not fault the staff.

Soon To Be Museum Of Fort Scratchley

The Tunnel tour started and we had a trainee tour guide a lovely young girl, Courtney. A small family joined us as well so our party of 7 set off underground

Carl Christie Guide At Fort Scratchley

All went well for the first two rooms. Which were the first two Gun emplacements.
Tunnels Of Fort Scratchley

Disappearing Gun Fort Scratchley

Just as we were watching a short film about the disappearing guns, poor Courtney collapsed. David and the guy in the family, caught her and we sat her on David's camera bag. David held her up whilst we sent Carl to get help with us promising to stay put.
Water arrived and she was helped out of the tunnels. Poor kid she was so very pale and clammy and if she had eaten this morning she would have brought up her breakfast.

(We checked n her later and she had been fed some food and pumped full of water and colour was in her cheeks and she was bright and bubbly again. PLEASE Gen Y Girls eat breakfast if you eat nothing else esp if you work in a walking job)

Carl returned to us but the child in the family had seen Courtney collapse and panicked himself. And so Mum took him out. Dad returned to us and we continued downwards.

To the Casements where Carl showed us some great guns. A 9inch that has not been fired since 2002 (when Dedication of Fort Scratchley to the serving and ex service men and women of Australia by the The Prime Minister, The Honourable John Howard, MP.) and a 6inch that was recovered and under repair. Maybe. The pieces that were recovered from the 6inch are in a display cabinet awaiting someone to remanufacture some replacements.

6inch Gun Fort Scratchley

The number one casement was enclosed fully and turned into a magazine room and so shows all the features of a magazine room, the special flooring, the special uniforms with no buttons, the enclosed lamp behind glass etc. The cases found in the room not are plastic and don't relate to the fort but they add atmosphere.

Magazine room

6inch gun Fort Scratchley

Reproduction of the original lighting in Fort Scratchley

From there we returned the way we came and headed to the left of the fork, downwards to the Magazine level. The museum is licensed to store up to 50kg of powder for special events and if they do have a stock, this is where it is stored. (Hence the guided paid tour only of the tunnels)

Tunnels Fort Scratchley

Carl stopped here behind the main magazine store to tell the story of the guns used against an enemy in WW2. They were bracketing (like in Battleship) and before the third volley could hit its target the sub vanished. Wisely thinking the next shot will be on target. The logs for the sub show that the second volley got the observer in the tower wet with the splash of the shells.
POQ was a good decision. The sub in question did not survive the war but alas Newcastle cannot take the honours.

Carl Christie explains the shooting at a Japanese sub

Tunnels Fort Scratchley

Our guide, Carl, was passionate about his tour. He explained later that he had worked at Fort Scratchley and was actually in command at one time before it closed in 1974. THAT Explained his excellent knowledge and passion. He was thinking of giving it all away in a year or two to travel, but a man like this wont be gone for long. He said he was 74 and ready to hand it all in, but you stay somewhere like this in a volunteer role because you love it. He will be back int he saddle after his tour of Europe I am sure. I was genuinely interested in his history as David was in his fort and so as we surfaced back into the bright light (IT BURNS!!!) He invited us to see the museum which was not open to the public yet. He was showing us the work the society is doing to preserve the local history of this place. I wish Sydney forts had people like this. So many similarities. OF course the fort at Bare island was designed by the same architect as here. (As were many many other places)
Eagerly we accepted his invitation, gathered up the revived Courtney and we set off across the quadrangle to see the works in progress. Very exciting. :-) As we walked, Carl explained that in 2008 the Fort was handed to the City Council and the people of Newcastle from the Federal government which was interesting and the tunnels were re-opened then after being closed for restoration in 2004.
Two rooms are finished, the other rooms only just started.

Rooms In The Process Of Being Renovated

Soon To Be Renovated Museum Rooms

After locking up again, we moved to the Western Barbette. Carl was happy to take us up the Battery Observation post. Another area closed to the public, it afford the best views of the ships entering Newcastle Harbour. IN WW2 this was the command centre for controlling the guns and it used to house a Depression Range finder but it was not there when we entered. As Carl was posted here, he told us of his duties durin his shifts and how many men worked here, what they did and it was MUCH more interesting than reading a board in a preserved room. You can tell this room was not for the public, it was not pretty. LOL

Carl In the Battery Observation Post

Carl In the Battery Observation Post

View from the Battery Observation Post

Climbing down from the Observation post, we headed up to the 6inch guns on display. These guns fire on special occasions. ANZAC Day being the next one. Carl turned the closest gun to the trajectory that the gun was aimed when it shot at the Japanese Sub all those years ago. He pointed out where the sub was between the rocks and Nobbys head. If I had had the money I certainly would have purchased the book so I could relate the stories far more accurately than I remember from Carl, but it is not to be. If you go then BUY THE BOOK. It is $15 and an excellent reference. (Buy me one too??) We all turned to watch the flag change from the left of the flag pole to the right as the wind changed from a light breeze to a southerly Gale. The poor volunteer got all wrapped in the flag as the wind whipped it nearly out of his hands. Hats were being lost and glasses knocked askew, but he got it it up there where it flew proudly in the wind.

The Southerly Gale sprang up

Our next stop was the Barracks. Here Carl told us about the 25 men that lived here for 2 weeks at a time and how he was frustrated at the "historical experts" That told him the barracks were plain walls and the sills were unpainted. "They weren't like that at all" He tells us. And Also points out places where the lack of paint has allowed the sand stone to "revert to its natural state, Sand" as David put it. You can see here a man who lived here, commanded here and being told by the "experts' how it was to be here. I would want to choke them myself.

Fire Place In The Barracks

Walkway Between NCO Quarters & Canteen

Here, at the Barracks, Carl left us, he had other people to talk to and we had turned a 60-90 minute tour to over 3 hours. 3 fascinating hours. I would love to sit with Carl again with a coffee and have him tell me stories of the people who worked there, the guns and one day see a firing. Alas it is difficult to get to a firing and the ultimate would be a casement firing. To get a photo of that 9inch gun going off would be fabulous.

Listen to our elders people. For one day they will be gone and all we will have are posts against a wall with photographs and old cloth.

David and I had lunch at the cafe down the driveway, mostly so I can take the prescription drugs. A rather empty place but the food was awesome. I found I can eat Lasagna as it is minced already and the rest of it is soft. Yes mum, I ate all my salad.. except a few leaves..

Lunch At The Cafe Near Fort Scratchley

Coffee & drug chaser

We realised the time (after 1300) and we had to high tail it to Picton. We had the TV repair man dropping off the repaired TV, as he had stored it for 2 weeks or so. It wasn't missed. Damn! SO the Lighthouse of the day was cancelled. A trip for another weekend.

Driving through Newcastle was horribly stressful and the F3 was as scary as ever. Pennant Hills RD where Bob Potts Died in the early 1996(?) has not improved and it was very stressful for poor David who had to negotiate the insane people. Is it so hard to stay in a lane? Really??

We got to the M7 Toll archway from the M2 and like magic, all the cars vanished. Hmm so the M2's problems are caused by the Hills people. Ater you survive that you are plain sailing.Even the M5 is easier than driving the M2. (With its backwards bus lanes in the centre of the road etc)

Home to the snakes, quietly digesting the rabbits and quails. Ahhh a happy home. :-) Around 5 minutes after opening the door to the house, the TV guy pulled up. YAY A free Tv repair (Warranty) new panel and new circuit board so essentially a new TV. Shame I don't watch it.. Maybe I will go play LBP 1 or 2 as D has to get up at 0115hrs, he has gone to bed.

A busy day and I managed to not rip any stitches and keep up my meds. Doing well. I nee dto keep the next few days quiet to recover. I do need to go back to work ASAP I sorta miss the routine... BUT I do have thousand of photos to work on......

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lovely weekend

David surprised me with a trip to Newcastle. Now usually Newcastle is Not where people go for a romantic weekend, but the SOFAR show as on. So he kindly took me. I got up early and had a shower and collapsed. :-(
Yay. :-( of course so eventually I crawled back into bed. Poor David wasn't able to fix this.
I recovered enough to help a bit in the packing and then iTunes bricked his phone. So we left late trying to get it to just work.

Reptile Demo

Shane was going to say hi before he headed for bed after night shift. He was waiting when we arrived at the Jockey club. It's good to meet up with friends, but I wished he had time to bring the kids, they would have enjoyed it. But he obey had an hour before he had to head home. A shame, I don't see a lot of him. Hopefully our kids can play on April.
The room got really hot and after a while, I felt faint again. I spent the rest of the show under a tree :-( I missed a bit.

Trees At Newcastle Jockey Club

I got a surprise call from the surgeon who checked on me, and told me to see him on Friday.
Around midday, I needed my drugs so We headed to Macdonalds. I needed salad and so managed a burger without a bun. Hard to eat but the lightheadedness reduced in severity.
A quick trip to goninan for a photo or two for David then he took me to his surprise, he had us to to the last day of Nobbys Head lighthouse opening, usually the gates are shut and you walk around the base of the complex, but it was opened for the week for an art exhibition. David knows I enjoy a lighthouse and this was no different. I had to watch my balance as I was unsteady on my feet, but it was a fantastic view.
Nobbys head last day
Signal Station Nobbys Head
Western side of Nobbys head lighthouse
Peak a boo
We could not actually go inside the little lighthouse (it's 9.8m tall) but I could see the Fensel lens inside. This light is interesting as it's pattern is 2+1 then 20 secs.
I took loads of photos and I was lucky enough to watch a ship leave the harbour. The Grebe Arrow I need to look her up. The pilot was picked up by helicopter and flown back to port but as I do not have a 100-400 this scene was lost. :-(
Protesters in kayaks were um.. Blockading the river.. But of course as a ship came in, the police launch cleared them away. Bunch of kayaks vs a coal carrier? I'll bet on the big ship.
The arrow Grebe Leaves Newcastle
Electric car
Nobbys Harbour Side Beach

After an hour or two ::cough:: we headed off to Fort Scratchley for more photos. Alas we arrived 10 minutes before closing time, but the guides let us in for quick snaps.

Fort Scratchley
Fort Scratchley gun
Nobbys lighthouse is radiating
Stopped into the hotel with the idea to drop bags and swim, but we were grateful to get out of the humidity, have a shower, and as D had come off night shift, he crashed.
Got him up for 1800 for my pills with food, hence dinner. We had the plan to ear in the hotel but the restaurant was closed. WHAT!! nothing on the menus said closed Sunday. No staff member mentioned it. Hmm so we went to reception and asked where he thought we should go.
He directed us up Hunter street to Darley road, and gave is a map with incorrect station names!! This map must have been drawn by the tram lobby as the existing stations had been renamed. Very very odd. The boy said , oh it's and old Map to which David replied must be the stations have been the same names for over 80 years.... Poor kid. Didn't stand a chance.

Random things in Darby st

We strolled up Hunter street. This street, although the main street of Newcastle, is dark and seedy. If this was your first impression of Newcastle, you would never return to this city. The train line Does not divide the city you lunatics, the old run down shops do. The boarded up buildings, the people crouched in the gutter.THIS is the issue, not the train line. Look with a tourist's eyes and you will see. We were quite uncomfortable on Hunter St so we cut across. Found Darley street and amazing, one strip of Thai restaurants, well least they were open.
Lomo Cameras For Sale In Bookshop
I enjoyed the two none food shops and was shocked to see Lomo cameras in the window.
We found a pub, Newtownish, ie renovated and attempting to be fancy, but we went there just because it was not Thai food.
I ordered fish so I could flake it up, and manage the little pieces, alas the fish of the day at this pub in a sea side city, could not give me a good fish. I got tough, dry and crunchy. It certainly didn't come in this week's catch. :-( David was sad for me but its not his fault.
We strolled up Bull St just to avoid Hunter St. Bull St is lovely. Nice old houses, genuine old pubs and an old fire station.
Stopping at Maccas, we had a pleasant chat to the McCafé girl. She said to not wal around the main street too late after dark... Oh great... She was a delight. Bubbly, friendly and made us certainly smile. :-)
I'm back in bed. Did far too much, and juggling medication and food it hard when away from home, still a restful weekend away (day 2 is tomorrow, the journey home)
I may hand over this iPad and await the new one.... Hmmm can I live for two weeks?

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