Monday, March 10, 2014


I have been pondering my blog. I used to do it daily then it de-railed.. ugh

I do keep my paper journal up to date. Lots of things have happened but then nothing really.
The most important is the sad news of my father-in-law's death. The funeral was lovely and my brother-in-law and I had far too much to drink..oops...Sorry Sylvia. **Embarrassed**.
David was up for our anniversary YAY! But it was over shadowed by the funeral so he went to help his mother and I went to work. Grunt. The present I had bough D for his steak cooking had not arrived so it was a bust all round. SIGH.

Work is being anal about stupid things.. and no criticism is born. HMM

This past weekend  I mowed the lawns, my gardener had a dummy spit and sent an abusive message to me when he didn't turn up for 4 weeks and I had the hide to mow my own lawn. GEEZ pal. SO I do it myself. Took 3 hours on Saturday in the heat before a thunder storm THAT fizzled after I finished. GRRR
Talking to some friends... I decided to get my stripe back...

Spent the Saturday night dancing in my lounge alone to music channels. Sad really.