Sunday, January 30, 2011


Every year I blog the Sam Kekovich address to the nation. This year I forgot.

we apologise for this break in transmission

From a Yahoo group I belong to.. I don't know if the author wished to be identified so I will not name him.

There is a summary (below) in wide circulation of why Generation Y is so named
in general contexts. Railway-specific versions could readily be appended.

Y should I get a job ?
Y should I leave home and find my own place ?
Y should I get a car when I can borrow yours ?
Y should I clean my room ?
Y should I wash and iron my own clothes ?
Y should I buy any food ?

so it would go like

Y should I not have airconditioning
Y should I not have a train appear at the exact time that suits me
Y should I have to pay fares
Y should I not decorate the train with graffiti

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I had to drag my sorry arse outta bed early (for me) for the dental appointment. My close friends know that i gave been complaining of pain in nmh jaw and teeth since december. Mother pulled strings to get me back to the dentist and he was very wick ti send me for a whole jaw x-ray. So off I Trot.. Got the x-ray and came back to the dentist.
Yes, i need to go to the specialist so he can arrange to get my wisdom teeth out eeeep my worse nightmare... Maybe the pain is mot that bad...


David took me to office works and I drowned my sorrows in stationery. Ahhh..
We had gone last the RTA to do my rego, but the green slip had not been paid. Oh no... I was adamant that I had not seen the renewal but later on David found it ::head smack:: soooooo I had to borrow money to pay for it and not I have to get a refund from the lease company to pay the loan back.

Sunrise Banks Reserve

This day is not really going my way.

Zoomed home to upload the film that David had picked up for me, but the CD was blank. ( of course) I quickly scanned the negatives and then off to the herp committee meeting.. Long discussions and some good ideas for the show that I will miss and I hope it goes well.

i will be away and am missing three herp shows. Why did they move them from may??? Feb is far too early in the year. I had to leave before the end.. :-( Rhonda was in a lather when I left but I think it will work out in the end.

Work is busy but not too much. Lots of power outages....
Flats in the distance

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Rush rush

Try again... Damned app deleted my entry... GRR
Newtown Station

I went to find a new photo lab. It was advertised on the web site as being open from 0800-1800. Oh ok. I finish work at 0600 so i can wait 2 hours.
Enmore RoadNewtown Bridge
To fill in the time, I parked at Newtown silos and took some photos of Newtown. I used up my Lubitel film and played with the Cmena 8M. As the sun rose, i went to Botany road Macdonalds and used the last of my cash on a coffee.
Botany Rd Maccas

When the time ticked over to 0730, i made my way to the lab, and found a park. It is a busy street and you need to get there early to get a car space. Looking at the door, a sign was posted... Oh no.. Don't tell me they are closed for a Aussie day long weekend. I go and look at the sign.. Open Thursday 27th and Friday 28th 0900-1700 ARRGGHHHH having already wasted 2.5 hours, I could hardly give up but damn!! Another hour and all I wanted to do was sleep.
Sign In Dunks St
Finally they opened, and I got to talk to the people. They were not as expensive as I thought that they would be $24.95 for the two films. I asked him about the Ilford and why the previous film lab would not touch it and he was puzzled. It is just an ordinary B&W he said. Oh well.

On my way home and the 0930 am traffic was irritating. I was concerned with a taxi that I was stuck behind as he would almost stop then zoom forward then stop again all in the 80 zone in the M5 tunnel. Very very dangerous. Had I been his passenger I would be demanding to get let out and most certainly complain to the company. inspire of his driving, I did not hit him and managed to get to Picton unscathed. As t was after 10, I popped down to the the post office so David would not have to go down in the heat of the day. It was already 30C and steamy.

I was grateful to hit my bed in my dark, cold room. Every hot hot day I an grateful that David installed an Air-conditioning in my bedroom. The big lounge one is not used, I have used it once this year and only for an hour to get air moving but the bedroom and office ones are used all the time. A godsend.

David woke me up around 1730 with dinner in bed. He had cooked and served it to me on a tray. AWWWWW I was unwilling to leave my cold room and when I did have to move I felt the heat of the rest of the house. My house is insulated and cooler than outside but it gets to 28C inside when outside is around 40C. Not bad and certainly bareable. I just prefer 21 to 28. Fussy eh?

Getting to work was a challenge, there were 5 transits at Picton, and it was hilarious watching the loop line passengers not join the bus after thinking about it carefully. My train was cancelled and Deb was not told so it was a surprise when, at 1912, she got a call to see if the bus had turned up. Sigh.
The transits followed me on to the coach and the passengers on the coach got off when they saw them. They had to push past them, leaving the boys and the bus driver laughing in their wake. It is a one hour wait..... :-)

I missed the 2002 by a minute as the bus arrived just after it left and so was on the 2017 train, meaning I made it to work with 2 minutes to go. I was hot and very sweaty, not pleasant at all.
Of course now, in the box, it is freezing...

I hope to make the train tomorrow am but knowing my luck recently I may have to hang around for the next train. :-( We shall see.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And the self-pity continues Skip this post... Or scroll to the bottom.. the rest is just self serving bleating

Firstly to the family of the little girl who was killed. Is tragic but I have to ask why was she on the tracks. A young life ended, a train driver's life is also ended. A lovely little child with so much potential gone. So unnecessary. The drive will never be back to work. He has to live with this for the rest of his life. All the commuters on the train will also be scarred. Even my department, my colleague in Wollongong will be traumatised by this event. It breaks me heart.

So easily avoidable.

Her Favorite Flower

Back to self self serving

Well I bailed. I could not venture into town and take photos. Yes I am that weak. I cannot overcome my hatred of crowds alone. Too much of a hermit.
I berated myself as I ran with my tail between my legs to my hovel in the hills. I could have done an early ferry ride as Tim suggested and then gone home. I could have recorded my beautiful city and she dresses up for her big day. then run. But no.

SO I beat myself up for being so stupid. There was no one at home to run to so no reason except fear that stopped me. When did I become such a psychotic mess? I wasn't always this way.
Three people tried to cheer me up but when you disappoint yourself, there is no one to blame but yourself. No one can help but you.

A long sleep did not make any difference. Still beating myself up. Still no one to talk to.

So I am trawling blogs and staying in my dark airconditioned room.

this ship tracking site is one I used to use regularly but been away for a while. ANYWAY they have linked to google earth



Hipstamatic submitted by: Vlens

Love this shot!

Experiments with Pinhole photography

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Self pity

I am pleased to see it has been a while since I have been selfish enough to wallow in self-pity, but today is one day. Actually it relates to tomorrow.
I know Tim and Drue have to work. That's ok. They can't help that.

What set me off was a 'friend' didn't think I was worth 20minutes of his time. Great I am that important that he could not even spend 20 minutes with me.

Someone else is spending time with his family, again perfectly reasonable. I am not being reasonable. I know I am not.

Not friendly enough with anyone to be included in family stuff (Reasonable) No family if my own around to hold a BBQ (OK) and the rest are working. I STIL FEEL AVOIDED.

I know how David feels when no one wants to go to River Island.

FTR He is at River Island, working on the roof, and I should be there to help him, but I am rostered.

AND so I am going into town alone. To spend time around happy families to me feel even more alone.

Fuck this mood. Fuck being a leper.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

guests! at the hermit hovel

Today was my pyjama day. I finished work at 0600 and hightailed it home to crash next to D. Got up around mid morning and I set out to clean at least one snake cage. I got Jane out and she was unusually active and whilst David was handling her, she reached out to tag my elbow. Damn. SO he hands her to me and I drove her around the yard a while whilst bleeding... Great. She calmed down as she burrowed into the grass and after a bit I managed to get her into the outside cage.

I then got to cleaned up and dealt with her evil smelling cage. My goodness that snake can shit.

I was sweaty by the time I had finished.

Ben and Druey turned up, I had just sat down with Little Big Planet 2 :-) Ben helped me with Jane, and he discovered why you need two people with a large python. I was driving her again in the grass as she was antsy with the new guy, but then she took a liking to his arm and I watched his hand turn blue.. It was a nice shade of deep purple when I finally took pity on him and helped him get her off. That girl is strong.

Jane took a liking to Ben


With Ben reviving his arm, I got out Medusa to do her cage then then Ben baby sat the two womas whilst I tackled their cages. YAY 4 cages out of 8 done. Cool.
Alice did not like bring handled by the tale and made her disgust known all over the sofa. Damned snakes. Never work with children or animals.

A food run to get grog and oh, food...and back to put a roast in the oven. I managed to not burn myself or set fire to anything. The meat was even cooked ok and no one complained. :-) (Or they didn't have the heart to complain)

I introduced Druey and Ben to Tripping the Rift, and then they put on 2012. This movie is LONG!!! Geez. It was after 2200 when they left.

We had a lot of empty bottles in the lounge giggle..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

a lull in my exciting life **Cough cough choke**

Today was an early wakeup as I had table shift coming. This allows for the shift time change for monday. pajama days suck hard. Seriously If I was a freight driver for the company that Bruce works for this day off would not count as a day off.
Marrickville Montage

David and I just pottered around I did totally forget to mow the lawn DAMN IT THis was my job.That and clean Jane's cage. GRR Now this is a job for my sunday. Oh well Jane cane spend the day outside. I think she is ready for substrate. Poor snake has tolerated glass and paper towel for long enough and she did get a clean bill of health. It is increasingly looking like I will keep Jane for myself. She is pleasant enough and what is one more snake? Really. She only eats a bunny every two months or so. So the Montage was the extend of my things done. It didn't even need to be done

Watched Avatar, and whilst I enjoyed the movie, I did feel it was a good story that was ruined with predictable love story and really all of the story was predictable. No one had ridden the orange dragon thing??? IN 5  generations? Well of course our hero will. SIGH. 
I have only seen one movie with a sad ending. The Beach. There is no happy ending, no one lives happily ever after and really? Its makes it more realistic. But this movie was over hyped and I am glad I did not buy into the nonsense.
Avatar - Flying 5

I dropped off the Ilford B&W film to David Wilson tonight. It will not be really until Monday but really I don't have the money to pick it up until friday, So hopeful I will have the other rolls dropped off by then.

Ah well busy day mowing tomorrow so Off to nap land.

eye Montage

Friday, January 21, 2011

General randomness

A quiet day, i woke up too early but D and I were in no hurry to get up. Eventually, necessity drove me from my bed and I started my day. Finished the outstanding photos, went to the post office before settling down to place Little Big Planet 2. I was disturbed when i had to wash clothes but that had been in desperate need anyway.


David had an install to do at mother's place and so i grabbed the super sampler and we headed out.
We were running late and by the time mother had fed us, David had missed his train. He gave me a lift to Villawood, where a survey of the platform told me to hide my expensive toys. It proved the correct decision with a tag team hovering near the ticket office.

I survived the old south line and arrived at work safely.
On sutho and so happy to be on my fav time of day. :-)
Not my favorite crew but a lovely calm evening all the same. Now to get home somehow... Eep

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I stayed up

AS I am now back on my beloved night shifts, I has to stay up until the majic hour of 2am. This is a good system for people trying to adjust to nights. If you stay up until 2am, you will manage the next night. It works.
Anyway in an hour of boredom, I went looking for my speeding photos. I knew they existed and a quick look over the paperwork, and there was the URL Cool!!


So there you are 23 years of blemish free driving came to a close the day AFTER double points. lol.

I uploaded the rest of the HDR of Cape Banks and surrounds so I can bore you all with these photos now.

Cape Banks Cape Banks


Fishermen folllowed me up the cliff SS Minmi

SS Minmi

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Up then down

I hwent up to Pennant Hills to meet a friend. Coffe, chat then home. I was in a bubbly mood, and I even managed to grab the film from the chemists as they opened. It was a happy day.  Then, I looked at my film. THis time I was aiming for natural colours to show the beauty of the place and I got.. well.. lomo. Not before you start, I have used this camera and gotten colour before, but from a local film. (Ironically the cross processed film)

Odd colours from Lubitel
Odd colours from Lubitel

These other films were from Lomo in Hong Kong and I had high expectations and people were raving about this film. Great colur they said, great vivid blues they said. I got green. Monochormoatic green. I fiddled with the scans but to no avail. I was crest fallen. As Lomo photoas they are great and the detail shows. BUT I was after natural colour. Only thing that has been suggested to me is that the x-rays thay all of australia mail is subjected to may have ruined the film. But ISO 200 should not have been that sensitve...  The story was the same with the spinner.
Spinner Roll 3 x-ray damage?
Spinner Roll 3 x-ray damage?
All odd blues in this case. This was an ISO 800 film. Grump. the ISO 200 which is slower than recomended for this camera worked much better. Damn.

This and the fact I could not contact someone blew out my happy mood for the rest of the evening. Shame. I had such high hopes for my one night off.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Last two days

Sunrise Wilton

Sydney Airport

The readers who read my film blog, know what i was up to yesterday am. it was exhausting in that i really had not slept the night before. Luckily my arvo shift was reasonably quiet.
Medium format
My relief came in reasonably early and so i headed for the chemist who develops my film. I had a medium format waiting. I got there just before they closed and rushed in. The lady could not find my film, but i spied it on top of the machine. Hmm still in it's spool.. She read the post it note on the bag, "unable to process due to needing E-6 processing" damn damn damn. Had neglected on saturday to ask for cross processing. My fault the lady there pondered why they did not ring me and ask about it. Oh well. I dropped off a few more medium format rolls with Ripken instructions to process in c-41. I left disappointed but with the cd that had been returned as blank.
I got home and compares scans. My scam vs the shop scan. Mine were very very similar to their scan so I will not worry about home scanning my spinner negs.
Late night at the photo shop

I was exhausted and went to bed early, sleeping like the dead. I even slept in past David who had to drag me out of bed at 9am. yawn.

I was a good girl and paid my speeding fine, I was thrilled as it was the lower of the two fines so I was relieved to pay only $90 instead of the $220 plus fine.

Speeding fine

Grumpy Yvonne means sad David but he pulled it together to get me to the train winch i would have missed.
Epic sleep
Bob was the driver and i asked to familiarise myself with the new yard limits at Glenlee. A signal has been removed and two new ones future south have been installed. Interestingly a signal on the down has been out for two weeks due to an argument between the two companies that run that area. Strange really.
New yard limits
Arvo, good crew but Gavin had a fight with Harvey Norman and so is shitty with himself and grumpy.

No mail either. Grr

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hot and sleepy day.

My shift this morning ended with an incident. AARGHH Means I was late getting out. Rats. Still I made it home before 7am and so I cannot complain.
Too some HDR shots, trying a new technique alas I did not have time to upload them to flickr. I will do so on Tuesday when I get home.

As you may have seen in my Film blog I was scanning film last night and this afternoon.

Otherwise I just slept until 1300, and then hid from the heat for the rest of the arvo. I had had the foresight to defrost Rabbits for the bigger snakes and rats for the smaller ones. I have them on rats atm as Eve needs rats to bulk up and I can't get one out of the bag so as I had a lump of 5, I just used them.

Ink got a pinky rabbit which she devoured. Lillith and Yingarana got the bigger rabbits. I did have doubts about the size of Yingara's bunny but she gave it a good fight. I came back to see a big lump. It was a bit too big, but she managed.
Yingarna and a huge belly

Alice shed.. :-) which is always interesting

Hot humid and headachy

Today started on the wrong foot. My trip home & hence sunrise photos
was marred by rain & clouds.
Had a snooze only to have my mother ring 2 times once at 0600 & again
at 0800. The second time got David up, so both of us were tired &

The heat did not help. Least mother's telephone issues seemed to be sorted out.

I had a headache that only got worse as the day progressed. Eventually
I was too sick to care what was going on.
After dropping off two films to the film place, David took me around
looking for a scanner that would scan my sprockets.
We covered all relevant shops in the local area, and in the process,
David got the speaker he wanted

After a charity sausage sizzle run but officeworks,
We were served promptly and competently in store, ignored in
Harvey Norman (as usual- this is why ppl shop on-line) good guys and
Dick Smith did not have what we were after, so after teasing the gen Y
(barely) sales child in powerhouse, we returned to officeworks.
David & I did a quick scout on the net for price comparisons, and
having found one $75 cheaper, headed inside.

David was Primed. This is
what he does best. I hate haggling.
The lady, at first baulked at the difference, but after checking our
source, gave us the scanner at a $90 reduction. Go price matching and

Having bagged our trophy, we had a cold drink at maccas and headed home.

Ppl who know my office will be wondering where I put the
scanner.. Lol rightly so. I filled up a box of papers, another
recycling box before I could see my desk.

I still had a headache, but it was only a thud now not making me I'll Anymore.

I spent the rest of my time scanning Spinner360 photos. :-)
Shane, me and His kids

Now at work. iPad free.. Sigh..
Tomorrow is a double back so I'll head to Port Botany I think.

Friday, January 14, 2011

rush rush rush

today was a rush from  the very beginning. I started last night, when
my relief went off sick, but it worked out as Ghaleb took the
overtime. I was not eligible as I was starting at 1800 anyway, I also
had a 0900 appointment.
Dave (A colleague not my David) gave me a lift to Campbelltown so I
was able to get home around 0630. This meant a 2hr sleep before my
appointment. yay!

It was a struggle to drag my sorry arse outta bed but I made it. I met
Sarah at Bliss and the staff were disappointed that I did not have my
husband with me. They adore him and always ask where he is, when he
will visit etc etc.
Sarah decided only one eye needed work so I have only one sore and
swollen eye. yay I think... :-) I am thrilled with her work and highly
recommend her.

Only 1 eye needed touch up

I got the mail, dropped it on my office chair and collapsed back into
bed where I stayed until 1430. I had a 1800 start up ahead and after
David cut a film canister for me, I departed with 100 minutes to go
the 45 minutes drive to work. You know if i mention time something
happened. ....

As I approached the intersection of Picton Road and the Hume Highway,
I heard on the ABC that the M5 was closed OH NO!!!!! It is bad enough
to drive in peak hour but to have the major expressway into town
closed it will be struggle to get in to work. SIgh

I was right. I turned off in time to not get trapped on the
expressway, but the traffic was worse than usual. To be expected. To
make matters  much worse, the expressway in the opposite direction was
closed due to an accident. AARGHH

Unusually Bad Traffic

At 1600 I rang to say I would be late and at 1730, I was only at
Earlwood. I was now tearing my hair out as people were driving at
38km/hr with no one in front of them WTF are they doing??

I made it to work at 1745. It took that long to get 83km. Bloody hell.
Stupid sydney traffic.

I was able to sit down and gather my wits. I opened a box and fixed up
an old lady.. using a blank 35mm case and some tape. I could not get
the film to stay otherwise.
I am happy. :-)

Cmena8 -sexy!

I move to East Hills and then it all goes to shit. Sigh. A circuit
breaker causes disaster and I was busy for ages. I am in quiet time
again now and I hope the rest of the evening stays that way. Tomorrow
should be quieter. I hope to make it to the shops and pick up the cd I
ordered of my last few films and drop off two more. I do hope they
process medium format...Film #2

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adventures with Cmena and We meet Lubitel

I got a lift home from work to Campbelltown with Dave Bradney Lovely man, never speeds... Lol and he doesn't mind (I hope) dropping me off at CBT even though he lives at Leumeah. I can't thank him enough most days.
Campbelltown Station 6amishCampbeltown Station in AMCampbeltown Station in AM

I played with Cmena whilst I awaited the train. I am trying to use up her roll but she just keeps finding more film. I was going to drop off her roll whilst I pick up the other rolls but alas this will have to wait until Saturday now. AWW :-(

Yak was a mega big fail last night. I could type text but no photos. Very upsetting. Tim for Chatplus which will be a good backup. Its a little fiddly to set up but is free

My entry to the world of medium format will start this weekend as my Lubitel 166B arrived I ordered him BEFORE Cmena and so it took a LONG time to come from the Ukraine. I know when I posted something in St Petersburg, it arrived 6mths AFTER I had arrived back from Russia. I Hope I can manage his film, I need to load it in subdued light and make sure I seal any used film tightly to avoid light leaks.
Excited all over again

Yay!! Back on nights

I spent the day quietly. The mail was a big disappointment, things seem to be taking ages to arrive some stuff have been coming for over a month. :-(
I got the early train out of Campbelltown, and walked up mattickville rd. I was going to take bulb shots of marrickville but just before the first shot i broke the baby tripod.arrgghhh
I bodgied it back but after the first shot it gave up the ghost :-(

Went back to my lace of employment and asked randomly if anyone had super glue. To my compete surprise, someone did!!!! So thank you to Mick Pierce and his collection of stuff.

Work is a nice panel, a good one to ease back into my fav shift.

Marrickville Rd, originally uploaded by woosang.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

handmade shoes came today.

Damn forgot to blog about my handmade shoes. They are adorable and I love them. :-)

Shame I have a heel spur that means I cannot wear them to the shops as there is little sole protection. Damned feet . I want new feet.

handmade shoes came today., originally uploaded by woosang.

YAWN Thank goodness for THAT!

Today was a day shift, a BUSY day shift. I had a record breaking 4 hrs sleep which for me on ams is a long time. My average is 2 hrs.. so 4 is plenty for me.. **Sigh** I was flat out setting up multiple worksites and TOAs. One guy asked for a TOA until 1430 then at 1230 asked for an extention for 1730. Hmm looking back, he has been doing this for the last few days. Sneaky..

I struggled to stay awake. I kept dozing off. Who even invented the fatigue roster needs to be put in jail. Or made to work to his rules for a year of so.  I played with some of Koen's pictures just to stay awake.. and then did some for myself. It worked I was more alert.  My relief arrived AFTER 1330 and so I missed the train, well, I dragged the table man to my seat and he had to deal with my panel. Screw this guy. there is a relief time. And don't give me that half hour crap. He is happy to take a piss off if I turn up early. SO no more. I RAN for a train. Yet I put my limbs at risk to get the damned train. I made it.  PHEW

Pinhole app on iPhone

Breakfast (Sorta)

Koen's Photo doctored by me.. lol

Another of Koen's photo doctored by me

and so I picked up a roll of film at Capmbelltown and dropped off three roll of negs to be scanned . I have written about this in my analogue blog so will not rehash it here..Adventures in film

Apporaching a 24 hr day so will go and have a bit of a lie down.. zzzzzzz