Friday, May 28, 2010

Pics from Tim's New camera

Dendrobates tintorius - Dyeing Dart Frog

Yvonne's Forester gets wet
My car was the subject of some practice.. Cool!

Yvonne's Forester gets wet

Mind you the guy working nearby thought we were nuts

Chamaeleo calyptratus - Veiled Chameleon
I soooo hate him.. he got to touch the Chameleon.. I never got to even see one without bars between me and them

it seems that he had a great day.. I love that zoo.. the behind the scenes is awesome.

Another quiet day

I am certainly enjoying the peace..

Had errands to run... Spent an hour at the Quintessential Coffee Shoppe then wandered home. Really did not much else.. I would LIKE to go into town but it is cold and David looks very very tired.
I will probably just stay here and do some more photos..
The yet un-named carpet did not eat her rat. I can see some scars in her spine.. makes me wonder...

Kuranda Pics below.

Kuranda Yard and Signal Box

Thursday, May 27, 2010

OOps its Thursday

I meant to start updating the trip.. Hmmmm Looks like I may never get to do that.
Before I start How yummy is this lady??
I love this woman.

Tim's party was Saturday.. In someways a success but in others not quite so much. Still I was happy that Robin seems to be having a good time. We see her out with us so rarely.  (Robin, come out with us more often.. We enjoy your company!)
I managed to snap an awesome pic of her
A lovely Portrait of Robin

**Grin**Tim's party at Kelly's on King

Sunday was a quiet day, David and I did very little.. Mostly updating and I KNOW I spent 9 hrs in front of this damned computer updating one day of my trip. I managed the day I arrived in Cairns.. and some of the next day's Kuranda trip...Not much else really occurred...

Kuranda Train Departed Redlynch

Monday was much of the same. A few more pics bright me up to part way of the next day in Cairns..But this time, I am OVER Cairns...I may skip ahead to the venom museum.. I think maybe just do a blog on that and the Australia Zoo.

On the way to Kuranda

Before I do.. TheKuranda Pub has the BEST Guinness Pot pie EVER!! Go there just to eat it. Seriously Nom Nom nom

Tuesday had me driving to Tim's Place so he could drive me up the F3. My hatred for this road compares the the heat of a million exploding suns. I get road rage thinking about this road.

Alice needed to be picked up. As a few ppl has made some very much needed minor donations on Sat, I had cash to buy Alice.


I didn't bring it.


Dumb fuck here left the BLOODY MONEY AT HOME
A panicked phone call to David and thankfully he found it and was still home to take it to the bank. **PHEW** This meant Tim had to drive into Gosford for us to find an ATM.


We arrived around 1130 at the Reptile Park for pick up. Marilyn from the Snake Ranch was lovely. As it was pouring with rain and we still had an hour's drive (At least) Ahead of us, we didn't elect to use our free passes to the reptile park. Maybe another day.

Upon arrival at Picton, Alice was put into her new home. Tim then had to head home to pick up Robin. A flying visit.
Alice our Newest Woma

Alice our Newest Woma

Many Many Thanks to  Tim for the chauffeuring.

Wednesday a quiet start but with the Herp AGM on it was going to be a late night.

I did go down to my favourite café where they had an All you can eat afternoon tea,  Lovely. The sandwiches were excellent. Troy popped into the café for a chat as he passed through the town on his way to Camden.

I drove to Sydenham for the Herp meeting.
Tim joined me at Town Hall with the trains running late due to the Stupid State of Origin. Can't they have those trains separate?? Seriously.. Normal ppl want to get to where they are going ON TIME Not held up by Football Hooligans.

We arrived only 15mins late.. but luckily they were running late due to ppl looking at the auctions items.

There was a Wonderful LARGE carpet I loved her.. but I was not stupid enough to fight ppl in an auction for her. These people were serious.
ONe guy bid against me for a coastal carpet hatchling only cause I bid for it. :-( There was no interest until I made the first bid.

I was sad to lose out on the big carpet. Such a lovely creature. I did make small bids of $40 and $50 of two other animals and was lucky enough to win both. Trouble was I did not have the $50. Tim very kindly put up the money so we could take her home.

Tim carried both snakes to the car in his hoodie. One n the hood the other in his pocket. Chuckle...
Yet to be Names Splotched Python

Coastal Carpet Python - To be Named

When I finally got home around 1am.. (Give or take) I settled both snakes in click clacks and collapsed into bed. I did have a nice long phone conversation with David which was lovely.


Back to today. Took my two new charged to Ryan at Derk's to see what I should fee the Splotched and to show off the lovely carpet. Heehee

He was not there, starting at 0930, But Phil and Sherrie were there. They ooed and ahhed as they should and then the Splotched AND the carpet took exception to Phil. LOL.. Mind you, both snakes had been in a bag, travelled shaken that the auction, prodded, dangled by the tail shoved into a bag, driven put into plastic boxes and were probably a little fed up.  The dear little blotched held onto my for dear life but I left the carpet to her own devices. She has been mistreated badly and weary or ppl handling her.

I got some food for them but now I realise the Blotched needs adult mice not weaner mice.

When i finally returned home, the Blotched was happy to gobble down the mouse but the carpet just hissed at the rat, I wonder, has she been fed live rats in the past?? She seems terrified of the rat. SO I left it close but and covered her in her pillow case. She seemed to finally have eaten it. I will have to check in the AM.

Tim got her ID'd as a Coastal CArpet Python from Grafton/Kempsey Area

Enough for now. More pics are on my flickr.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tim's party

He seemed impressed. Least he LOOKED impressed....

A short update. We held Tim's birthday party today. It was at the Summit restaurant but we went onto our pub. From there we had gelato where Robin got a smach from David after throwing chairs.. only for Tim to do the same thing.

Tim seemed happy with his box. Almost everyone made a small donation towards it. I would have liked some larger contributions.. but of course ppl pay what they can afford. Dear Shelly made a small one and even apologised!! Dear girl got me out of a jam as I had forgotten the damned cake.

Anyway its almost 1am and I need to sleep....

Better post later. Night

Saturday, May 22, 2010

SnakeBytes TV In Australia

We were here and I love the attitude of the Rough scaled python... Nasty bugger he was. LOL

SnakeBytes TV In Australia

We were here and I love the attitude of the Rough scaled python... Nasty bugger he was. LOL

SnakeSqueeze Hoodie from

SnakeSqueeze Hoodie from

Gotto say I am very happy with the way this design worked out. I CAN do other colours but for the moment I did a green snake. Of course it can be changed to a shirt.. But I am cold so a hoodie it is for now.

I am looking for feedback. Don't be nasty....but helpful comments are appreciated.

So what do you all think?

For my other projects  use this link..

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sleep update

There have been a few good sleeps, but mostly bad ones.. on the train I could not use the program of course so no data but I'll tell you that I was up at 2am.. **Sigh**

Thanks for the sniffles...yay. :-( **Sad** Made flying tough yesterday. Luckily I was able to clear my ears.

No milk in the house.. so need to make a coffee with powdered milk. I am VERY VERY glad I keep powdered milk in the house.  HAve to wait for the post office to open before I go to Coles.

This was at Baltaz resort after two days of little sleep
Finally a fabulous bed

The next day, same bed
Not quiet so restful

My bed last night.

Very regular

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Bloody vodafone was in and out for the rest of the trip. I will update the blog as I go through photos.

Today a 40 mins outage with NO SERVICE and I am at home!!


Tim picked Evan and me from the airport and dropped us back home. Tim had brought Sid to meet me so Sid must have gone to the hospital.. I wonder how the patients took to him, He is a sweety.

Tim brought Sid to meet me

 I had a huge bag of stuff for him to give his kids...I do hope they like them.. I do like buying for my kid and Tim's girls. I have always likes buying pretty stuff and FINALLY i have an excuse. YAY for friends with wee little girls!!!

David is driving back from QLD and is attempting to arrive tonight at Penrith.  As much as I want his home I would prefer him home SAFELY and not in a jar.

Today was peaceful, We arrived at Roma St a little late, we retrieved the car (Thanks MATT) and repacked it. David drove us to the airport were Evan and I waited for 3 hours and luckily the lounge was affordable and allowed us to go early. There is a 2 hrs limit but they allowed us in 3hrs. As it cost $35 I was determined to eat/drink $35 worth of stuff and I went close. LOL. A lovely wolf Blass Merlot or two, some coffees and a goulash. Yummy. It was relaxing.

Flight was uneventful.

Now to process 7 days worth of pics....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 2

Today I went to Kuranda. The train is slow and the seating in annoying, BUT the views are awesome when the weather plays ball.

Nice bridge #QRTrip2010 #KurandaRail

I took many shots, that I will have to upload later. These photos are from Evan's Photostream.

Nice vew from Barron Falls Station #QRTrip2010 #KurandaRail

I was grateful to get off. I was also happy to see a large levered signal box. The signaller was at first reluctant, but after David told him that I am a signaller, he opened up a bit.

We went up the hill and saw $9 steak at the Kuranda Hotel. Guess where we went for lunch. To my delight, there was Guinness Pot pie on special at $9 so I chose this. And it was YUMMY!!! Really the best Pot pie ever. Even Evan, who had ordered Lamb rolls, bought a pot pie after he tasted mine.

Evan at I went to aks about cocktails.. the girl didn't know how to make a Pina Colada, so we bodgied one up and it tasted the same. The lady at the table opposite was horrifyed. It tasted very good.  I had tow but then had to call it quits as it was expensive.

I saw on 4Square a location called Venom Museum. I HAD to go there. The boys were not interested to it was a Lone Woosang that went. There was a water python on display outside and we chatted to the guy for a while.

Downstairs was where all the snakes were. I did some OK shots, and I was thrilled to see the Brown tree snake. A cute little orange mildly venomous snake. I was surprised at the amount of none venomous snakes, an Olive, a woma (hiding) Black headed pythons and the upstairs Water python.

I got a tour of the creepy crawlies, including the black scorpion.  He even showed me a taratula but I resisted holding that.

Cute little leaf insect

David picked me up outside and I got into a conversation with a US tourist. He was asking about hybrids and he was surpirsed and even delighted to find out that we, in Australia, tend to frown on hybrids.  He said he was sadened than he could never guarentee that any snake he bought was pure and he felt they (In the US) had lost something precious. This guy was in his early 20's . Nice guy.

David had a surpise up his sleeve but he patiently waited for me to stop talking snakes.

David had found an outlet for Mango wine. Yes, Mango wine.  The dry is a pleasant crisp taste. I did like it, but the mango port was AMAZING!! OMG!

Mango port

Feeling ever so slightly tipsy.. We headed down the hill to meet Evan and Druey's train.

D missed out swimming the night before, so we soldiered on the Skinny Dips. A gay place that allows up to swim in the nude. Evan and Drue were uncertain, but they eventually got into the gist of it. Even if Drue's shorts had to be dragged off him. 

We had fried Camenbert in bread crumbs and they was heavenly.  Truely divine.

Pizza for dinner then sleep.. zzzz

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I flew to the tropics

I had to set the alarm to make sure I was up by 0330hrs, so I could get the early train to the airport.
Ugh. Picton's finest weather at -2C. Yay.
Still I was on the train and even froze waiting for it. As I boarded the train, I realised that I had left my hard drive behind. I usually filly my CF cards is I don't empty them daily so this was a worry for me.

Arrived at the airport without much trouble and FOR ONCE, no bomb check. The lady in front was checked though.
I had a chai Latte at Maccas and settled down to wait. It was then I noticed the federal policeman sitting not far from me. **Grin** No bomb check but they were not going to let me wander the airport. unescorted. Time for a walk. I took some shots at the terminal, all with my policeman in tow. Cool. Nice to be noticed. As I made my way to the gate, he even came up to stand next to me. :-)

Paranoid? Maybe but one cop happened to be walking randomly the same direction as me for 2 hrs?? I am sure they have other things to do.

My aircaft was going to be VH-VOV a boeing 737-800. A flash 737, not as cramped as the older models.
Good to see that they have inflight entertainment, but Virgin, being Virgin, it was $10 per channel to watch. Screw that I have my iPhone.

We pushed back on time, only to sit at the runway's edge for 15 mins. Ah well. Not like I was moving.
Runway 16R was today's selection. I watched as the landing 747 slamed intot the tarmac. Not a gentle land either but a smack into the ground. At 0850, we lined up for takeoff. A very steep AOC was used and we headed south. BUM!! I had worked out my seating for the coastal route not the inland route. Damn it. No Sydney views for me. Flew right over the western suburbs and I did get shots of Penrith.

Just over 2 hrs of flying saw me in the tropics for the first time in 19yrs. Last time I was here, I was doing a tour group in a turbo saratoga. Not much had changed. The airport was horrible concrete.. being redeveloped, of course. It was spitting rain, of course and the locals still had this stupid idea that Thongs were high street fashion. Ugh.

David arrived shortly after to get me, the boys in tow. A lot of juggling squeezed us all in. Tetris training FTW.
The boys had just driven up from Townsville, so we went straight to the hotel to check in.
 Hello 1980's pink wood. Well pink everything. Cement, floors cabinets.. all of it.

After a brief settling in, we set off again to get Kuranda tickets. I missed the train last time I was here as I was the tour leader, and had to arrange our next stops, but David ensured that I would not miss out this time.
As he knows my low tolerance for such things, he wisely suggested that I go only one way.
After a LOT of fluffing about, everyone had got their tickets.

David looked at the timetable and saw that today's trains were returning. So of course the boys had to chase it. **Sigh** Least it was only for a short time.

As my lack of hard drive was upsetting me, Evan had suggested that the same hard drive was for sale at Office works for $129. Off we sailed to officeworks.

Druey bought one as well. :-) Awesome drives and I an glad I now have one.

YAY!!! for Evan who had a private Wi-fi that he kindly shares...

Sizzler for dinner.

I was exhausted from the 0330 wake up fo crashed early. The boys stayed up a while longer.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Low tolerance

of Emo children who think they are all grown up.  I was banging my head against a wall but managed to talk to one whilst drunk. OF course they know everything.. being teenagers... BUT I would not be a mothering person if I didn't try.

Immensely frustrated this week.
 Nothing like being second best.  Pft.

Leaving tomorrow. Need the early train as things can go wrong and I ALWAYS get bomb searched at the airport and need to allow time for the camera testing. As I don't fit normal demographics. I am ALWAYS tested. I just shrug and allow them to do their job and let the 6 business suited drug/explosive runners go by.. What do I care??
Security measures are inefficient and don't catch a lot of ppl. They also piss travellers off. I usually go by train. I would PREFER to go by train. I Loathe flying now more than ever. The faster I am on the ground the happier I will be

Alone at the airport.. Boring and annoying. Yay. SO 0426 train outta here. I think a coffee and a good magazine/book will tide me over before I talk myself into a frenzy at the terminal and just walk out.

Lemon Tree from Fool's garden

I'm sitting here in the boring room
It's just another rainy Sunday afternoon
I'm wasting my time
I got nothing to do
I'm hanging around
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens and I wonder

I'm driving around in my car
I'm driving too fast
I'm driving too far
I'd like to change my point of view
I feel so lonely
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens and I wonder

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree
I'm turning my head up and down
I'm turning turning turning turning turning around
And all that I can see is just another lemon-tree

I'm sitting here
I miss the power
I'd like to go out taking a shower
But there's a heavy cloud inside my head
I feel so tired
Put myself into bed
Well, nothing ever happens and I wonder

Isolation is not good for me
Isolation I don't want to sit on the lemon-tree

I'm steppin' around in the desert of joy
Baby anyhow I'll get another toy
And everything will happen and you wonder

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see is just another lemon-tree
I'm turning my head up and down
I'm turning turning turning turning turning around
And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon-tree
And I wonder, wonder

I wonder how
I wonder why
Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue blue sky
And all that I can see, and all that I can see, and all that I can see
Is just a yellow lemon-tree 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bloody mary

I spent yesterday miserable and looking for grog. Didn't want anything other than the, probably best that I did not drown in grog. Still it made for a LONG LONG day.
Only one of the three people who promised to ring me to check on me did.

So a big hug to TOM Gouzoulis.
He was the only one who kept his promise.

A lonely day saw me walking to the store. I have found my vodka. In a midly unsettled frame of mind, I am FINALLY enjoying my Bloody Mary.
Not so insanely depressed as yesterday but sad stories still set me off.

My trip to gosford was cancelled as the lady could not contact the nursery on time. So I am without my newest baby.

Ben can't come over, Phil is at work, and the boys are in QLD.
David sent me an ex-navy ship photo, which I managed to identify. TWas a slight bright point to a day. A small thing but I'll take it until I am well away from the day days if May. I loath this month ALMOST as much as December.

Bah. Should suck it up and deal. Damned self indulgent self sorrying black moods. Why can't I be normal?

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A beautiful piece of writing

A Passionate Knight By Tycatz

Author: Tycatz
Word Count: 358
previous browse writing next


My knight is off to battle.
Oh! But to say that he is mine,
Is really to say that I am his,
That I have fallen
From the clouds which in I did reside,
To stand by him
And pray that I might be his angel.
Fallen though I am,
I carry with me still the light.
And as he enters the dark
To fight his demons
I hope only to shine for him
And assist in finding his way.
He wears his heavy armor,
So many pieces
Forged from the strongest of steels.
He carries his sword and shield
And wields them closely to his chest,
For above all he shall protect,
And he shall swiftly swing his blade,
Ridding himself of nightmares.
But should he falter,
Should his shield but crack
Or his sword slip from perfection,
If my knight, my beautiful knight
Should ever know defeat,
Whether it be great or small,
I would whisk to his side
And kiss his wounds again and again.
And when he hurts
Or when the wounds won’t cease their bleeding
I would but comfort him
And hold him and all his weight,
The weight of armor,
The weight of battles yet to come,
The weight of his troubles in my arms,
I give him no less than two shoulders
If he would only let his body weep.
For as he lays in his bed
Resting after many a fight,
I sit with him and hold his hand
And while he waits he whispers
Such sweet poetic words,
The passion that does emerge
When stripped of his guards
Is more radiant than the sun,
Yet tender as a loving mother
And while he sleeps his essence
Becomes my personal lullaby.
And when his wounds have healed
And his mind and body bear the scars
Of all that has ailed his heart,
I would look upon his face
Beneath the helmet he polishes so,
And I would but assure him
That those scars only make him shine.
That he would not be my knight
Without the marks that made him,
And he is all the more beautiful for it.

I have been good

The worst day even on my calendar. I truly hate this day more than any other holiday. Its worse when ppl know I have a son and wish me a happy mother's day.
Its not a Happy mother's day..hasn't been in 9 years. SO do I have to pretend? Yes apparently I do.

Not drunk.. this is a first.

Mainly as I can't find the vodka. But sorta proud that I have not resorted to other forms of Alcohol. Minor win but a win.

Went to Mother's place to drop of her Birthday present. She seemed happy with it.

Boys seem like they need a 4th party they seem to be suffering from each other's company... **Chuckle**  bound to happen. Still David has an AWESOME view for today so its not all bad.

To ppl with their kids Be grateful. Sure they piss you off but be thankful they are there with you to piss you off.

Now if you will excuse me.. I have vodka to find

Me N Fabian

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have a great corporate smile

It seems I do have a good corporate smile. My closest friends can't tell even when I am not ok.
Maybe this is a good thing.

Evening topped off by all my so called friends going out for another friend's birthday. I was never invited. I coulda swapped shifts.

Fuck them. Who needs friends like that.

Early to bed. Don't wanna think about it anymore.

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CA18 - 2 x 82 Class & 1 DL Class diesel electric locosTim did this AWESOME pic of CA18

So I was encouraged out

This was my one day off. YES I know, I have holidays on sunday, but there is a night shift tonight to get through.

Phil invited me out.I am always in two minds about going out. I am such a hermit that I always have some level of stress when invited out.

Phil arrived with Ben in Tow.  YAY! Ben had travelled a few hours to spend some time with us.
As Picton has a limited amount of places to go, we ended up at the Picton Hotel. A pleasant dinner but poor Phil  had to have a Pizza. :-( Not too much vegetarian food on the menu.

George IV HotelThe next pub was for drinking. The George the IV has a great menu,but too bloody expensive. Luckily we were only there to drink.  We got kicked out around 2200hrs as the pubs in Picton Close early.. Mind you, all the latenight shops close at 2100hrs so 2200hrs is late for here. This is mainly to make sure people are on the last train outta town. It is a system that works fairly well.

We returned to my place where we all talked postcards of all things.

Phil was kind enough to drive Ben home. :-)

Pleasant evening.  I was glad I went out.

Being a hermit again today. On the sofa, watching Bones. Nothing else. Mother wanted me to report to her place. She wanted me to report today AFTER Stuart had left. **Sigh**

Nothing like being second best.

Oh how I LOVE Mother's Day

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I could get used to these quiet days

The main trouble I have with them if that they are mostly lonely.

Only had three and a bit hours sleep
Three hours??!. I then really just bludged around. I did the beginnings of house work and remembered that it was garbage day. SO YAY. Remembered something.

Going to work is the most active I have been all day.

I miss having a human in the house. Mind you, After feeding all the snakes, I remembered why I like them so much.
Sid eating

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A sleep catch up day

I basically slept the whole day. Really.

Um..., maybe I died
I didn't have Sleep cycle on for my arvo sleep.

I was awake from 7:30ish to midday and went down to the café that David wanted me to try. FTR... The coffee is not great but passable. I would prefer Ryan's coffee and The Crema Café's food. The food  is not special, basic fare, cooked  to your specifications, the staff are awesome. Friendly and fast with the service.

I wandered home and back to bed.

This does mean of course, for the first time in ages, I am chirpy and active. I have been so run down, but being with children recently and then getting 11.5hrs sleep has restored me.
The guys at work here are saying I seem a lot happier than I have been.

Awesome picture

Halong Dawn, originally uploaded by Julian Kaesler.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A birthday for me

Yay I managed to NOT DIE in the last 12 mths. It amazes me that people enjoy celebrating the non death of themselves...I am conflicted at best. I was supposed to have worked tonight.. but I suppose with me fatigue and my distractions atm, it is safer that I NOT go there.  SO I sit here home alone. Could be worse.

I have FABULOUS friends.. most that could waited up until midnight to sms, phone or email me birthday greetings. My mother remembered around 1600hrs..

Ben and Tim both invited me out for dinner. As Tim asked first I went there. I find solace watching his family dynamics.  I don't understand them, but I find them interesting and refreshing.  I agreed to spend lunch with Ben, and this meant that I got 3hrs sleep. 3hrs of BROKEN sleep I may add.
No sleep. :-/

I did throw clothes on and toddle up to Ben's place. He was waiting for me and spent the time refreshing my hair colour and getting it straight again, just how I like it. Ever since the colourist put layers in my has been horribly fluffy and I HATE it. Ben spent ages blow drying it straight for me. It annoying to have to ask as my hair is naturally straight.
I did enjoy the time spent with Ben. I had Yingarana and Sid with me to take to Jenny later, but we got them out and Sid, poor thing went into a panic. He could smell dogs and bigger snakes and got all defensive. I have never seen him so agro.
Sid in strike mode
Around 1710 I had to leave to have dinner with Tim and his family. They eat early as he has two littlies and it is a school night. All fair enough.  Robin greeted me and the girls were all smiles. They must have been bribed.... :-) I had snakes and so Jen was all bouncy. I do like watching children's reactions to animals. Cate, being a toddler, gave Sid a smack, not too hard.. and the snake didn't even flinch. What a good boy he is. 
Yingarna, due to her size.. (mind you, she is small for her age) caused some distress to the non snake lovers but the children were not at all fazed. 

Janet, (Least I think it was her that cooked.. apologies if I am wrong) made a great lasagna. Not had one in ages besides a frozen cheap one from the freezer and Heart cakes. Very cute. 

Being a school night, I headed for home at 2000hrs. The bloody roads were closed in some places which made my journey longer than usual.  What can you do? I ended up on the Hume again.. **Sigh**

Home meant I went to put the snakes away. They had had a LONG Day. They need their rest.  I started with Yingarna as she was in a pillow case.  She happily and with a sigh of relief went into her baileys box and then I turned my attention to Sid. 
Opening his carry box, I was distressed to find NO SNAKE. The little shit had escaped. Where or when I had no idea. I searched the car quickly before ringing Tim in a panic.  
Whilst he was on the phone, I searched the car again. Finally, I saw a movement in the back seat, behind the passenger's seat. Thank all the Gods!
Sid was placed in his cage and the door shut tight.  What is it with snakes and hoodini shows?? Bad enough Adam is missing. 

This was too much for me so I headed outside to shoot stars. No luck though.. My remote doesn't work properly with my 7D and I couldn't get the angle to shoot the milky way. 

I think it is vodka time. To work again at 10pm tomorrow. 

A cute spider to end the day. Photo from Smurnain
My friend, the spider

Grateful thanks to Tim, Robin, Janet and Ben who kept me mostly sane today.  **Hugs**

Oh Goody

I got an SMS at midnight. From Tom. :-) He remembered that it is today that I turn 38.
I have two other friends that both invited me out to dinner. Other than that I am rather underwhelmed. D is away.I will sleep most of it and ATM, right now, I am working with a hostile crowd.

I can live without.

Yes .. It's My Birthday sO Happy birthday 2 Me (^)

Monday, May 3, 2010

achieved nothing and lost something precious BUT New business Name

woke up after 5 hrs of zombie sleep.  Good sleep, just need more of it..
Yay!! Death sleepI did find it difficult to get out of bed. I had retrieved a mink blanket from the closet to put on the bed as I am male body heating free and being a tight arse I don't wanna waste electricity on electric blankets or heating. SO my nice warm blanky it was. I am usually happy with my decision when the bill comes "Please do not pay this account" LOL

At the post office was a pile of mail waiting for me. I had a few books for my holiday reading. YAY!

I went to clean Adam's cage.. and low and behold.. No snake. WTF!!! Where could he have gone?? The cage was secure.. all the vents closed.. the cage was totally uninhabited. :-( WHAAAAA I was going to feed him today. SO I emptied the cage, Still to be sanitised... and place a dead rat in there. He has  not been fed for a month so he should be hungry. The trouble is, I am not home to close the cage is he does take the bait. Third snake to escape.Mind you Lillith was found a few mins after her escape. Yingarna was gone for ages.. most of the winter but this is urgent that I find him. I have a buyer for him to give him a cozy  new home as a breeder.
Snappy AdamsAdam in Feb 2010

So this ruined any chance that I was gunna have a good day. I am most distressed at this loss. I am very worried that he has gone outside where the neighbour's dogs will get him.  Stupid ppl will probably brag about it  too. :-(
I played Guitar hero until it was time to go to work. On the train tonight, as driving as tired as I do, has gotten me worried. SO  close to holiday's and I don't wanna end up dead or worse, in hospital. The roads are insane and I can no longer take the toll roads. :-(

Tim and I have pretty much decided on WOT pythons for our snake venture. :-)
I am tossing up ideas for business cards, not that we need them, I am just filling in time as I wait for dawn and my relief to turn up.. **Yawn**

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busy weekend and I had to hand in my peacock feather :-(

I decided not to rant about work. Needless to say the 30th was a bust. I go into trouble at work. Again. I am so tired recently I am making stupid, basic mistakes.


This weekend was a busy one. I need to go to work to rest.

Saturday May 1

Herp show.. 

I had to get up early and had not gone to bed until 2am and so was crabby. I was supposed to join David in finding the PPP but when it was late and I was asked to hang around a random station I lost my cool. I was not in the mood to hang around anywhere.

Margaret had kindly allowed me to help at her stall and so I headed to the frog and reptile show.  She got me in for free, being a helper..and I had a walk around for a few hours before I gave the full timers a break for lunch. Food there exceptionally expensive. really. I had a salad, an apple juice, coffee and a yogurt and all this cost $28. Yes Almost $30 for a salad lunch. One apple juice was $3.50 and they were demanded $4.50 for a 600ml coke. Robbery!!
$28 lunch at herp show
The show was at a new venue this year. A bit grunty as the show grounds are a pain int he arse to get to and even worse for parking. The show cost $15 which is a bit high for a reptile show. I think it was $10 last year.

It was crowded. :-( I was there really early and it was crowded. I had a wander around but my heart was not in the photo side. I was not in the mood to push ppl out of the way for a good shot.

I did look at the womas on sale and asked around for a female.  No one had any. Finally I found one supplier who had two.. but they were asking a premium price. They can too as female womas are rare. I never knew how rare until it was pointed out to me that outta a clutch of 8-10 eggs you would be LUCKY to get one female.  Most breeders got none this year.
Hatchhling Woma

I kept moving. I am poor atm.. SO I counted myself lucky that I had not brought my license or much cash.
I bought a bulk pack of rats for Tim and me, $50 for 6 packs or what ever size I needed was a bargain and I liked his sizing. SOme ppl's idea of medium is a bit small....

I aksed around some more when I got a lead.. A female woma, on sale for the show at $380. WOW!! I rushed to see and aksed the lady if she had been sold already. She thought so.. but had a look under other snakes.. and low and behold.. there she was hiding in the corner under straw, trying not to be seen. She is a cute as Sid. She really is. She was reduced form $600 for a show special but because she was inthe corner under some cheaper breeds.. she had not been spotted.

I asked if I could pay a deposit. I paid all the money I had left in my bank accounts. All $200.

Black Blue tongues - Black blue tongues

I skipped away and on my way out to take up my station, I saw Tim and his family in the queue.  :-) As I buzzed past, I whispered in Tim's ear that I was naughty and bought a snake.


Tim's kids are funny. They are thrilled to look at the snakes and the Tassie devils. They are really a delight to watch. THIS is what the shows should be for. Get kids interested and the industry looks after itself in the future.

I worked a few hours and then D arrived with Drue in tow.

D, Tim and I had fun teasing Margaret, who gives back what she gets. A delight to work with her.  But D's parking expired and we had to go. :-(

Drue's party

Some interesting ppl at the party. Poor D had to work in Drue's roof and so Tim, after looking after his children, came over to help him. I was grateful D had someone to help him. I think D was too.


Rare Cranebrook Sneaker snake - Morelia Spilota Asics

Ben had made a B-day cake but we never got to it. The PIzzas were delivered efficiently and we all pigged out.  Casey, Tim and I found we had a lot in common, much to Ben and D's  chagrin. Finally the boys piled into the spa.. But Casey and I could not. :-(

After a very long day... I crashed and left the boys to it.

Sunday May 2

Firstly Happy Birthday Drue!!

The Boys got up earlier than D and me.. but with 20 mins to go, D got up. After a shower there was fiddling around with Ben and I standing in the cold.. Waiting to go back to bed.... :-) The packing was achieved and the Boys went off only 20 mins late.  They were meeting Evan at Blacktown.

With the boys gone Ben and I returned to our bedrooms.  As usual I was cold without D's body with me. :-( BUT I did manage an extra few hours sleep.

Tim appeared just after 10am.. and we all took Spot out into the sun.. BUT of course Tim was Itching to go to his new experience. He had missed out last week due to the rains.

We travelled some very pretty roads.. I had forgotten the back way through Silverdale..And we only got lost once due to lack of Vodafone at the Oaks.

The Oaks' Aero club

We arrived and as much as Tim was excited I was terrified. Will I be able to walk back into my old industry? OR will this finally  get the better of me. I was shaking and sweaty and extremely unhappy. Of course Tim was bouncing off the walls.


We took pics which was a great exercise.  Some basic aviation talk and we waited. As is tradition in Aviation, the lessons were running late.

Finally It was Tim's turn. Geoff sussed us both out and he was told that I may not react well to being in a plane.

Tim does a pre-flight check..

Tim bounded up to the little Foxbat and managed to fold himself in. Dunno how.. it was a little plane.

and manages to fold himself into the bubble

Off he vanished into the  skies....

When he returned.. I worked out how to take pics with the nikon so he could have a record of his inaugural flight.

Now me.. Geoff asked if I wanted to do the preflight, but I did ask him to treat me like a new student, not an ex-flying instructor.

He folded me into this little perspex bubble and we taxied off. I had not forgotten the basic checks.. but the controls were totally foreign to me.

He asked if a short take off was alright.. and I did not see why not.. still trying to be brave.

Aeroprakt A22L Foxbat

Geoff took off and it was then I realised just how terrified I had become of flying. No longer was flying a joy for me. THis will be a long 30 mins..

HE asked if I was ok and to say if I was uncomfortable.  I told him i was very uncomfortable and did not wanna go far from the airfield.  Straight and level it was. I was babbling.. but this meant that Geoff discovered that we used to fly with the same people 18years ago. :-)

It was a relief with he placed the little bubble back on the ground.

It looks like I may be grounded forever. Throwing money away  woud be silly. I feel stupid and highly embarrassed and was really shaking for a while afterwards.  Is it worth trying to overcome this Or should I just admit defeat.

Certainly I will go with Tim and shoot his lessons.. I can still do ground school.. I can to pre flight navigation but I dunno if I can do this flying bit. I never realised just how scared that student had made me and the 18years in between has not taken the fright away.

Ah well. Tim took me home and I had to buy some fudge just to stop shaking so much.  He found a mother's day gift then after a light much he took me home.

Off to work now. I hope the familar coocoon I have placed around myself soothes tonight.

I need a stiff drink..