Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last Day work (Until next time) PLUS

David's New car
I'll start with the end of my day and go backwards
David's new car
I picked David Up to take him to the Narellan Showroom, where he was going to take delivery of his car. He had paid for it on Friday but delivery was delayed for the salesman to hand it over. The car was trapped in the showroom, all shiny....Clean.. Made mine look old and shitty.
She is a lovely car. The motor is diesel and the poor salesman was running through the speech about Foresters etc etc etc. forgetting that David has owned more than most salesmen. He got the hint when D's eyes rolled back in his head... lol he even said that he felt dilly telling D all this, but he had to.
David's new car
Trapped in the showroom
Anyway after an hour and some talking to me.... :-) We got away and I managed to get home.

I need to clean the leather in my car. **Sigh**

Work was surprisingly calming.. Meeks rd was bot too busy but I did get a failed train and had to arrange a rescue loco to come out but all in a days work. Nothing too startling.

Monday, November 29, 2010

It nearly killed me

In orangeNo hangover but a stomach that did not agree with me and let me know it the whole day. URGGHH
Didn't eat the whole day until home time, and was sleepy. Nothing helped. Nothing. going home I dozed off in a colleague's car.. oops... Made it home in my car. Then crashed for am hour or two.
Work colleagues were loud, one kept saying that management and rosters were discriminatory against him (The guy who upset me yesterday) when it is plain to us more senior ppl that they are not. The argument went round and round in circles all day. Lots of yelling.. (YAY) and in the end nothing got resolved. I did says be willing to travel ( to outer metro) or shut up.. and all were in agreement. All of use who have been promoted have showed initiative and taken jobs away from home. The ppl who have stayed at the junior grades were the ones who wanted to stay close to home. It works both ways. Be willing to learn and go where the jobs are and get promoted. Bullying and yelling and harrassing gets you nowhere. I used to pop in and see my boss and talk about where I would like to go and what I wish to achieve etc.. and we worked together. I got the higher paying jobs, others didn't.  I have never played the female card ever.

David woke me up to ask about the car, as I am selling his and it has been detailed, it is in the carport away from the weather. Of course he was not allowed to pick up his car today as the salesman wants to be there and therefore D has to wait until tomorrow. This is annoying for me as MY car has not made a trip to Auburn and I am trying to keep my KMs down. Grump. Least it will be filled with petrol.

Mail was boring most exciting thing for me was a box of lights for the snakes. YAY.
I am off to bed again. I do hope I am not awake at 2345... again :-(

Water dragonWater dragon
Did a few more photos from Friday/Sat at River Island

Sunset at River IslandSunset at River Island
In this case the Sky was washed out no matter what I did with the
 HDR. :-(

Welcome Swallow. Not I use a 7-8FPS camera. He was there.. then GONE!.. :-(
Welcome SwallowSwallow



Back at work, am shift. Had to drive all the way as i had gone to bed too late and the trains are a pain on the weekend. Assuming they run at all.

Illawarra and my 'favorite' shunter was about to go home (huzzah!!) exhausted, i was surprised that i didn't snooze.
Quiet day, and nothing really much happened Until a junior employee accused me of getting my position by sleeping my way up. Jealousy much.. He can't get a break as he bullies the relevant ppl. Idiot. Anyway i was infuriated and rightly so i think.

Worked on some photos...and finished the sweet alcohol in the fridge.

Monarch Butterfly
Fell asleep just 1900hrs for a 2am wake up. Alas i woke up at 2345. And no further sleep occurs.... Bugger.

On my way to work. Two more am shifts. Yawn....

Superb Fairywren

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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back home

My last day (and only full day) was spend being more social than i really am. My beloved husband is a social butterfly and he makes ( or want a to) friends easily. I don't want to.
Sooo he came home late last night, which is cool and mumbled something about breakfast and 0930. Me, being asleep, only registered the two words.

To my horror, he had meant at 0930, I had a breakfast date with neighbors. Arrghh
friendly people, but i felt my morning slip away. Sigh. I did warm to them, after a few coffees, and breakfast was lovely.
Returning to the sanctuary of our cabin, Jon walked past and D called to him. They went inside to use my iPad to research thermalite. Ok. Turns out Jon had his diamond python down, so I trekked to his cabin to see his pet. There she was about 6 yes old i guess, sunning on his deck. Just lovely. She was no receptive yo visitors so we let her be.
Jon saw a Sand goanna walking close to his cabin, and so David ran to get our cameras. Xoxo
Great shots, i hope..tab

Home, via bargo to fetch D's car and I took photos for sale.
His car Is for sale on carsales.com.au.

Photos when i get home tomorrow


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Friday, November 26, 2010

finally some down time.

I was beaten home by D, but he was up waiting for me. (yay!)
Although he was busy today, he had arranged his day so I could get a few hours at River Island. I am frazzled and not gone to a quiet place in a very, very long time.

Anyway on our way there, me stopped for meat at Mittagong market place. David was tired as was I, and I wanted to get there, but we need to have supplies..
David popped across the road to see if he could find an item he was looking for at Dick Smith, and ended up buying a TiVo to replace the aging Topfield. The prices are still high, but reduced $200 from what they were. Still he did need it and it has remote recording like my foxtel.

River island

Eventually we made it to the cabin, It only then dawned on my that this was a warm weekend and EVERYONE will be arriving tonight. :-( I am one of the few people who come here for the isolation NOT the parties. I wanted peace and quiet and to go herping. Alas lots of people means no lizards and snakes. :-(
In my backyardDavid drove me down to the river, and we were very very lucky to see Water Dragons. ( Physignathus lesuerii howitti) Lots of them. I got down amongst the roo poo (Ugh) to get some level shots of a big male dragon. He tolerated me for a while then went running off. I followed. Eventually he approached the car and head bobbed aggressively. We took the hint and left him in peace with his females. David spied some Juveniles and a female. It was not a totally wasted afternoon, David retired for the afternoon, and slept until early evening, in the meantime, around 1400hrs, I ventured out to see of any other animals were about. Only one or two King parrots, a few Kookaburras who were not being co-operative and a very very fast Copper Tailed Skink.
All the photos are on my camera and so I have to wait until I get home to upload them.
Beer o'clockDavid in his spa

Got a little bit of reading done.

I have an e-book version of TUATARA: A Living Fossil (Dec. 6, 2005) by Dick Lutz and Mary Lutz book.

 It has crappy pictures, and if this was a printed book, there are a lot of editorial errors and things are should have been deleted prior to print. Poor quality for the $122 price tag amazon are asking for the print version.
This text though, it interesting and I am amazed at this little animal. I want to see one in real life. Guess what?? In 2002 there were three in Australia all at Taronga zoo. I wanna see one. Photograph. Frankly I wanna keep one but that is not possible. If you have never heard of this animal, then do yourself a favour and look it up. Amazing it still exists.
(photoof animal from wikipedia)

OK a latest obsession (My friends all groan, I can hear Y'all)
- Breathes around 4-5 times a minute.
-heart rate around 8 beats a minute
-lives 80-100 years possible up to 300 years
- 3rd eye
--No penis
-Female takes 3 years to lay down egg yolk so breeding only once every 4 years.
-after mating takes a month for the ova to be fertilized
-temps over 25C can be fatal to them
-only 3 in Australia, 700 in captivity.

Cutie too., :-)

alright. Photos to do tomorrow Good night xoxox

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

books and more books three quick thoughts

Some books arrived today. Been sailing from the USA for AGES!!

One is a new book from Mike Swan

An Introduction to Keeping & Breeding Australian Reptiles
A beginners book really. The information is basic and not too detailed. I am a little puzzled that the author's put Diamond pythons as experienced when it is generally accepted that these pythons are good for beginners.
Each page or two give a basic description of the animal, captive management, enclosure size for 1-2 specimens, general husbandry including breeding and sexing. But all very short paragraphs.
New beginners book

A good book for absolute beginners, especially people who do not have a reptile at the moment and are looking to get started.
The book is week laid out, the photos are lovely and the layout is clear and simple.
Contents are laid out by subject and makes it easy to find what you are looking for.
Not to fussed with the index, the autors have tried to keep it simple again, but there is no way of searching by species name. The index is essentially the same as the contents but only slightly expanded.

If you have a child interested in getting reptile, from ages 9 or 10 to early teens then this is a good books to give them. Information here can be used as a stepping stone to more complicated texts.

The next books need a little more time to review as they are both texts on venom.
The first is a large textbook.

Handbook of Venom and Toxins of Reptiles edited by Stephen Mackessy

A text book designed for people in the field of Biology or Toxicologists wanted a reference book. The complete opposite end of the previous book.
A collection of papers, the contents state the subject and author of the study. The index is comprehensive and makes it easy to source what you are looking for. :-)

Without reading too in-depth, for which I need a week off, it is deifiantly one for the reference shelf.

The last book is Snake Venoms by Jean-Philippe Chippaux.

The book came to me hygienically sealed.. chuckle...Took ages to get the shrink wrap off.
The book was originally printed in french in 2002 so this is a translation

Great glossary at the beginning, makes life easier for people not familiar with reptile terminology. I am impressed that the author makes it clear in the preface that out of 2700species of snakes, around 500 are venomous & potentially dangerous to people in some way. Mostly due to accidental meeting or the snake defending itself. The introduction does a brief intro to cultures' reactions to snakes.
Unlike the previous book, this is readable, and easy to understand. The author is good at imparting information. Chapters are broken in to short paragraphs and lots of heading to see where you are up to.

4 appendices, one even for Anti-venom producers are their products, including Australian Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. If you are interested in measuring toxicity, one appendix deals with that.
Simple index. A starter for learning about this subject, not as dry as the previous text book.

12hr shift

finished work after 12hrs. I was so very tired. I drove out of the gate into a traffic jam. **Sigh** I was flustered slightly by the heavy traffic and by the time I made it to the open road, I was certainly not in a fit state for driving on a freeway.
Nearly had to pull over.

Got the mail, and then fell into bed around 11am.
Only 4 or so hours sleep, the day got too hot to sleep more. 31C in the mid afternoon. Zzzz as I got up so late, only had a short time before I was off to work again. I cant wait for some lazy time. I need rest. I need to just lie by the pool and read. Just have time to read. I have 5 or 6 magazines on my ipad to read, a good book a friend sent me and some texts to read. I just wanna sink into my reading coma.

Alas I can't squeeze a whole weekend as I have to go to work at 6am..

IN other news our pay rise of 4% comes into effect 7 days from November 25 (Today). Our back pay will be the fortnight after. I will get 8mths backpay but tax will steal 45% of that. Oh well. It is money I can use on a credit card.
Looks like my slush fund of $3000 will also be eaten by tax but I am happy to be making some bulk payments on my poorly used credit cards. I may even have enough to pay off my store card. :-) YAY

I have tidbits of presents this year. I always feel like a hypocrite as I don't believe in Xmas and would rather the great feast and leave it at that. NO idea what to give my son, and I can't get in contact with Inara. :-( I really hope I can arrange a BBQ with my close friends and their kids. It does my son good to be with other kids.

My lease is increasing to 40 000 KM. this will save me FBT and reduce my post tax payment by 10%. The trouble is, increased milage, increased running cost, its a pay off I am not sure I wanna change.

HMM Things to think about.

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Nice warm (hot) day

Managed to sleep until just after 1300. For some reason this time is the magic time for night shift survival. If you can make it to 1300, you can get to 0600hrs at work.

Ink basking

Pottered around the house and put Medusa and Ink in the afternoon rays. Both snakes basked for a while before hiding, but i did notice medusa kept her tail in the sunny patch.

Medusa on a stick

David fetched the mail and brought home a pile of boxes. More dangerous chemicals.. lol But this stuff is expensive so when you see it on special, you buy it.F10 concentrate arrived
Amazing that 1ml to 500ml is all you need for cleaning.

Received a phone call to extend my shift to 10am. SIGH. Not enthusiastic, but as I was unable to work on monday, I need to make it up. :-( To do that I need the extra 4 hours.

Nothing much else. A new book to review and in it I noticed that the Black Soil Dragons have reverted to an older name, Downs Dragon. Poor Pogona Henrilawsoni. Again with a name change.
New edition.

Dozed on the sofa for a while in the heat of the afternoon, hot and sticky, but as the sun started it was down the sky, David cooked some lovely Lamb steaks. Yummy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World

Travel by Cargo Ship Around the World'David put this seed in my head. I had thought my traveling days were over as my hatred for modern airline travel grows. And my paranoia about going to the USA, means many friends must make the trip to me, and for some this is tough.

SO David suggested as a throwaway line, I am sure that I can travel via Cargo ship. WELL. I have been looking into this and aside from the time factor, It can be a goer. Its 55days NZ to California return, but if I sail to the US and fly home then maybe I can get to visit my friends in the US. Surely its not too painful to fly out of the US?? (Friends LMK)

Luggage is a problem as sailing I am allowed 100kg plus bikes and flying that would mean I leave clothes behind across the US. Mind you, I have done this in China. Couldn't fit everything and so turfed clothes. lol I also did it in france once.

My recovery has been mostly successful, I still have moments but I can now get one top of it. :-) I need to watch my hours as this must be the main issue.

A dazzle order of my own designed T-shirt arrived and it for once was not the quality I expect from Zazzle. A shame. MIND you, the returns policy is excellent, and I may get a refund due to the closeness of Xmas. Bummed though.

Back at work, but a good crew. :-) YAY!! Some showed concern for me the rest don't know so it matters not. I certainly feel better.

The day was quiet, I got the Australian CSIRO conservation status list. Very interesting. Mind you, even though it is the most up to date, it still is dated at 2006. :-( Nothing later exists. The Woma is listed as Vunerable and rare depending on the state you look at, But Red Belly Black snakes are still not listed as being threatened. Time for an update I think. Interesting read. Of course I have too many books and too little time.

Have the weekend off, and wondering what I should do. Stay home and clean? Or go to River Island and read. Hmmmm both would help my frame of mind. Friends are working so the pub session is out. :-(

Anyway will open my books and get to reading. Have a great novel sent to me but my brain wants textbook. I think so I can dip in and out. I think I slot in fiction time on the weekend.

OH Tim got a strange message on one of his photos...

seriously what a dumb fuck. Rude to start with, a thief and gives away his secrets. tsk.
I have started working on my QLD trip from May again and found this great photo. I whiten I'll be making Valentine cards for Herpetologists
Iguana Love

What do you think?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mental health day

Not coping the past few days, as my closest friends and David will tell you so a needed to spend time recuperating.

A pleasant day with friends and David. David also bought me a new camera bag. it is most awesome.  I also bought a keyboard for my ipad which will come in handy.

Vision Automotriz El Peugeot 3008 arriba a MéxicoA came across a sleazy car sales man, Tim was looking at Peugeots, and test drove one. He didn't like it and this is ok but I was referred to a terrible salesman about my beloved little C30. This guy was terrible, didn't know his product and didn't wanna give me a test drive. SO tells me I need to commit to buying one and then I can drive one.. WTF?? Wrong order buddy.
Fuck Trivett motor group and their snooty attitude.

Tiguan FrontageVW at Penrith couldn't do enough for Tim. Great sales man, alas he came with us.

IN the country the salesmen give you the keys and let you drive it where ever just don't crash the fucker...and if you do, we will take $3000 so its all fine... City salesmen go with you which is a pain is the arse when you wanna do a review on the car as you go.

So instead as Tim goes through Sales companies, I shall review them.

My giant (500ml) bottle of front line arrived today YAY!! I am probably one of the few women who gets excited about a deadly chemical... but yes I am.  It is $140 or more at the vets I you can get them to order it, and I bought it for $85. hahahaha

David took me to a TEa shop that he had walked past a few times on the way to his work. He saw it was busy throughout the night, and thought it looked like it was worth a shot/

The El Sweetie Lebanese Tea Room, was AWESOME so many sweets, and the smell inside will drive you to distraction Leave your diet at the door.
El Sweetie Lebanese Tea Shop

El Sweetie Lebanese Tea ShopThe lady selected some sweets for David to try when I told her I wanted a sample plate as D had not sampled the sinful delights of Lebanese sweets..Yumm!

El Sweetie Lebanese Tea ShopThe coffee was smooth and with absolutely not bitter aftertaste. Perfect cup. I even forgot it was in a glass. Usually a negative.
The place is a little hot, but as it is open until midnight most nights and on a sunday evening, 1am, I think this is my new favourite cafe. I did giggle when I saw on the register, the advertising for a diabetes friendly menu.. With all this sugar??? Just what would this be? Something to ask next time.  D took me to see his bat Colony, alas they were back lit so my iphone struggled to get any photos but Troy had pointed out to D previously a dead bat caught int he barbed wire. Poor thing, it must have really panicked before it died. :-( I felt really sorry for it.  At the Duck creek walk, there is a security guard, whose job it is to warn people that the pathway may (Or may not) have snakes. WTF?? He is paid to tell people about snakes. Seriously. And the snake involved is a Red Belly Black Snake. If anyone tried to move it, they are asking for trouble. But to pay a guy to sit there and tell you about the snake?? Wow what a job. There is a sign on the fence....

Caution Snakes

The river is quite lovely if you ignore the weeds... :-( And there are Carp in the river too.
Auburn and Duck River surrounds

Watched Zombieland, which was a fun movie. No thought required, it was bubble gum for your brain.

DAMN IT forgot to give Tim the Scales N Tails again.. **Headsmack**

This video is for Koen. Just to make you feel safe on our shores....

and to Lighten the mood...

This skit still cracks me up.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

IPad/iPhone cases

I have been designing iphone & iPad cases. If there is a photo of mine you would like made into a case lmk

Gitto do something with my time


Horror weekend

Well work wise Stupidly swapped my am shifts for arvos, mostly to get more sleep. Of course this has bitten me on the arse.
Emergency repairs meant my Saturday was spent in my chair, only getting up to run and i mean run to the toilet & back. Even lost control for a period of time (work wise not me personally)
No time for a walk and the drive home was frustrating. People driving 30km/hr under the speed limit. Why can i not kill them or at least throw rocks. Seriously

Sorta proud of myself that i did not pour more than one small baileys glass, but instead turned to Guitar hero and Rockband and played for a few hours. Much better.
Finally went to be alone. :-(

Sunday's weather was perfect for ship hunting. Of course i am on arvo. :-(
I walked up for a subway and then again later to post some cards. 4.3km negated by the need for chocolate. :-) i will be walking tonight on the treadmill.

Depressed but at least not angry, weird but that is preferable.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Macherps pet show

My friday was rather exciting. Thursday night, David had gone to Tim's place to collect his beloved lizards. I'm sure he groans every time he hears the words pet show or Reptile show.. He knows his pets will be summoned to the task.
I arrived home and checked on the lizards. There were sleeping and David had put them on styrofoam so the cold of the freezer would not effect them/ All was well so I went to bed.

Bad sleep. Up twice, but when I eventually gave up on the idea of sleep, I took the lizards outside for dandelions. I knew they ate those but as I was a bad lizard keeper, and hence my lizards went to to a loving home, I didn't wanna do the wrong thing and make them sick. Only one black soil was interested, the other two lizards turned up their noses. SO i tossed in a few crickets and let them be.
The early birds.
David came with me to help set up. YAY!! It was terrific to have him there helping. I had lock issues and David solved them so all was well.  Just as well David had locked the cages, as very very soon we were inundated but a hoard of children.

Sir Charles

 A few scout groups had arrived. Small people everywhere and all wanted to touch Sir Charles. He took it all in his stride but after a dozen or two small hands touching and prodding him, he went black which was my cue to put him in his safe haven He sat at the back and glared for 30 minutes then became his happy self again.
SidNext victim was Sid. Sid took it all. A small child of 4 or so, grabbed Sid's head when I was talking to a 10 yr old and tugged. Poor sid nearly lost his head. He never bit or signed, just took the abuse they the small people dealt out.  Sid was checked and we talked to the small people about being gentle and how most snakes would bite if you hurt them. The little kid was very upset that he may have hurt the snakey. AWWW
Sid was fine. He found a new group of admirers with the older kids and one brave soul, shaking like a leaf took sid and beamed with terrified pride wen he realised he was managing to deal with his terror. YAY for Sid.

One of Tim's Black soil Dragons
the smaller black soil got passed around to much cooing of children. My corner of the hall was never empty. A short time later I explained little dragons have little patience and get tired very quickly and so we put her? back and got Eve out. Eve was out for around an hour or so. She was passed from child to child, all admiring her and her scars. One girls ended up being a helper and with her care and attention to Eve, Lillith got dragged into service. I allowed the children to touch her but now hold her until I could assess her mood. Lillith will bite if shitty.

She seemed ok so the older children were able to
work with her. they were getting the idea and how to allow the snake to move unrestricted. NO one was bitten.. then Tim turned up.

Tim got out Sir Charles again. The lizard had recovered from the masses and was up for more admiring. I was busy with my snakes so I will have to let Tim tell his part of the show in his blog.  (Email him t o remind him to write one...)

One little girl was adamant that she wanted a snake. He mother came to talk to me about licenses and I had to refer them to the table with the application forms. From the age of 10, a child can get a license (With parent's permission) and a nice quiet snake would be a good starter for her. I did tell her that she would have to so a lot of research and save up for a cage. The girl was happy and her mother (WHo had kept snakes in the past was happy) I'll think about it.
They did put in an order for next breeding season, but I did point out to the mother that older snakes are less snappy. (Usually)

Medusa came out to be admired. She was in an unusually good mood (for her) and people admired her colours. Tim took her over and I moved on to speak to others, when he got bitten. LOL Of course the snake whisperer got bitten.
Eve in her holding cage
Soon all the kids had left, sid came out to have a chat with the girl again, she and Tim talked about terrestrial snakes and the difference between them and arboreal snakes.

Packing up Tim got tagged by Ink much to the amusement of the room. Ink didn't let go until she saw her battery box. The battery box convinced her that TIm was too big to eat and she should hide.

Yingarana looked sad, but as her eyes had gone cloudy in the few hours between packing and un packing, she could only stare out at the children instead of being touched and shown off.
Hmm Bad timing
I had to make apologies in avoiding the packing up, but as I had to Drive Tim to Penrith, I had to go.

The snakes packed they came with me to Penrith and back. They were happy to small familiar cage and all snuggled into their hide boxes as soon as I opened the cages.

I have lost a lock. Rats. BUT other than that, the night was a success, one new Macherps member and one new herpetologist.

Awesome night. It was certainly my sort of activity although that many children was tiring. For both me and the reptiles.

BIG THANK YOU  TO TIM AND DAVID. Without out you guys my part of the show would have been so much harder. And Tim's Sir Charles was a star as always.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

last few photos

The last few photos of the Venomous snake Course. You are all bored to death. There are only a few more videos to go and then I promise that's it. Except the last one these photos are of my favourite snake. The Death adder. Both Common Death adders the Make is the breautiful orange colour and the female is the one that is  a little more drab. (I think she is pretty though)
Common Death Adder - Calm

Common Death Adder - Not going to
Petulant Male

Very Very Very angry Death Adder
A little confused

Very Very Very angry Death Adder
Very Angry

Common Death Adder - Calm
Calm Female

Ready to shed Red Bellied Black Snake. His eyes are cloudy.

Meltdown plus forester diesel review

Always a risk with me. But today, I got lost in a suburb i know well. This caused me to go into a meltdown. My first in public In public in a very long time. Poor David. Least he covered for me mostly. Although i can't explain it, it left me in a black hole for most of the day.
When i did get to work, i spoke to no one and interacted as little as possible. The idea of social interaction was more than i could stand.
Another flame out came later in the evening, and again I was in tears. Again I cannot tell you.
If anyone makes jokes about that timely month, i will send you hate mail for the rest of your life, as no, it's not that.
The idea of being in public and even at work was something untenable for me. Almost like a panic attack, but not that uncontrollable.
Not pleasant. And I do hope my brain gets it's shit back together soon.
I immersed myself in the bible ( no, not the religious book, but the one by Harold cogger) and by change of shift i was able to talk to people. Yay for study.

Anyway the reason I was in public was i was going to test drive David's new car. Until my meltdown, this was a pleasant if rushed experience that I was looking forwards too.

2010-10-23_1002-45a Sydney Motor Show

So here is my assessment (or under a bit of duress) of the MY10 diesel forester
- body and trim is identical to it's petrol sister.
- no low speed gear box. It has the same layout as the automatic petrol models
- so due to above, it has two cup holders. This may seem minor but it drives me nuts in my MY09
- an arm rest!! Missing in MY08-09 manual models.
- collar to select reverse. Grrr this is due to the.....
- fabulous 6 forward gears. But seriously? Are ppl so stupid to put it in reverse accidentally? Is this a 1980's Holden??

-The car is remarkably light. It has light steering and a light clutch. You get the impression of driving a smaller car.
- the acceleration is incredible. For a diesel it is awesome. The petrols could learn from this
- fuel consumption for a diesel in the town is high. High for me anyway. I have driven a lot of small diesels and i expected slightly better. Mind you on the highway it is a vastly different story. I did not get test highway driving, I did not have enough time.

In all other things, it is identical to the petrol model. We drove a premium diesel, so it compared to my premium forester in trim and accessories.

Aside from the lightness, of the steering and clutch, i would say the diesel forester is a better buy then the petrol model. This one was $10 000 cheaper than my car and i think you are getting value for money. Or course if you can source a grey interior...... They are out there, you have to ask. The brochure for the diesel does not mention the availiabilty of grey trim. Poor show subaru. You tell people that not enough grey interiors are purchased but its because it's not in the brochure.
So out of ten, 9 points about and one for general feel..

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