Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day two of the Telephone course & BBQ

Ah, Day 2 of the stupid two day course on how to use the phone.. I was over it in the first 10 mins... but hwat can you do??

My ex-husband's car was seen beside the road on the M4 today.. Very odd so I rang him. Apparently his motor blew up. Well he never maintains it and it is getting long in the tooth.. I was concerned as some ppl had parked behind it and were sussing it out.


Went to Ben and Druey's for a BBQ, we drank and watched Bluerays.. it was a most relaxing evening. Glad I went.
Orangetim is in WA, so here is his WA Pic os a Victorian tram...
The Whiteman Tram
It is a W4 class. :)

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