Last day of the year part 2

Around 1500hrs David's train went past Picton and I got to see him as the Guard's van passed by.
I drove to Drue and Ben's place for a nice dinner.On the way dropping a cricket feeder to Tim. As luck would have it, the closed box was missing the plug. SO that is something I have to chase up. :( Grunt.  Must check WHICH plug it is missing. Rats. HATE it when things are incomplete in boxes.

Ben cooked a lovely Beef Stroganoff. I was sad that David was not there as Tim was going to visit him but after his work day, had had enough. One of Ben's friends had brought left over cake. Yummy...:)

I had to go to work, was not looking forwards to it as my 6am wake up will bite at 2am...

(It did... tired as..)

Trains were reasonable quiet, but a freight train at exactly midnight meant I missed the telecast of the fireworks. :-( But at 12mins, the boys tell me I missed nothing. The people I am working with tonight organised a feast and we have been nibbling all night. I was the only one to bring fruit...

Now almost 2am... Trying to stay awake....
found this pretty pic of a tug that I was trying to find out about
Taken  by NSW Maritime
Ted Noffs

and finally this pic if from 2008 taken on the 29th...
Me this time last year

and the last one of 2009 or the first one of 2010.. whatever...
Last pix of 2009 or 1st of 2010
To my closest circle of  friends.. May we have an awesome new year. I love you all.


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