Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday and I am over being wet.

Seriously... I have been cold and wet all day. From the moment I stepped out of the signal box at 0530hrs to the time I got back at 2100hrs I was drenched.I was lucky that I had spare clothes at work in my locker and a towel for the shower I so sorely needed.

Anyway, I got to Benelong point around 0600hrs. There I stood. It was too wet for sitting. After an hour after the due time, I checked our AIS, but the ship was in the blackspot. Still it told me it was on its way.

Finally the Seven Seas Voyager came around cremorne point.. The sky was grey and it threatened rain, even deciding to spit on me Grunt...Evan kindly came out to keep me company and we had brunch at the QVB. I found aN Orginal canon lens for $90, needed cleaning, but a bargain. :) Happy to give it a try at this price.

Whilst we were at Georges, the fire brigade turned up
Still dunno why but it was business as usual in the camera shop.

We recharged our phones at the high rise office nearby then caught the early ferry to Watson's Bay.

THE RAIN!!! It never let up. I was torrential and got into everything. My poor lens was wet through and I ran out of dry clothing to keep the drops off the glass. I had to use Evan's T-shirt which he graciously allowed to happen.

I got some shot os the HMAS Success and the Melbourne but the rain was so heavy I just had to give up.

Upon arrival at Watson's bay, the rain got even heavier. **Sigh**

Evan and I trudged up the road to the photo spot. Just as we turned the corner, Evan saw our Quarry, the HMNZS Te Mana from New Zealand was visiting our harbour. Its a shame it was a grey ship on a grey water under a very black sky :(


Interestingly this little yacht braved the heavy seas near the headsLittle Navy Yacht takes on the waves

We trudged back through the rain, and my shoe partway along the track decided to blow out and I was lopsided the rest of the day :-/ This put a strain on my back but there was no alternative but to soldier on.

We had some fish and chips at the wharf, using a pot plant for a table huddling under the eaves of the shop attempting to stay outta the weather.

Express ferry home to Circular quay.. more rain... did I mention being wet??:(
Still got some better shots of the visiting New Zealand Frigate.

Spent two and a bit hours waiting and central for David's train. I was in pain now, from my spine and the fucking rain didn't let up. My photos of the train when it did arrive has the sheets of water as a feature..

David had arranged a dinner for Evan and I and as his train went to the XPT depot, I took the ride back to my car.

15hrs after first getting wet, I finally could get a change of clothes, a hot shower and get my poor feet out of the wet shoes and socks they had been stuck in. Bless the man who designed this place with showers.
It was a very grateful woosang who sank into bed when she finally got home. Finally warm and toasty

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