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Where do I start?? Part 2 Sat 30th

Sat 30th January

I just like this picture.... it doesn't fit into the story below.

from No_thneeds_needed
Wolf Moon 2010

OK sat.....

Tim arrived at my place at 6am ish actually a bit before by as usual, my house was in disarray... Tim had to feed my lizards, and David finalise the packing... IT was a shamozzle but we got in the road just before 7am.

STopped at Goulburn Subway for breakfast and then soldiered on...

In the Burley Griffin way towards Harden, We all saw an Eagle, and can to a screeching halt. By the time we got out of the car, the bird had gone, but further up the road, we saw another one and chased that... :) It never got close enough to the car and then Tim had a technical hitch. **Head smack** After a contact clean he was firing again..

We stopped at Harden and investigated the old station and David was loving the new role as History teacher. People may put shit on my husband, but his knowledge is second to none.  He makes road trips a lot more interesting.
Had the compulsory stop for OT to photograph the Ambos and the cops. and then we set out again, only to stop and Harden's twin town.  LOL.. we got a kilometre at best..when we saw a wonderful war memorial. Just amazing the work being put into it. It even had a diorama :) Awesome. From here we moseyed to Demondrille and to our horror, but has become a pigeon coup. :( (Photos to be inserted....)

David looked at the time table and saw that SP41 was due through Harden so we waited for that.

Next stop was Cootamundra where, after photographing the XPT (ST23) Tim and David discussed Signals and the old signal Gantry. Tim bought Robin a great T-shirt. ( I wonder if  she likes it) and then we showed OT the Bethugra spiral. I had forgotten how hot it can be here... the spiral being a treeless waste land and the XPT (ST24) Was 20 minutes late.  SO I got horrible sunburn.. (AARGHH) I hate tan lines.

Onwards to Junee, a small squabble in the front seat about speed zones in the Bethungra built up area, caused much mirth in the back seat. :) I am still giggling at the boys. As we parked at Junee station, David had lined up a surprise. He arranged for us to get to Junee ARTC control centre. I also saw a previous trainee signaller that was trained at Picton as the box closed. He is now a supervisor type person at Junee TC. Interesting how they use Pheonix system, looks a lot off buggy than the Exclusive ATRICS system we use. Boo to propriety software.  The boys were friendly and I did discover that Maldon to the City rail boundary is dark territory... Um... not good..

As we had the time, we got into the roundhouse as well. Spent so long there that we were kicked out. Tim seems to enjoy getting an intensive lesson on all the carriages from David.
We tried to buy water at IGA Junee but they had closed at 1400hrs to stick take so we pushed on to Coolamon. Coolamon IGA was open and I was relieved as the farm has no real drinking water. Just river water that you have to boil three times.. SO big THANK YOU to Coolamon IGA.

David got us to the farm, and then set to work finding the faults in the wiring which was his task for the weekend. ( And our payment for staying there) The place had been empty for  a long while and the dust storms had covered everything in a thick layer of dust.  I set about finding beds for everyone that were not so dusty.. not an easy task. The boys set off for the Piggery.
A neighbour passed through looking for her sheep, and I pointed to where I had seen a flock, told her who we were ( I had not been here in years) and off she went, happy.

Dinner was at the Grong Grong Hotel, excellent service and food as always. Tim knew the publican which was quite funny. A small world it certainly is.
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  1. I don't think that poor girl at Goulbourn Subway knew what hit her when we lobbed in. LOL! It was a great breakfast. Taking our time getting to the farm was the best idea. So much more fun and easier. David's knowledge of railways history is fantastic. I love history. It's sad though to see the decline of rural railway infrastructure though. In a country such as ours, that is so vast and reasonably flat, railways are the way to go, yet governments seem to think otherwise.

    Coota-bloody-mundra! ::chuckle:: Yes, Robin loved the tshirt, both the colour and what was written on it. I have to show her those places now. LOL!

    Bethungra spiral was brillant, albeit bloody hot! I reckon the XPT train crew were slightly surprised to see us there. ::chuckle::

    It was good to see Junee station buildings being used! A beautiful building! ARTC signallers were a nice bunch of blokes. Junee Supa IGA being closed for stocktake at 1600hrs was inexcusable! Coolamon IGA FTW!!!

    The piggery was... um... err.... interesting. Nothing red electrical tape, marker pen and a screwdriver couldn't fix. :) I think I was just there for first aid though. LOL!\

    Grongy Pub was great. Yes, I know Ted & Kaye. The food was awesome! We just scrapped in though, lucky that Kaye had had a few and was happy to cook :)


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