Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Oh what a boring life I lead...
It is extremely obvious whenI cannot even have a Yak conversation with a nice young man, as I really have nothing to say.
ie. what am I doing? Working, but there are no trains so.... Not much ATM.. Hmm can't even think of anything to talk about generally. shame as he is quite an interesting person. Maybe I should just get him to give me one work a day to learn.. Trouble is pronunciation, he won't actually talk to me... :( but he seems happy enough to listen to me babble when on Skype..

Night shifts have looked after me. I am in my comfort zone and my best friend is back at work so he can keep me awake on my trip home. Yay!

David puts my electric blanket on, so when I stumble into bed, it is toasty and warm. Not as good and snuggling up to him, but better than a cold bed on a winter's morning.

I shall have to go back and put pics into my blog manually as the Flickr app on the iPad doesn't give me imbedded links.

Troy and Tim both have great shots of Sunday's trip.
Troy seems to be picking up camera skills quite rapidly. ::impressed::

Got a shit relief this AM so, it remains to be seen if I can get my train. ::finger's crossed::


Steam Locomotive 3642

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