Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday 3rd July.

I had to double back so as to fit Troy's party. I got no sleep as I am not normally asleep at 2130hrs. I was exhausted as I relieved Sutherland. Luckily it was a quiet day.

I got home around 1430 as I had to collect David. He was still asleep So I left him to sleep. After an hour or so, I went in to get him, only to crash myself.

David in the meantime, had gotten up and left me to sleep!!

The upshot of this was we were late. Around 40 mins late. Of course I had no time to I had to make do with a black t with a denim jacket (a red one)

They were waiting 4 us. The evil one astoundly had no effect on me. They usually make me uncomfortable but tonight they were blanked. I pondered this only a short time before the European custom of cheek kissing began. This I don't mind with my friends. I find it unnerving with strangers.

Mrs & Mr Squeak

The ladies
Hooters is overpriced. A lot. But some hot chicks I would happily take home.

Hooter's girls

Troy took us over laser tag. It was amusing fun. The Evil one was shooting their own team. I had fun hunting the women in the other team.

We all broke off after a maccas ice-cream run. David & I went to see Blake then I wandered off to work. A 0130 start. East Hills for 12hrs. I was beyond exhausted.

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