Thursday and Friday 8 & 9th July

I basically sat in front of my computer and processed photos.


Thursday evening saw me going to be with a throat of razors but friday had me with a migraine as well. I was coping and the child helped clean out from under my desk so David could install my new Sub woofer. He did a great job and all the crap under my desk, is stacked neatly in my spare room.  David serviced my computer and then installed the speakers. AWESOME I have bass. Trouble is my headache was worth dying for. To reduce the pain. As much as I wanted to play loud music...I could not. :-(

I receive a call. Inara tells me I was suposed to drop Fabian home as he had a big game on Sat. Either I forgot or what but my headache was not one to drive with. SO I downed some pain killers and lined up Troy for a rescue if I didn't make it all the way.

David was going out with Charlotte which I had forgotten about. She sounds delightful. I was so sick that even free pancakes could not get me to go out.
 Michael showed concern and offered me some food.

I made it as far as Campbelltown, when I rang Troy. I needed coffee.

Troy turn up shortly to chat. After an hour I felt better.  Onwards to home.

I ended up going to bed and chatting to Erwin before falling asleep....
Photo from Squeakaz.. he got pic of the day as this is a great DOF pic of his wife.
Alone on a Dam


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