That run over feeling

Death Adder

Didn't post last night. Was going to but just never got to it.
Wasn't an exciting day, David went to River Island to work on his photos and I stayed at home to work one mine.
As i had come off day work and was going on to night shift, it worked out that i had lots of mini naps, but was exhausted prior to arriving at work. I decided at the last minute to drive to Campbelltown then catch the train from there.

Upon arrival at work, i found that the fat fucks weight loss challenge had been converted to a horse race and people were actually betting on it. I am in two minds here. I entered for get my unmotivated arse out there and regain some lost fitness. But although I am second favourite i am still miffed that people feel the need to bet on a motivational challenge.

Spend the night feeling cold due to fatigue, i know the evening was warm, but you get so tired that all you do is shiver.

My photos that i had managed to get uploaded, received good reviews, but people were emailing their comments to me. Meanies, put it in the phot comments, i like to get those emails, it's a feel good thing.

Ignored Twitter for the whole day, only tweets were random posts but i didn't
Get read any updates. It was refreshing.

My iPhone is in the process of being converted from pre-paid to post paid. I love my pre-paid phone, but i am putting it on a $10 pm plan (no calls) with a $29business data pack 3gb total $39. My pre-paid was $49 for 2gb and io used that all up. I usually use 2.5gb on my iPhone a month but make no calls. I still have my vodafone (ok need chase that up-add it to the to do list) for calls i should SMS overseas just to use my included credit..

So,.. I am offline outside of a wi-fi area. This of causing a bit of i get home and my phone goes nuts.. All the messages left for me through out the night. Most ppl know my iPad ID and so should try that if i don't respond.

Never could get the hang of Thursdays
So i woke up after a long deep sleep.. No REM this makes my brain foggy. A few minutes later, I saw a message from my roster clerk.. Oh no...
I dutifully rang back, 12hr shift. My LEAST one as well. 2200hrs to 1000hrs. Ugh. Still i have to make up for the sick day I had on Friday last week.

David came home with a diet pizza. Aw ::hugs::

Late to leave home meant i had to rush to get to work on time. Scraped it in, but why do people drive 20km/hr in a 60zone then hit me that is was thursday and all the slow drivers were out in the rain for shopping arrghh

Just remembered a vet appointment tomorrow. I will not get enough sleep as i have to get up for that. :-(

Saturday is shaping up to be a none sleeping day. Too many things on to get to them all. I may just have to shrug and go to bed. Trouble is I would love to get close to the HMAS Sydney.... It's almost too tempting to pass up. Tim and David would prefer the steam train, although that is in the mid afternoon...maybe if Tim does the train and I do the ship.? Fair.??

Very proud of my Death Adder photo. They are very hard to capture as camouflage is their expertise...

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