Telstra / Foxtel suck hard

SO as we know from yesterday, I had the foxtel man come and install an IQ2 box so my foxtel can go HD. And for this privilege,  I paid $100 call out fee for him to plug in a black box.

I still have no HD channels, over a day later. I still get promises from the telephone customer sales people.

Still no TV .Hmmmm

Tim has a similar problem. He ordered a bundled package. He was told foxtel have no record of his house existing, even thought it was one of the first in the suburb. The ones across the street exist, but not his house. And so for his inconvenience, he was promised an extra 75GB on his internet. Over a week later, he still has no foxtel, and of course no 75GB.

How fucking hard is it for telstra to turn on a service. it is a matter of highlighting what the customer wants and clicking a button. NOT BRAIN surgery

I would get better service if I had cancelled my subscription, and ordered a new one. Honestly.

Dear Telstra. Get your shit together. I couldn't get a phone service without 5-10 2 hours phone calls and now I can't upgrade my foxtel without so far 4 phone calls at least 45 minutes each. I need service. I want to be able to ring up and ask for something and get it done. ONE phone call. ONE. DO YOU HEAR!!

if your Next G wasn't the best in Australia, there would be no way I would be returning to you as a customer.  You suck.

Dragonov Sniper Rifle...

In other news Koen allowed me to torture his photos.. So I mangled his Paris river to this..

Photo by Koen

Cause  I like it as a painting. :-)


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