Venomous Snake handling

Firstly, after handling highly deadly animals for a few hours, and I only actively handled two, I have a calm, zen attitude to my beloved pythons. Nothing says cautions like a taipan that, whilst calm could potentially kills you and 99 other people.

Hail!Left early as the hail would have make people drived stupidly. David's car got damaged by these golf ball sized hail stones. HUGE Not surprised if a roof tile was cracked as well.

Well I was now driving into a big storm cell. YAY. Lots of lightening and a bold landed not to far from the car near razorback. The toyota in front had a fright swerving slightly.. lol yes it certainly makes you jump.

But in spite of the nutters, I made it to TAFE in one piece. Here I met up with Tim and other class mates, some filled with bravado, but the rest as interested as me.

Venomous snake handlingIn class I went first as no one else seemed to wanna volunteer.The experts made it look easy, and of course it is not. Being first, I did not have time to watch and learn from the mistakes of others, so I was the mistake maker. Hand too low in the bin, ran out of hands, being an octopus would be an advantage. Learning to use the hook as I don't hook my pythons. Learning to use the bag as, again I don't use a hoop bags for my docile pets. A point where the Red belly went between my legs that I was happy to be wearing boots. I was surprised at how easy it is to grab a Red belly by the tail, my snake was a wild one, and yet he didn't mind the tail grab. Even went to sleep in the bin whilst we talked.  Getting him out was more difficult. Try getting one piece of spaghetti out of a pot with a knife... the aim is to get his tail out and over the side but the natural instinct is to reach in a grab his tail as it comes up the side of the bin. A big nono. You have to bring his tail over the outside of the bin. IN the end my snake came out and we walked the floor for a little while before bagging him. The bag goes in front of your feet. To act as a shield. and or course I grabbed the bag down where the snake was.. oops..

Still, others learned and the class continues. SOme people in it were experiences and they got a brown and a collette's snake.

I got to handle a death adder, I love these guys and more so now. So much more my speed. A Brown?? Too skittish I am more in love with the Death adder than I was before. I am SOOOOOOO going to own one. One day.

I did really notice that the people who were terrified, danced around the snake, causing the snake to become skittish and distressed.  Interesting to watch.


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