Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy bee (still)

Still have not finished my Taronga zoo photos. I have not been home & awake to sit in front of the computer to look at most of them.i did manage some frogmouth photos. These elusive birds were hiding from the huge storm. It's the first time I have ever managed to photograph them
Tawny frog mouth in my yard

Sunday was the last of my day shifts. I managed 4 extra hours sleep. SCORE! as I had night shift the next day, we went out for dinner with Druey, Evan & Beau. Dinner was fun, i didn't drink much :-) but later, Beau made me an extra strong drink as a night cap. Whoa.. Lol the way home saw me sleepy, bur once home, i was ok.

Took lots of lomography styled photos. Some i was thrilled with.

Hipstamatic - Blue Gelato

Hipstamatic Enmore Rd

But i ended up using random for the trip home.
David and I crashed around 2am.

To my horror, i was awake at 7am... This did work out though as David had to take his car to Subaru for the alarm to be installed. So we got a hire car( included in the cost) and wandered to the shops.

Watford road narrellan

I managed to find a suitable present for my 10 yr old, and no, it is not an iPad or iPhone although it is what he wants, i don't think either are suitable for his age group. My mother and Inara will get the same thing and there are a few bits and pieces to collect. Some stuff just isn't going to arrive in time. :-(

We got a call from Subaru, we returned and we were informed that the car had had an alarm the whole time. Aarghh the service guy was most embarrassed. He apologised many times.

I had received a call about doing 12hrs which i was not enthusiastic about but D encouraged me to. So here i am. 1800-0600. :-( hoping though, for 12hrs on saturday... :-)


How cool is this photo. I wanna do something like that.

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