Monday, December 27, 2010

conniption - vague blog

My calm, zen like demeanour lasted me.. I survived barbed insults a direct hit and was still smiling. I got news today that another assault on my sanity will occur as I have been summoned to appear somewhere else . Another battlefield. I was coping. I was even coping with being outta bed 3 hrs after going to sleep.... until..
I LOST MY IPHONE LENS from photojojo. This one thing made me lose it and I was coping no longer. IT was only when my wonderful husband (WHo is deaf to the weapons around him) found them again. Peace was restored. I dunno if I can regain my shell of apathy but I will give it a red hot go.

Will I got to another gathering?? Most likely I will fight tooth and nail to be left out.  We shall see if i forgive in the 12mths I have before tackling the issue again.  My cover was blown by SIL mentioning several times, my blog. SO I do not know how secure this now is :-(

Thanks to Stu who backed me up. I hope you enjoy the new hobby I have infected you with. lol.... Even if you only play with it for a while, it wil certainly be entertaining to see your results.

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