Lens Hero review

I stumbled on to this web site from an RSS feed. I was interested as they had recommendations from Photojojo and (Rats lost the RSS blog that I found the link. ) I am always in the market to improve my lens and so wandered over. The website is clear and easy to use. you select your camera type and the type of lens you want (Zoom, macro etc) and even budget which is a good feature. No point looking at the 1600mm f/5 lens if you can't afford $100 000

I would prefer an out of 10 rating, maybe from an average of reviews... but other than that is shows each lens that matches your selections and does include Tamron, sigma and Tokina.  States the features of each lens. Alas to get a proper review, you still need to go to other sites, but this is terrific for making that wish list for Xmas..

http://lenshero.com/lenses/canon-7d-macro-lens-less-than-2550 I used this search and got these results. I agree with the list and never even considered some...
They do have a competition, but as it is for continental USA only, my review is not affected by the comp. I would like to point out though, there are other places in the world that do buy a lot of camera equipment and it is so limiting to say only for USA.  Its also rather insulting. :-( I still love this site though and will forgive them. (Can you put Australian dollars up too its missing from the currencies and we do have a strong economy...)


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