Friday, January 7, 2011

Day spent with the offspring

Today was spent with my 10year old. David had gone off to work and Fabian was playing i the yard and by the time i got up, he had found cereal, served himself breakfast and was watching tv. awesome. People don't believe me whey say i have snakes as i used to forget to feed my child... But the child gets his own food. He knows i am up all night and so lets me sleep. Mind you, it was the first time ever that had has not crawled into bed with me for a cuddle.
My child is too old for such nonsense and of Course i missed the memo. :-( he still allows public hugs but that too will soon change. I do miss most of his growing up.
He requested a photo session, and so we packed up the cameras, and i took him up to the look out at redbank. Fabian was learning HDR, he delighted in shooting the trains that went past.
I made an instamatic tweet, and from that David found us. :-)
It was cold and windy by now and so we all beat a retreat to the house.
Train on the down at Maldon curves
I was exhausted by now, but had promised to "develop" Fabian's photos.
View of Maldon
Look out at Redbank
Fabian and David played with the now damaged helicopter

david kindly drive us to mortdale and then home again. Annoying really as i had to start at 0130, the evening was wearing on...

A quick meal of chicken and veg and i was in bed, alas still 3 hrs late for a good sleep but all I could get.

David had breakfast ready for me, when I woke up, coffee and eggs. 2330 is NOT a humane time to get up.

A least the drive to work was simple...

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