Sunday, January 2, 2011

NYE & New Year's day

I worked the afternoon shift on NYE. Of course when relief time came around, my relef, was extending, has an issue on his panel, and so I was releived late. Ack. I resolved to shoot daytime shots with my Plastic Diana+ lens. When I shot David's train in the early afternoon, i was oppressed with the results. Then i dropped the lens and watched o horror as it bounced dowm the path. LUCKILY it is plastic and survived with only case scratching.

After my Diana lens went bouncing down the path

I met up with David and we headed for our favorite siding. Alas with a minor in tow, we could not go in. All ppl there needed a RISI card and be an adult DAMN!!! still we found an awesome spot so I was happy. I did some good shots until i bumped the focus.

New Year's Fireworks

New Year's Fireworks

New Year's Fireworks

Anyway at the end of the fireworks, we beat a hasty retreat and in the humid night, walked briskly up the steep hill. I was not the only only sweating by the time we arrived at the station. Luckily our speed meant we got an empty train to central
This night was full of WIN!!!

David bought me two ruskis and I settled into staff lounge for a drink. Evan came back from hungry jacks with a pink tea thing.. It was sweet and i knew David would love it. D was supposed to be the guard from 0400 or so but was still up a 0200 as the maintenance person.

I had a single berth, a novel thing for me and I was happy to read myself to sleep.
Alas i didn't sleep well. I do not know why. It didn't help that the sun was streaming in.
Not all bad as this was the scenery i saw..
Tarago this is also a Diana Lens photo. The lens makes this dreamy and fuzzy. I like it for things i have shot before. This is Tarago, our train had to await the arrived of the up explorer. That's cool, as D had gotten me outta my reading I my bed and out to shoot the train. Our colleagues where dead to the world, so they missed out.

ARHS Train with Diana 38mm plastic lens

I did few shots with this 38mm Diana+ lens before caving and getting my EF 24-105 lens ( best purchase of 2010 even better than my beloved iPad)

Canberra Explorer crosses us at Tarago

The rest of the trip saw me relaxing inn the sanctity of my dog box.

Single berth

Arrival at Canberra saw all 4 of us piling into the car to get home via Stu's place. David needed diesel, but Canberra was shut. :-( we had to ring Karen to ask if anything was open. Using her directions, we found a petrol station. Finally we turned up at Karen & Stu's. Stu was in the Ok wish we had time to jump in.

Stu In His Pond

A pleasant stay was cut short by me need to get to work at night.
D Looking Very TrainspottingFlower In Karen's GardenAt Karen's place

The drive was long, David, Evan & Beau fell asleep until nearly Goulburn. I was too tired. After a stop @ Sutton's Forrest, David took over again.

Hot day for a drive

Oooo looky in the bushes

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