Sunday, January 2, 2011


Day 2 of 2011 started wth a delusional woman accusing me of being with her ex on NYE, and in the mood to cause trouble. Stupid woman. I was at work and then out with my husband and friends as the photos of the night show, so look in a mirror and see what is going on with you.
It was enough to give me a back headache.  My friends all think it is hilarious. Yeah great.

I am sitting in my office now with aircon and my photos are sitting idle. :-( Need to get back to what I love doing, and stay away from real people. They depress me usually but this person has proven to me the humans are defective by nature and the less I interact with them the better I, at least will be.
Last woman who accused me of stupid stuff had her dirty washing aired in court and became a laughing stock.

I hate people I have, at least, got my lovely pets and they are loving the heat. :-)

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