Monday, February 21, 2011

Day 16 Home!

Day is saw us leaving Canberra early. Picked up Koen from the hotel, the manager delighted me in her attitude. I recommend her is you wish a refreshing view on customer service. chuckle..

We drove home via the giant sheep. All aussies know the giant sheep.
Big merino  He even went for a wander down the street once. Really!

Boring drive for the most part, too close to home and too short on time.

Arrived home to empty the car and then jump the train to the Airport. We made it all the way to the airport when Koen told us that he had left a bag of souvenirs in the car. **Sigh** Well I will have to post them when I get cash.

We had a very pleasant coffee at Krispy Kreme bt the girl managed to bugger up the order. Ah well..

Saw Koen to the Customs area when we headed home to face the huge pile of mail waiting.....
sort of like xmas.. but with bills mixed in.

IN the mail was this Ferrania Eura
Ferrania Eura
Interesting spanish 120mm camera. I wonder if t will compare with the clack. Hmm

Dropped into bed exhausted

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