Tuesday, February 8, 2011

day 2 Dubbo to Broken Hill 850km

today started gently. Wonderful beds meant no one was in a hurry. Breakfast was delivered promptly and it was apparent that we had to get ready for departure.. :-( I do like this hotel...

First port of call today was cobra.
Interesting copper mining town. We had a wander over the welcome park area where the poppet head is.
Refueling for the car plus us and we were on the road again. Next stop was Nyngan. Nyngan was the town that was flooded in 1990 on ANZAC Day. The town was evacuated by helicopters as the levee bank broke. They really thought they could hold back the torrent.
The lady at the museum was one of those good employees who love the job they do and she had lived there all her life as a railway employee.
There was a 112 (Or more) year old wedding cake. I found this a little morbid. who keeps food for over 100 years? It was old, cracked and definitely dusty. Ew Ew Ew
Ew 112 yr old wedding cake

Onwards from here, we had Tim giving us RTA and BOM updates as we were now racing the floor waters heading south from QLD. If we got caught on the eastern Side of the flood we had no way to continue this holiday. Menidee, Ivanhoe and White Cliffs were already cut off. All roads off the highway were closed.
At Willcannia we saw the Darling river in flood, minor at this stage.... but a lot of water.
Willcannia bridgeWillcannia bridge
We hurried on. Tim sending a list of towns cut off and roads closed. Just out of Willcannia, David spied a Shingle Bank on the Highway. We turned around and he had almost crossed the road... I jumped out of the car and bolted after him. Grabbing this feisty lizard off the road. He showed his displeasure and put on a good show for Koen and David. I did offer the angry lizard to Koen but for some reason he refused..... He did take some photos for me and David had a hold before we let him go into the bushes.
I caught a shingle back
A happy group soldiered on.
A long drive ahead to Broken Hill and several places had water already over the road. EEEP. We seemed to have flaked a time between two floods. YAY
Road to White cliffs
Barrier highway nearly flooding
We did make it to Broken Hill, and we checked into an original condition hotel. At $20 PP who is complaining.
A drive out to Silverton for sunset and we saw even more evidence of flooding.
The station was in good light.
Silverton stationFlooding in SilvertonFlooding in silvertonMundi mundi plains closed
As you can see, even the road to the Mundi Mundi Plains was closed. We stayed for 30 odd minutes to water the sunset. Desert sunsets are worth photographing.
Mundi mundi lookout

Upon return to Broken Hill, we found a club that, gave up free vegetables as they could not take our order but could sell us sandwiches. They gave up the hot leftovers for no extra charge. Win.

Bed time.... zzzzz
A day in Broken Hill tomorrow.

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