Thursday, February 3, 2011


Yesterday saw me run around like a blue arsed fly trying to get David's Car and my mail before 1700hrs. It was hot and I was sweaty. Ugh... I did take a few shots of Picton..
Picton Summer Arvo

Not really inspired by the Oktomat yet...

Eyesore At Picton

Now those of you who have been inside my house know to take safety equipment and ration packs as you climb mountains of stuff and then get lost only to starve to death in the back room...

Well today I tidied the hall and the Bathroom, I discovered a new room that was lost in the mess and I even found clean sheets to make the bed that I discovered in this new room.

I am exhausted I did 4 loads of washing to hang out, maybe forever, and I even changed a vacuum bag. this sounds mundane to most people but to me it is a venture into new things I have never attempted before.

Sweat pouring off me as it is extremely humid outside and a shower didn't really help.
After a morning of cleaning I gave up.. I showered again and went to the Postoffice.
Waiting there was a mini camera and two rolls of film. I canot praise Vision Image Lab enough, ok we started out on the wrong foot,but their service is fast efficient and damned good!
Looking and the Negs I got, It seems the diana has rolling on issues.. But more on that in my film blog.

I have scanned the TIM135 film, and it has some great shots as done by Shane's son Conner. (And damned is I can remember the names of all his other kids.. Sorry Shane one name is a struggle but 4!! No hope.)
Shane and Kids

I have been busy just cleaning. I fed Ink so she will be less likely to bite people and make a better impression.. I have been stalking Koen's Plane, it is now 15 minutes late... thats ok..

I really needed this day. I have been ill migraine wise a few days ago..and i have not been the same since. I feel still delicate and have been very short tempered with my Husband and friends.

Well leaving in an hour or so to collect Koen for his whirlwind tour of SE australia. Not much left of the tropical part to show him and the zoo I did think he should see in QLD is probably still cleaning up after the floods.

Cape Banks

Barrack Tower

Glenfield station

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