Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today was an epic fail

But that doesn't mean It was a total loss.
I had the day mapped out. Go home for 2-3 hours sleep, get David from work ( he is on AM shift) then head to penrith to see a herp show. I checked the info I had, an ad and a forum link. Cool. 20th March yup.

All askew when I woke in a panic thinking I was late for David but he assured me that I had an extra hour. Zzzzz

Ok one hour later, running around trying to find my demo shirt to wear as I have failed to get my shirts to the expos due to poor time management. Couldn't find it so had to use a for sale one. Rats there is $25 Gone in sale there.. :-(

Left home a little late but I got to Holsworthy on time. Musta driven right past David, but it was pouring with rain and the drainage at this station is atrocious, huge waterfalls fall and you can barely see anything.

Ok David collected, we headed west via Elizabeth drive. Had not driven this way in years.
Turning in to Mamre rd we passed a big chook. Yes Sydney has a big thing, who would have thought? Goulburn has the big sheep, Victoria has the big strawberry and the big olive but we have a big chook. Behold it's glory!! I was impressed and yes, you can buy eggs from here. As David said to me, it was good of the sheep to give a scale of the chicken.

The Big Chook

Arriving in Penrith, after a wrong turn or two, um wrong suburb.. We found the address. It's was cranebrook/ werrington not Penrith. The Rain hit heavier. We headed inside and found.. Um nothing. Uh? Checked the data right day right address WTF?

After some more digging, I discovered that it will be in May!!! Aaargghhh all my ads said March I wonder when this was changed? May is a very Kate time to hold a reptile show. Most Herps are cooling down for the winter.

Tim agreed to have us over and we happily headed out of the rain.
I had the stuff from the airshow to hand to him. I also had to raid his supplies of bedding, my little Ink needs a new cage but she certainly needs a less smelly cage. Tim had Aspen bedding yay!! And I snaffled all I could.

Spend a happy time handling Annie who got handed around and Robin had her sitting happily on her hand. The new system of holding the lizards that I was taught in Alice certainly works. Annie calmed right down.


As much as I love visiting the Pruyns' place David had faded and I was tired too. We left Tim to his brood and I gave him a child's snake shirt so I coukd get free advertising... Heeheehee I hope Robin doesn't mind too much.

The drive home was pleasant, cool and wet, only a few mutters trying to attack me. David slept. That is unusual.

Home finally and we both crashed. I slept 3 hrs and D for a little longer.

Work for me, no trains so am driving :-(
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