Thursday, April 28, 2011

A quandary

So Druey's birthday is two days before mine. Do you think I can think of a single thing that 1. He would want and 2. I can afford.
I have been selling extra film that I don't need to fund other projects but it's $20 here and $20 there so not really birthday present buying material. :-(
I really dunno. Maybe he will accept a raincheck? I am usually so organized but I am being good and paying my credit cards.

I have not blogged for the past few days as I really had nothing to say. I write a lot in my diary but nothing that I could write here, mostly technical stuff about cameras or film.

Life has not really returned to normal.I feel disconnected or remote from most people. Two exceptions. Maybe it's just the stess of the banking processes that don't process deposits for 5 days. I was so behind all due to that. It's crap.

Tim has been entraining me with finding odd little things on eBay that we talk about. The age whether the seller is being truthful ways of telling the age etc,etc. One guy listed a camera a rare but there are hundreds of them around, mind you, it was a very nice example. I aged it as 1937-1940 model but it's not rare and he was using the excuse that "I dont know how to test it." as a way of not telling snout the shutter or bellows. :-(
My opinion, if you have the money, knock yourself out but too many unknowns for me to say it's a bargain. :-) lol strange people that we are.

Found that I had a great uncle buried at Fromeles.. A new excuse to visit France. :-)

Well that's it really. I have been wading through This extensive site on lost films.... hours of interesting things.

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