Friday, April 1, 2011

Same old same old

No interesting mail. I over slept today getting up around 1600. Struggling to get home as the timetable is retarded doesn't help.
I was lucky that Brian agreed to drop me at Wolli Creek. No one has been able to explain why the old factory workers train that connects with the up bankstown at 0530 doesn't stop at Wolli Creek. I have heard them grumble about being late for work. The guys in town are arsehats. No reason to make the down Cronulla a skip stop and there is enough lee way in the timetable to let it stop at Wolli without affecting the rest of the run. It's a mystery that no one is willing to fix.
Makes a huge difference to me. My trains are hourly so missing the connection after night shift dooms me to an hour late home. I only wish managers do night shift and catch the damned train.


Massive disruption due to an assault on the south. Poor colleague regretted his Decision to come in as it was an overtime shift. It was sorted soon enough.

Hmm can't think on anything else.
Tonight is my last night shift then on to the dreaded morning shift

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