Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is there a leader in the house?

Can't say I have had a great time in the last month.
Things have been piling up and came to a head on the 14th, front at time, I have been a miserable person to be with, and like my colleagues,a person on a trigger fuse. This makes the work place very unhappy, so bad that most of the staff are applying to get out.. To anywhere and almost all of the supervisors are applying to regress, with one being reasonably happy, one has gotten out and one is aiming to go higher.
The new regime in both local management and state government has meant the firstly my friend will Lose his job. A Job he loves and is excellent in. Also a Job that the railway sorely needs. It boggles my mind that the state government opened the dusty annals of history and dug this scheme up. Its a rehash of a failed scheme and it will fail again.
 In the mean time 500-600 staff will lose their lively hoods.. For no good reason and no cos saving. Secondly, this is the tip of the iceberg, I even had a screaming match at work over this, my colleagues feeling Teflon coated until I pointed out that we are losing panels, the smaller boxes that remain are closing and if they think for a second that they are impossible to replace then they are on some sort of mind altering drug.  Our state government is looking to shed 5000 jobs in the railway in 5years, and stupidly not from where it is needed, but the important frontline jobs are the ones on the chopping board. 

The stupidity of this is mind blowing. 

I keep getting people citing the Victorian model at me, well travel on a train in Victoria. I dare you. Try to get information. Try to find your way round by yourself. And you cannot compare a railway like Sydney's ( Trains operate for 20 hours a day, and over 1 million weekday passenger journeys are made on 2365 daily services over 2080 km of track and through 306 stations ) with a pissy little one like Melbourne's. (Melbourne's suburban railway network consists of 16 electrified lines, the central City Loop subway, and 200 stations, with a total length of 372 km of electrified lines. The suburban network operates between approximately 5.00 am and midnight. In it's BOOM year of the 2008–2009 financial year, the Melbourne rail network recorded 213.9 million passenger trips, the highest in its history- that's much less than Sydney) also even Melbourne is adding more security staff not less.

You cannot compare apples with oranges!!

I have heard HK system cited as another system to emulate... Well again you cannot compare Sydney a city of 4.5million people spread across a huge area (roughly 2058/km² )to Hong Kong a city of 7 million people in a tiny area (1104 km2 (426 sq mi)). The HK network is metro and ours is not.  People travel short hops across the city ( for the most part)AND Sydneysiders travel on average an hour or more. Some up to three hours. I know I travel 90 minutes each way if the trains work.  Who in the government is coming up with this crap??

The only network we are close to and it's only close is the Paris RER. Nothing else. Not Moscow, not London, ( though the bosses try to say it is) not new York. Not Brisbane or Melbourne. Sydney has special needs and we can't use an overseas model.
We can use Brisbane, but again we have a larger network. Still that's the best run in our country. I wonder if these 'experts' have even left home let alone travelled to see any of these networks. If the NSW public thing our train system is bad now, you wait until you have to rely of an overstretched police force or worse, a private security guard. Many staff were assaulted by Chubb guards employed to protect them and some employees had death threats. And my premier is giving these cowboys training in batons and handcuffs. Even I will travel more by car then train. It will be just to dangerous. 

Leaving the railway aside, Bonds has closed their NSW factory, leaving a few hundred people out of work and the major banks are shedding jobs.  Just WTF if going on?? This is the lucky country but unless you work in mining and not as a truck driver as they are looking to go to remote trucks in the near future, there is no booming economy. People in my state in particular are crippled buy less jobs and the hugest taxes in the country.

We need a leader.

Not this person who lead a coup to become leader, but a strong "don't fuck with me" leader. Similar to Paul Keating. Love him or hate him, you didn't mess with him. He lead his party with an iron fist until the people voted him out. All I am asking is.. WHERE ARE THE LEADERS.??? I am sick of cardboard cut outs who even steal speeches from international heads of state. Sick of politicians who don't have the balls to stand up for anything. This sort of crap on both sides of politics is what brought Australia to this point. How about less "experts" and more doers....   -

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