Challenge #5 Waist/Stomach


Assignment #5 - Stomach/waist. How do you feel about your stomach/tummy? Maybe it bears the marks of carrying a child. Maybe it looks different than it did years ago. Maybe an operation scar has changed the way you feel about it. For many people this is one of the areas we most dislike, so I don't doubt this month's assignment will be difficult, for myself included. - See more at: Just Me Leah Love Every Body
Just Me Leah

My biggest issue with my body. My most loathed part. I hide this part of my body every single day. It  is huge but has been much much larger in my past. Its lumpy and its heavy. My belly pulls on my poor back and does cause back pain. I am working on it.  

On the positive side... its soft. Its skin is a luscious white and very very silky. I have stretch marks not only from pregnancy many many years ago but from decades of being fat. I am fat, there is no denying that. (For the record, tattooing stretch marks hurts !! And hurts a lot. They also puff up making tattoo lines wonky)  

I'm round and have two distinct sections to my middle. The doctor has tested my core muscles and I really do have a strong core and strong tight abdomen muscles. Alas no one can see them under the layers above them.  Put to bed the long held theory that fat people are lazy and don't exercise. I do and I am of ok fitness. Better than my colleagues who can't run for the train up several flights of stairs. So my middle does define me in the eyes of others. But its not who I am.
Stretch Marks and two sections

Round and soft. 
 I dress for my shape. And recently have decided to get out from behind baggy t-shirts and black. If people don't like my tummy, then they can walk away and think what they like. I am comfortable.



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