Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blog Everyday Day 20

Best thing that has happened this year?

Well.. I have had a completely horror 2012, 2013 and I was hoping against hope that 2014 would be the beginning of an upswing. I was right.
Of course it started off crap.

A very very close friend told me that he was separated and this caused great sadness in my tight knit circle of friends. I was resigned that 2014 would be as tough and the previous two years..
I struggled to be a good friend and I think I totally failed. Having been divorced twice myself, I can help someone who has started to grieve, but at the time I met him last.. he had not moved from the first stage.

In my own life.. I had someone step up and be there in my own issues in life, so the best thing that has happened to ME this year so far is a new, close friend in my little circle. And I am thankful daily that he is there to listen to my rubbish/rambling and has been there to help me get help for my own depression.

I have met, through blogging and instagram, the most lovely people and I couldn't be happier.




  1. Ooh, I love the top! Black and red looks so good on you! <3

  2. I love stationery too! I had to use a fountain pen at school. My dad got me a Mont Blanc, God knows where it is though. I love old cameras too, but don't hoard them. I have one old Olympus which weighs a ton which I last used about 15 years ago. Mainly I hoard clothes and make up. :)

  3. Amazing that your pose in every photos is almost exactly the same!
    I love your style with the dresses. They look so great with the big belts that you love.

  4. OOps I don't mean too.. Hmm :-) Thank you so very much.. I adore my dresses and the belts break up my torso hiding my belly. Its funny if you told me to do this a year ago I would have laughed at you. A belt that attracts the eye hiding my belly? HA! But I have seen the light. :-) They are so awesome. I need an orange one.. and a dark green.. an... **Wanders off**

  5. Thank you lovely. Its my go to combination.. I washed all my t-shirts.. and aside from one.. all were black!! OOps.

  6. Oh I just hoard everything.. then had a melt down... donate everything and start again.. The cameras are the only constant.. I just chucked out a HUGE garbage bag filled from the bathroom.. cosmetics, soaps, old brushes you name it..If I had not opened it in the past 6mths out it went. The bathroom is useable now.. on to the next room...

  7. Kazza the Blank One22 August, 2014 20:41

    Don't forget the Bookcrossing craze and the snake craze... ;P

  8. Oh my GAWD! You have got some KILLER pieces in your wardrobe, lady! I AM ENVY!! <3

  9. Aw! Thank you! I do love a great print! But if in doubt. I fall back on my $4 k-mart Tee and a skirt with a bright belt ! Can't go wrong.

  10. What a great collection of outfits :D x


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