Friday, August 1, 2014

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Prompt #1 Introduction who am I?
Hmm I'm probably stretching to do an OOTD and a Linky Daily.. but here we go

Who am I? Very existential question really. I am who I am and I can't be anyone else… I usually deal in logic problems at work and my private life if one big stream of consciousness I ramble a lot. OK I am 42, I live south of Sydney, Australia and commute to Sydney daily for work (85km each way). I do shift work as a train controller for the government railway operator in NSW. (If I mention them by name, they will find my blog and that’s a bad thing)I have spent my entire life in transport of some kind. In the mid 1990s I was a flying instructor, then late 1990s I worked in Road transport (Trucks and govt buses) and transferred to the railway in 1998. I have worked for the Govt now for 21years.  (Oh dear!) In 2006 I married a train driver who lives several hours away in Junee as he drives the XPT to Melbourne and return. Our story of how we met or why is not really a PG story so we had to clean it up for the offspring and family members. Its really us though. Not PG in real life. He is my 3rd husband. I am a hermit usually and don't get along with people and this is probably a main sticking point in my previous lives. I am friends with ex- husband 1 though, so I can't be that evil.   I am the mother of a 14yr old teen. He is a good boy usually, as most teens he can be sullen, but generally he has a sunny disposition. Like most kids his age, sports and electronics. He takes after his mother and is good at maths and science. Unlike his mother he is tall and thin. (ok I'm tallish) Up until this year, we had a close to Junee, but due to my mother’s health, she sold up. We used to grow olives for olive oil, Mother’s Olive oil won awards in the Melbourne show for several years.  Que Sera. I have kept a blog for many many years. It used to be on Livejournal and you can still find it there, but as I have aged, my blogging became more erratic as my moods swung wildly from high to low and back. It got to a point where I was being depressing all the time, so I would stop for a few months, then begin again. Feel free to look up Woosang on Livejournal if you are interested.  I have the need to write. Almost constantly. I do write a heap of letters and post them to pen friends, but due to some issues in January and then May, I have fallen off the wagon. I'll get back to them soon. I promise guys! I write in a journal which is for me, a habit started in Russia when I kept a travel journal and David used it many years later for reference when he was arranging photos, so everyday I write here, or in my journal.  Having met some wonderful people recently through blogging,  I have found renewed strength and am chasing a dream this month. Watch this space. .:) My mother-in-law reads my blog (Hi! Sylivia!) so keep comments clean! NO seriously, I don't censor myself too much, this is essentially for me and if some others get pleasure from this then YAY!!! I was active on IG but with my struggle to not hide in my blanket fort, I have dropped off the radar a little. I have met some awesome people through IG and I must find my photography mojo again. I have a ridiculous amount of cameras from 1890s to 2013 :-) I develop my own film when I can find the time but that's another thing I have let slide. OOPS. I love 4X5 film mostly but I tend to work with 135 or 120. Its easier to handle when travelling.  I've raved on too long.. anything you wish to know, by all means ask!!


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