Sunday, August 10, 2014

Outfit August Day 10

And Karen's Birthday

Firstly, the movies

The day was quiet for the beginning of it. Ben, David and I squeezed me into some compression garments using a shoehorn, butter and brute strength. Then settled into a day of movies. As I selected the movies, it was crappy movie day. First was Sharktopus
Om nom nom nom
A silly story of a rogue shark/octopus. I mean what could possibly go wrong? I loved it. :-)
The second was Sharknado. I know I am slow to the party, but I rarely watch movies or TV. This movie was SLOWWZZZZZZZZZZZ. It was broken up by a visit by my mother for an hour or so, then we got back to the movie which improved in its entertainment value int he second half. Still. Very very silly.  If you want explosions and sharks, this is your movie. I preferred Sharktopus.

Ben finished sewing the buttons on my dress, making a halter top a cross over and we headed off to see Karen and Sylvia.

The outfit

The outfit today was a dress that my mother has had in her sewing pile for two or three months. I loathe with the passion of 1000s suns the halter tops that Hell Bunny is known for but I adore their dresses. SO. I asked her to convert them for me. As she works full time like me, things take time.Thats OK. Ben finished off the conversion.

 As both movies were either based in Mexico or started in Mexico, I chose this dress to keep the theme. :-) Long bow but I don't need much excuse to wear this now that I have it back. 

 Hell Bunny Mexican Dress in Xl. Converted to a cross over style as discussed above. I ordered it earlier in the year from the Cybershop in Campbelltown and they brought it down from Newcastle. I was thrilled to find one as it is so pretty.
The hand bag is a Pinup Girl Clothing Handbag from The One Stop Pinup Stop but I cant see it on the website now. You can buy it here. This handbag and my green wicker one are my favourites. They are easy to find things in as you can't fill them with heaps of stuff. I thought I would hate a handbag rather than a shoulder bag that I traditionally used, but I was totally wrong.  They are cute and easy to carry.

The shoes are from Modcloth . Called Putting on the Spritz in size 40, I am sad to see that they are no longer avaliable as they are so comfortable. You can walk normally and not totter on your tippy toes, they are balanced and you can wear them all day and be comfortable. If you find a pair, buy them 
Wonderful shoes. 

Karen's Birthday

Sylvia invited us to have chinese takeaway for Karen's Birthday at her house. Karen's Birthday is the 14th Btw.. so write Happy Birthday to her!
Ben came with us and met another Quilter (Diana) so he was happy. 
We were inappropriate at times, Karen showed an under 10 Bubble Butt and probably scarred him for life... and I forgot and told an inappropriate story.. oops... I didn't have alcohol as an excuse.. BOO. 
Still, we all had a good time!

Many thanks to my mother-in-law for putting up with us all!!!!

Night everyone have a great day for my US and UK readers!!

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  1. Wow I would LOVE to do the Trans-Mongolian one day.It's a shame your grandfather never got to go, but it really does show that we need to be doing these things sooner rather than later :) x

  2. I can't believe i didn't say camera! I take 2 with me when I go so that should be considered an essential!!!

    I'm not sure i could have coped with the horsehair mattress. i'm feeling itchy thinking about it x

  3. I haven't used palmers for year. it's one of those products i can never make my mind up.

    we've also got one of those vasline spray moisturisers. we've got the brown one and to me it smells like cheap melted icecream and it isn't very moisurising. x

  4. That's for sure! DO it now as we don't know what tomorrow will bring

  5. Yes, I agree, the vaseline spray isn't that moisturising but I mostly use it on my tattoos after a shower, as I can't reach all of them easily. The Palmers is the only thing that stops my skin itching like hell after an allergy attack or winter dryness, but really anything thats of similar consistency will do. THe olive oil Palmers is horrible. It doesn't soak in and makes your skin sweat under it. ugh

  6. hahahaha. There you go! :-) I wouldn't go anywhere on holiday without a camera.
    The horsehair was ok, just lumpy as anything.

  7. I'll get some palmers next time I go to bodycare (A cheaper place to body stuff) i think we got sucked in my the novelty of the vasaline spray! x


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