Sunday, August 17, 2014

outfit AUgust Day 17

Its a lovely rainy day and I did spend the AM lying in bed and drifting in and out of consciousness. Total win. I was startled out my dreamworld by a call from my mother. She was going to do some errands for me. OO lovely!! I need medical supplies for Thailand and then I need to show David how to wrap me after swimming or snorkeling. I want to find some unique Thai beasties and I don't intend on staying clean or dry. (Hmm maybe packing dresses and heels are not a good idea)

So far the day has been awesome. A minor blip, but back in the normal range of emotions again..

Anyway for the visit of my mother meant I had to find clothes.. so, for a short time of the day I wore outside clothes.

Dress - 2XL Tracey's Roach Dress from Candy Strike. Modelled properly by Stina here.
Cardigan - Xl Too fast clothing (Purchased from Kitty Deluxe)
Necklace  - Handmade from EILH
Leggings - Skins (Owned for years and years)
and ugg boots, Hey! I'm staying home...

The Roach dress is handmade when you order it.. you can send in your measurements or buy a standard size.. I chose the standard 2XL and it fits nicely enough but the straps are too long for me. I'll need to get them shortened one day. This also means a dress takes AGES to get but each one is worth the money and time. Just don't order it for next week.. Plan ahead. The fabric is stretchy and warm for today's cool, wet day. A wonderly soft fabric for my sensitive back and torso. Stina described it as stretch scuba knit and whatever it is its wonderful. Falls to just below my knee (I am 5'7".

I have worn the cardi before and I still can't get the damned buttons open (See here ). Luckily it has a lot of stretch and it fits my 2XL frame.

Dug my skins out as they were not cheap and when I was running they were warm in winter. They are also a compression garment so double win atm. Rain and cool won't keep my inside.

You guys like it?

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