Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Outfit August Day 5

OK a Hell Bunny Day!!

Today’s outfit wasn’t what was planned. The dress I was going to wear and I had a disagreement so I switched to the Hell Bunny Muertos Sugar Skull Party dress. I bought this on eBay a while ago and mine has been adjusted to have cross over straps as opposed to Hell Bunny’s signature halter top straps. The halter top does pull on my nexk and my other is altering my other HB dresses.  I love the dresses but hate the halter. BOO. Still a small price to pay for pretties.
David made me laugh!

This is an XL, its waist sits a tad high on me making my tummy a tad more prominent but with the swing skirt, no one but me will notice. (And now you all)

As it was 2am, I grabbed a red Cardi, but would have been better with a black one. OH well. Not on top of my game at 2am….zzzz.

Leggings made by Bonds and sources from Coles (My local supermarket) and some old Big W shoes complete my work clothe from the day.

The necklace is, ‘Zaftig’, was made by Stina of EILH and you can find her on Etsy.
Old photo of Coat, Neck open

Coat is the Fairy Tale Coat by HB 3XL (Oh no! didn't take a pic of the coat this am..I will insert one from before)  as I like to have space for another layer. The coat like the other one yesterday clinches at the waist.  The arms are short and come to 7/8th down my arms. BOO otherwise it is a beautiful coat and the neckline forms a lovely scarf when done up all the way. This am was 0C when I left and 3C when I was standing on the platform so I was very grateful for this feature.

The coat panels have scenes from fairy tales hence the name. It is otherwise identical; to the Angeline coat.  I do wish I had one in red…Sigh…Soooo pretty but Hell Bunny!!! I have long arms not tiny t-Rex arms. ARGH. If it wasn’t so beautiful; and warm I would have returned it.
Home?? Finally
Close up of Necklace.

Close up of the fabric
And the outfit I didn't wear

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