Outfit August Day 9

Went out and about today. SO made an effort. 
Still tied up in compression bandages and this made things a tad difficult.
Retrospec'd  Dress Size 18

I look worried.

Hope this doesn't offend. The compression stuff.

SO the Retrspec'd Dress is from the Newtown store, but I had had it in my wardrobe as, even though its a size 18, it has never fit. Its way smaller than an 18 should be. I was going to return it BUT I decided to use it as a goal dress. SO... with all this crap holding me in.... I squeezed into this goal dress. And ok its tight but DAMN! :-)

Ben kindly drove me to MAcarthur and I bullied him into proper shoes. He is running now and the lady asked firstly what colour and I replied (Insert bossy voice) I don't care he needs running shoes not fashion. She asked how often Ben runs and at his reply, her whole demeanour changed and she turned professional and helpful. We chatted about running and my injuries, why I gave up running and how Ben's gait needs what shoe... Poor Ben was told what he was going to buy. He went halves with David and so they got $400 worth of shoes for $200 and shelled out $100 each.  Ben will be happy. Well, his knees and skeleton will be.
(Sorry Drue but he needs proper shoes for running or horrible shin splints and TRUST ME, They hurt worse than child birth. )
I'm making sure he is keeping fit

We headed off to Mac square where I went on the hunt for long compression wear. The only thing available were low contraction things. BAH. Ben and I went to Bras and things on the hunt and David went to Sanity where he bought me Sharknado and Sharktopus. SQUEE!!! I love stupid movies. 

Ben wanted pants so we headed for Jayjays. There was the CUTEST Hello Kitty Jumper but alas, Large was the only size and this girl needs XL. BOO. I did find a cute sunflower jumper and a name necklace. I was shocked that the bill only came to $20 but my savings account said no. BAH. I had to borrow from Ben (DOn't worry I paid him back)

Ben hates the print, but for house clothes its awesome & light

I was hungry for the first time in days so off we went to Sizzler. 
Ben and I revelled in the salad bar. The salads for the winter are so very yummy. We behaved with the deserts only having one each.

Onwards to Cash converters where D bough me a T-hub, the cutest typewriter and a beautiful book. :-) He got some DVDs.

Ben had to rush off  to the facilities... Maybe had some gluten.. but we re-convened and headed home.
The afternoon was strip off and relax. :-) 
I am feeling ok.. physically but a dark cloud is simmering.. I need to be careful  or I will sink. 

Hold fast Yvonne.

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