Top 10 Instagram accounts

An idea from Mandy  Though I don't know how she did the round images.Mandy  Though I don't know how she did the round images.
The IG accounts that I check religiously or miss when they don't post. These are NOT in any order. Just as I go through my IG feed.

1. @Egaeus - ATM, as it is summer where Kevin lives, he is doing the most beautiful flower images. I adore his Black and white images when he does them, but his flowers are simply breathtaking.

2.  - An amazing woman who inspires me to accept me as I am and accpet what I can. Leah's blog is one you should follow. Between her and two other ladies that I will list.. I have found comfort and inspiration.

3. @Philih21 - Philippa is warm, loving  and friendly. I have only found her in the last two weeks and I feel I have known her for years. She is adorable and she has great style. If she didn't post, I would be bereft.

4. @TattooedfairyGirl - A new Zealander who has dresses I will fly over and steal. Lovely red head, Sharon is currently doing an Wear all her dresses challenge.. She has a lot! Puts my small collection to shame. Amazing lady.

5. @1Bigmidget - Kylie is an Aussie like me, her images of Australia are bright and fascinating as she lives up North in QLD and I live in the much drier south. Talented photographer you have to have a gander.

6. @Tinalearay Another Inspiring lady. Tina lives in the small town Oso that was affected by the mudslide earlier this year. She and her family did much to support their community and provided comfort and love to those in need. We need more Tinas in this world. Her daughter Randy is also amazing and to be a new bride! Very exciting!!

7. @Tcatandy  - Andy does fabulous street photography. He is also the owner of a stunning kitty, some bunnies and a cockatoo. Go figure. His insect and bird images will amaze.. (along with the rest..)

8. @fatshionpeepshow - Stina, from Canada is an out of the box mother of 4..Her blog empowers other plus sized women (Like Leah's does) and recently she ran a Bikini for every body photo collage to encourage all women to get out and wear a bikini no matter what your size.  Fierce would be a great description... I love her jewellery (Can you tell??)

9. @Emma_Victoria95 - A stunning 19yr old from the UK. She over came bullying at school to blossom into a stunning young model. She is on a modeling break atm and I am missing her outfits.. Cute as a bug.

10. @turagan - Started this list with a man and ending with a man. Jason is from the Stunningly beautiful Sapphire coast of NSW. I lived in Narooma for a while and worked in Moruya so I used to visit the places he photographs. One day I will retire to Merimbula or Eden. Such a beatiful part of the world. . His images make me nostalgic and happy.

So there you are. When I started this list, I thought.. No way would I get to 10.. but I can think of at least 5 more off the top of my head now..

Have a look and see if any appeal to you and LMK!! What are your ten??


  1. I also blog for therapy :) it's just a way for me to egg out all my thoughts and feelings.

  2. For sure. If im not blogging..I am writing in a journal.. still blogging.. :-)

  3. Exactly. Sometimes, I have words, thoughts, frustrations and writing in down, either here or in the journal helps


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