Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Busy bee!

I had a terrible night, insomnia hit me hard.. Booo I had promised to meet mother at her place to help her shop for a dress. My mother is the total opposite to me, she is actually suffering malnutrition as she has been unable to eat for several months. Her allergies have been brushed aside by the medical community up until now. She has lost so much weight that now she has to shop in children sizes.. Ugh.  A woman in her 60s, with my frame,  should not be wearing a size 8 pair of jeans.. Hmm

Hauling my lazy arse out of bed after 3 hours of light sleep..( my back has not really healed from August surgery so wakes me up several times a night even on a good night) I packed up my breakfast and headed for the train.
Foggy Morning

Am peak at Picton

Mother rang just after my train departed Picton to cancel as she was feeling very ill. Alas, my train service is one of the worst in the whole system so turning around to head home is not an easy option. I was committed to coming.

I wandered up and we had a lovely breakfast. She was really quite ill so I encouraged her to go to the dr. Her usual Dr was not on duty so we met one that I really liked. He had my warped sense of humour and cracked me up although my mother was left quite confused.  He tested her and found she had pneumonia. Awesome. :( Several scripts to drop off so, she decided to go shopping anyway.

It was hard to find clothes for a skeletal woman. Sigh.
I found the white dress I had purchased yesterday suited her with a bright necklace.. a few basic shirts and yes, a pair of size 8 jeans. They looked so tiny! Even my mother was horrified at her situation. She is aiming to grow out of these jeans. As least they were on sale for $7.  I found some t-shirts for her for $2. Complete win.

As BeMe was next to K-Mart, I popped in to ask about my jeans. Not cheap but such good quality that I wanted a second pair. The lady looked and then rang some stores.. checked some more stores and NO-ONE had any! I couldn't get them. She looked on the online store and low and behold... one pair. Win! Of course I have to pay $10 extra for shipping. BOOOOOOOO

Mother had to sit a while at the pharmacy and explain her allergies to the pharmacist. She really didn't understand what he was telling her RE reactions so I assured him that I would get the neighbour to monitor her. Hustling her out of the door with more drugs than an underground lab, she then had to get her mail.. this did mean I could get my banking done. YAY.

I even got to close a credit card! YAY... one step closer to well.. having spending money! heeheehee eating out? Travel? Ah still a year or two away. I can dream yes?
Stopping for 5 minutes, we had a coffee. I needed it. I had to head home and pack my car to head south. Its canola and lambing season in Junee and the best time to take photos. Also my husband needs me to sort some stuff in the garage left over from the farm.  A good time to load my car with some of his old magazines and misc stuff. 

A LONG drive, Sydney's beautiful warm weather and blue skies changed to rain and dark lighting. Boo no photos to be had. I did stop at Yass, as I usually do to break up the drive but the service centre was under construction. No jersey caramels either.  Grumble.. 

Still the canola is pretty and I did get to watch some calves play head butting. Funny things. :-) 

Hoping for sleep!!!! 


  1. Ah, is canola the yellow stuff? It's called rape or rapeseed over here. Lovely choice of words. Your poor mum! I hope she's feeling better soon. x x

  2. Thanks Hun. I did reply to you before but damnit if I know where that went.
    Canola is the yellow flower and is used for Oil in margarine etc...I couldn't call it rapeseed... Hmmm. Its very pretty

  3. Yeah that's the one. I know it's a bugger for hayfever!


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