Friday, October 10, 2014

Left foot right foot

It's been a week of lift up shifts.  I get home turn around and return to work with minimum sleep.  Still I've been rather content with the world in general.

A dark spot in my week.. Was a mad ebay buyer who, after emailing me constantly for 3 days with requests of a discount for this..  Tracked down my phone number and barrages  me  with sms messages at all hours.  I was getting these at 1am 2am 3am.. Didn't matter. I did tell him off by the end. I wanted to arrange for him to pick up his goods at my work but he messaged me with my address and that he was going there .. What?.!

He was outside my house when I got home,  sitting in the dark in a car with 4 others.  I had already contacted David to get in contact with a neighbour to come up and meet me so I had back up.  Jason was not home  but his fiesty wife was and she got out of the bath to come up and be support.  The ebayer, seeing I wasnt alone did back down and not demand the freebies he had be harassing me about.
He sat outside my house for an addition 40minutes or so.. But Tracey wasn't going anywhere so eventually he departed.   Phew.
Huge thank you to my kind neighbours who came to help.

I need a big dog.  This just solidified my desire to have a dog.

Otherwise a quiet week.. Managed to get some money to David for the tattooing of my eyes.... Now to scrape together enough to get my lips done. Hmmm

My day shifts at work have been my dress up time and I have had fun with that.

So here are some of my outfits

Dress - autograph bandage dress 14 on sale for $35 (win!) 
Belt -  city chic 
Necklace -  noni  B

Dress -  city chic xs on sale $50
Necklace - cherry loco 

Dress - hellbunny Toto dress  in 2xl
Belt -  Kitty deluxe 
Hat - etsy. I don't remember 

The previous days were jeans and tee and seen before.  

Tomorrow doctors...  And have to visit mother then back to work for Sunday.  Boo 


  1. Jeez, you should phone the police about that guy! What did he buy off you? Take care. x x

  2. A lens and an ipad mini. Im lucky to have good neighbours


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