Sunny Sunday

Got to actually sleep in… YAY. I woke up early anyway. BOOOOOOO
Everyone was busy so I headed off to my mother’s place early. I had a City Chic return to do and I have found the parcel point  process is $6.40 whereas, with the two items I had to return, it would have cost over $15 via Aust post. Hmm I am liking this idea.. I do have to go to Campbelltown to Kennards storage for the drop off but as I was going there anyway.. no probs.

That chore done, I headed to mother’s place. I had some Hell Bunny for her to adjust (I hate halter tops) and my Toto needs to be taken in (I am NOT going to spend $90 to buy a new dress when she can put some darts in) PLUS I received a dress from eBay that STANK. I have tried to wash the smell out but I was unsuccessful. I gave it to her to see what she came do about it. I have tried everything. Soaking in Nappysan.. washing in Eucalyptus wash, medical soak.. I am still stuck with a dress that smells of BO. How potent was this person?? And why!? Do they not wear deodorant?? Gross.

Remeasured, again, for some dresses that I ordered off Etsy made to measure.. She only makes them 32inches long but I am 172cm tall and 32” will be too short.  Sigh.. Now I have to pay for extra material. BOOOOO. Understandable but I can’t show my panties at work..
Seen in Cbt.  I have to have these! 

Mother got me to drive her to the Dr. AGAIN. She was still  searching as to why she is losing weight.. why she is lethargic and why she is short of breath. She is sick and has been off work for 3 weeks.  The Dr had no idea. Her tests come back all fine. HMMM. The possibilities are now.. Vitamin deficiency.. heart not pumping properly.. although it tests ok.. or he doesn’t know. She is frustrated at the lack of solutions.

I had to leave her and head off to work. She had her bus ticket so as far as I know, she went off to K-Mart for returns.

Lovely warm day. I had my sandwich so, bought a coffee and some cut up mangoes and settled in the park under a tree. The perfect way to start a work day. I can think of some people who would have enjoyed my impromptu picnic. It definitely calms the mind prior to walking into the cave.

Shift is good, A good crew…just as well as I had the tail end of a migraine, they mother gave me some of her pain killers for., ALAS only nurofen helps my pain. Panandol does nothing much. All it did was make me able to travel to work. Lying under the tree, the pain dimmed slightly until I sat up to head upstairs.
I keep a stash in my locker… so, I started work with a throbbing head. The crew I had on left me alone. AWESOME. Thanks guys!! 

Two hours to go and I have tidied everything.. Can I go now???


  1. I hope your mum gets some answers soon. Have you tried soaking the dress in vinegar then washing it? I've heard vinegar works on stinky old towels so I can't see why it wouldn't work on a dress.

  2. Kazza the Blank One13 October, 2014 19:08

    Similar thing happened to my friend's mum .. she was sick all the time and just kept on losing weight. Eventually they figured out it was her pancreas .. hope that's not the case with your mum..

  3. Ugh hour not bit I'll mention it to her. Thanks Kaz

  4. Yes I had to lump it in mothers lap as the smell made me nauseated. She is going the vinegar route. I have my fingers crossed

  5. Update.. my mother is taking Vit B12 injections and finally can keep food down. In just a week she has put on a tiny amount of weight. Her moods ae evening out and she looks less grey. How can a woman in a 1st world country almost starve to death. (leaving out anorexia) Its stupid and she thinks so too.

  6. Crikey! It is scary. I hope she's soon feeling right as rain and they can work out why she's B12 deficient. x x


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