Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Little Black dress

I loved this dress. It was from modcloth and when I unpacked it, I was in love. 
I was comfortable all day and have no complaints BUT
I look at these images and I see it doesn't suit me. Sigh. Its too short and makes me look wider than I am . Oh well. 
Anyone for a Little black dress? LMK


Dress Modcloth "I Love Your Dress in Black" in 1X
Shoes Modcloth 



  1. Well, I'm not sure I agree - I made the shots bigger and I think the thing wrong with this dress is the ruched belt. Is that removable? If yes, I think a cute belt, preferably something with some sparkle, could make this awesome. :)

  2. The ruched waist line is not removable. Boo. The girls on FB suggested a broach but yeah my penchant for big belts would have made me happier. Hmm

  3. I think the detail on the waist makes you look bigger around the middle than you are, and as it's not removable, do you have a floofy petticoat, like the ones Domino Dollhouse do? That might work, if the bottom of the dress is big enough for a petticoat underneath. xx


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