The week that was

This week has been a total nightmare in so many ways. I have been run ragged and as you all know, I have not even had time blog. Now, of course, It is friday and damned if I can remember what I did on on Monday.
Even outfit photos wont help as I missed doing them too.


Well we got a dog. After much angst and trauma, we got a dog. I needed the compagnionship. ALAS.. I STILL HAVE NO FENCE. SOO the poor dog spends most of his days inside.. so accidents happen and then David gets mad.

I cannot get anyone to come and do a fence. Honestly you would think there is a rush on fencing for the past two years.

He is steong so David and I struggle to control him when he gets excited as he is NOT trained.. GUESS what. I went out in the pouring rain to walk him to get him to not pull. SOME success. I can now walk him and not be dragged. PHEW.

Off to Hanrob for him. I can't deal with a dog with no manners. It won't work.

Hanrob told me that they wont take great Danes. They will take staffies, maltese, all manner of snappies but not thwe great Dane as they don't do well in social situations in boarding. Bull shit. THis ibe just came from a pack at the rescue place.
Anyone know a trainer??

Mother has been running me ragged and when David came uo on Tuesday evening he got sucked into the vortex of running around. .
I am exhausted, I am dizzy a lot of the time and on thursday I pulled the pin on work. I cam't work when I can't stand up without help.

Onwards to the photos I do have.


And the Sunrise was beautifully golden



These shorts didn't suit at all


We went shopping at Campbelltown before poppiung into the dr. He upped my anti-depressants. David treated me to acupunture in which I fell asleep. My right shoulder and elbow are inflamed and the lady had to massage my hand to get feeling into it. 
I felt pretty in my dress. 

David suffered through a T2 stop for tea,, got my chai pot. :-)
He then found the teapot mother really wanted and he even treated me to something special. SQUEE!!

A lovely dinner!!

The day was very long but we did take the dog for a walk in between rain falls.. It hasn't stopped for weeks.. or so it seems. SIGH. We had a fun time until we walked past two dogs and it took two of us to hold him. grrrr. After that, he was pulling, forgetting his manners. 

Happy to fall into bed.  


No mail. Aside from thursday.. I have not received anything in my box. BOOO..

(Thursday was tea) 

Today was maxi day. I wanted to look pretties than jeans and tee. I had a nails appointment as I was sick of green nails but didn't have time for a pedicure. (badly needed) I FINALLY have a nail place that do my nails as I like. (They are dark purple and red now) 
David wandered the malls whilst I was in the nails place. 

I found thet Sportsgirl had a 50% off sale of all the shoes and sooo I had to get two pairs of sandals. 
HA who took David's Spot

The Maxi! 

Hank is the Great Dane. He is settling. He should work out. He has chosen David as his person.

Right .. Have AM tomorrow and less than 8 hours before my train. BOOOOO



  1. Owning a dog? Two words... "unconditional love". You will have no regrets (once the toilet training is complete :-O ) and will never be lonely.

  2. Hope so.It's been decades since I owned a dog and even longer since I had one for a pet

  3. Your dog is gorgeous. :) If I had to get a dog it would be a Great Dane, or a Greyhound. Greyhounds are not compatible with chickens though.

    I missed you this week! I wondered if maybe I had missed posts, so now I've pulled you out of the September new adds folder and put you into my faves folder so I definitely will not miss any. And now I'm wondering why it took me 3 months to do this when I knew early on you would end up in there. :)

  4. Aww. Thank you. You finished my night on a high. It's been hectic recently..I'll try to keep up better


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