Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Busy few days

This week at work has been hell... Monday was several medium wheel alarms causing everything to be trapped.. Tuesday was a train stuck at Katoomba again causing chaos and confusion.  Didn't help that the shift was 11hours. James bought me dinner and a beer to soothe my shattered nerves.

 Today the Blue Mountains was closed from 6am.. ARGHHH. I had constant phone calls and staffing issues.. Frustrating but everyone did their best. Still.. at some points of the day I was hitting my head on the desk. Didn't even get time to go to the toilet or even eat. Went the whole day with only one run to the toilet and a quickly made coffee. PLUS SOMEONE STOLE THE MILK FROTHER!!!!!ARGGGHHHHH

As I had three hours to kill before work..I went to Parra to have Coffee with David (not husband) and we chatted the whole time. Its great when you are comfortable with someone and can talk freely with no akward moments. Poor guy found out today that Gladys has eliminated off peak fares and as he rarely travels via public trnasport, was hit with a $14 fair.. Geez. I was shocked at the cost.
I looked up Picton to Central $8.80 one way.. O_O..

Sigh.. Bloody rorte this Opal card.





Got these cute shoes second hand today. sQuEe!!!

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