The thing with a life threatening scare is you look at what you have.
I have been lucky in my life generally, of course we have ups and downs... and the past few years have been downs but I have had great friends who have been there through it all. The ones that remain are true friends and I thank them all.
I love you guys.

My am was spent watching the sun rise. WHilst I usually enjoy the sunrise, the past two have been special. Today I got up to go and sit in my spot. I have done this most winter mornings but today I was just glad to be able to watch it.
My diaphram hurts from coughing up sea water but pain means you are alive. :-)

OK I am naval gazing. Sorry.
I will probably keep those I love closer and shed those who only want things from me. I have no time for hangers on.

Hug those you love, say hi to your colleagues and make someone's day by complimenting something about them. I have been doing this for almost a year and I always get a big smile from the person. I will double my efforts.
I encourage you to join me.



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