Weird demands

So I get some text from my mother, I am to take Long Service leave in September and go to Vegas for a conference with her.
I have a few issues with this.

Whilst I have some friends I would die to see (Hello Tina, Randy and Kevin) I know that my own feeling about the border security to enter the states would piss me right off, my friends live in Washington not Nevada and my mother would drive me to homicide.
Also.. I can't get leave in 4 weeks.. I need more time.

I have my child and we have plans to go SCUBA diving, Fabian is doing his Advanced and Nitrox course in the first weekend of the holidays of September and Heath and are a social diving the ex-HMAS Adelaide that weekend whilst the offspring does his schooling also in the Adelaide.

I talked to my roster clerk and even he is shaking his head. Maybe David can get two weeks LSL and go to the USA for me..... **Hoping**

I completed the theory for the PADI underwater Photography course. It was excruciatingly boring and in the end I just did the exam in each section. I watched most of the online videos but I kept dozing off (For real! - I nearly missed my train stop)  Abyss can't get me an instructor for my weekend with Fabian so .. I will have to sit on the practical part for a little while. I would rather spend the money  on the Magic point (La Perouse) shark dive in October than this silly course.
I am annoyed I can't get a copy of the Multi level dive course, it seems to be no more, but I am fascinated with this sort of diving. I know theory bores the crap out of Heath and he isn't thrilled at having homework for the Deep water diver (With Windang who won't give me a date as they need more than 2 ppl BOOOO)  if they don't get me a date soon, I'll get a refund. I have so little time off. ARGHHH..But I like the senior instructor at Windang.. I wish she worked somewhere else. Sigh. For her professionalism, I'll have to suck up the inefficiency..

Work this week has been day shift and early am. I need to remember to take OOTD but as pointed out the work toilet is not the nicest place for photos. Alas its the only lit place with a mirror. Hmm

David has returned to work :) YAY.. Life is settling into a new routine.



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