Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A weekend in the yellow

I didn't take any photos of the stunning scenery, I was simply enjoying it too much. Heath Drove me down to spend a weekend with Debra. Deb put us up in her suite and it was in the centre of town. Fantastic!! Our hostess took us downstairs to the bar at the Astor Hotel, as we had arrived so late that this was the onky place that would let us in. Mostly because she was a resident.
The barman was a sweetheart! Thanks to Murph for keeping us laughing. My main complaint was the Astor only serves midis. $4.80 for a midi. Ouch.

Saturday saw Deb and I go to Junee to visit David. The countryside was breathtaking and I spotted a red belly and several bearded dragons on the side of the road, sunning,  Oh to have my canon camera. BOOOOOOOO
Deb loved the fields of Canola as much as I did. I was moved as I have always been when on my home turf. God I miss my country. Stupid jobs. (Photo by me!)

Deb and I had a great time in Junee and spent money with David's Avon. Yes, he sells Avon. He wrote my database and a whole catalogue when I did it and helped me manage my customers, so he knows the system. You can  buy through his account and get it shipped to you for $10 (aust only)

Deb and I went shopping.I have found a woman who is worse than me. We found $10 shoes..
Sat evening Deb, Heath and I went out. The Golden seasons let me down...Nothing redeamable. Ugh. We drowned our sorrows at the William Farrar Hotel. It was race day and a hens night sooLLLOOUUDD ARRGHHHH

We had dressed up so .. stayed for some music :)

Even Heath got in on the action with my girlie... GRRR

Sunday was spent with Heath's lovely friends in Young, Via Wombat. :)
Had to have a beer. :)

On the way home, we found a shingleback who was just ungrateful.

At Gunning, my ego was pumped by a wolf whistle. :)  I was in a 1960s inspired dress from sportsgirl.  I'm told it was a hot with H :) as well.

Home around 1800hrs.. we were met by a happy but very hungry puppy. Well.. hound... lol. Don't worry my mother kindly fed him yesterday, :) I have a week off. :) YAY YAY YAY!!!

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