Friday, September 4, 2015

Be positve..

They tell me.

Like telling the ocean tide to stay out.

I asked for help and it was refused. He is within his rights but its disappointing all the same.

My mother will help and it shouldn't be a huge deal but it is,

Some people you can rely on to give you their last dollar and others would not even give you one if they had thousands.

Speaking of which, I saw a man leave without his soft drink because he was $1 short. Last in the rain and cold. I left my coffee behind and bought it. I didn't do it to get accolades but I have so much to be grateful for and if my last $1 helps someone with no home, then fuck it.. I will buy their drink.

I hope others pay it forwards too. I want everyone who reads my blog to know two things..

A man who looks like they have nothing may have everything and a well dressed wman may be penniless. Don't judge anyone and be kind.

Give that compliment. You know you loge their hair/dress/scraf etc etc etc.. and buy someone's coke, or cat food. It wont hurt us that are very very luck in life.

Its too short.

Did this actually make sense?? I need a coffee... Random thoughts..

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