Saturday, October 31, 2015

Hitting the ground runnning

As y'all know, my mother and I flew in from the USA on Tuesday, making this a week with no Monday. We scampered through Customs and passport control very very quickly and was ready for a pickup but as H had lost his phone, I couldn't ring him. BOO. Luckily, you are pretty mellow when pleased with yourself so we waited patiently.
Finally I saw him looking for us in the crowded hall.

Chuckle.. ok..

We loaded up the car and headed into the traffic. Sydney roads suck. As does the Sydney airport multilevel car park.

We dropped mother home, not in time to stop her from waking Deb up. It wasn't even after 8am yet.
Dumping my stuff at home, the dog was super excited to see me :) AWWWW but I had things to do..

H got a call to go to a job interview and asked me to come with. Chores had to be done so off we went. He did the interview and returned to the car, telling me he was leaving on Friday to head to QLD.. OK.. that's short notice.. I'm sure I was wearing deodorant.. was it something I said? Sigh. Colour me unhappy.

Still I had a lovely afternoon just pottering around Narellan doing simple chores and paying bills.
Once home, a million phone calls had to be done and so I filled in the time unpacking. Unusual activity for me as I usually leave my bags packed for months afterwards.
The mail had taken over the sofa. At least 15 bags of clothes.. Mine and mother's... granted some bags had only one item. Mostly from ASOS and it has taken a week to even move the bags to the clothes room (Which need to be cleaned)

Work has been quiet but full days meaning but hte time I get home, I just go to bed.

H was having diner with his offspring in Wednesday so he grabbed  me a subway after collecting me from the train.
Thursday had me get up early to drop H at his new job and him leave for 10 or so days. I headed to have breakfast with my mother before heading to work, but after porridge, she threw me out and I had to go to work early. Sigh. Not my day.

The afternoon, I had plans to have dinner with Deb but my mother hijacked me and took me shopping. I need to save (Don't swear) but she had me in City chic (A weakness ) and Rockmans. I had spent $300 of my bill money and not even bought groceries yet. I had also purchased some CC for her. Sigh again. I crawled into bed and after not sleeping, tossing and turning,  hauled myself back to work for an early start. BOO. Thank goodness I have the weekend off ..


I don't

I have to go in to work for an Evac exercise.. GRRRRRRR Still I need the money.  It would cost me less to pay a guy $100 to come shopping with me and tell me I don' need it. I would save $300 and be $200 in front.

Anyway, here is hoping I get Sunday off and mother doesn't come over and wake me up. I NEED sleep... zzzzzz

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