Monday, March 21, 2016

Mermaid's pool

Picture heavy.. 

I have lived in this area for around 15 years, Now, most of my adult life. I thought I knew most places around here but how wrong was I.

We wanted to spend our half day that we have together for the fortnight doing a walk. The dog has missed out on walks all week with me working super early and H working his shifts, and the sun sets earlier now. 
SOOOOOOO I grabbed my old SMH book on walks around Sydney and saw one nearby to Mermaid's pool. 

EH?? A water hole I have not heard of. We headed out. 
The dog had a fantastic time. I was slightly less thrilled as clambering cliffs and boulders make my knee ache but the pool was so worth the walk. We only walked to the pool and back but the loop actually is 8.5km and takes 5 hours assuming you don't stop for a swim. 

On the way you have to climb the escarpment. Part way up there is an abandoned Diesel engine, Pretty cool. The book said it was used to pump water up the escarpment to bring water to the dry farmlands at the top. 

Hmm. OK. Little soil here so not much would grow.. 

Part way to the pool, we passed Bargo falls and See Through Pools. A stunning place to swim. The Bargo river has so many of these wonderful safe places to swim, It was so tempting but on this stunning day too many people were around. No skinny dipping. BOOOOOO

Hiking onwards we eventually made the Mermaid pool. Its well worth the walk. On a hot day I think a lot of people would be here.. We didn't do the whole 8km loops to the Pencil falls and lookout to Tahmoor canyon but returned along the escarpment. 

Will return for a swim one day before it gets too cold! A better description of the whole walk is found here

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