Monday, September 28, 2009


Awesome day. I did miss half of it as I slept until after 12, but Tim came over to drop off Apophis as he (Tim) will be away. I now have 5 snakes.... :-) It was cleaning day, which meant the boys got to feed the snakes and I had to clean the cages. None of the girls would eat today. :( Yingarna is still not eating. She is not losing condition, but I would be happier if she ate something. Both boys ate heartily. Adam even had thirds. He did try to eat my finger which made the boys laugh.

If only all Sundays were so relaxing. Now at work, so tomorrow will be wasted too.
OK this pic is of Ropes creek Signal Box. Taken by my husband. The signal box is close to the new suburb of Ropes crossing. Why the namme  change, I have no idea.


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